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Published on July 3rd, 2012 | by Dr. Joel McDurmon


Andy Griffith Versus the Facts

The nation today remembers with mixed emotion the life and legacy of Andy Griffith, who died this morning at age 86. He entertained us with hilarious films like No Time for Sergeants, he warmed our hearts with the “family values” of The Andy Griffith Show, and to many he uplifted their spirits with his Gospel music singing. But when it came to politics, Andy Griffith disappointed. May we learn from his life that only a heart that is self-consciously and deliberately built on the foundation of the Word of God has a sure basis not only for salvation but also for morality, family harmony, justice, and law.

A few years ago the White House needed some good PR for its unpopular Health Care takeover. Obama set the propaganda machine in motion. 700,000 tax dollars later, formerly beloved American icon Andy Griffith is wooing us to socialism with his good ol’ boy demeanor. Perhaps you saw the ad air in your area. I posted this article back in 2010 in response to that disappointing endorsement.

But that’s right. Big bucks being spent to propagandize you with views you denounce personally, but are forced to pay for.

Of course, we have long accepted this arrangement—it’s called public education.

Now we get it fed to us in a lovable, disarming format: former small town sheriff, good ol’ boy sleuth-attorney Matlock, Gospel singer, all-American personality. Who couldn’t love whatever he says?

And he makes it sound so good: “Free checkups, lower prescription costs, and better ways to protect us and Medicare from fraud.” With a vigorous shout Andy invites us to “See what else is new! I believe you’re gonna like it.”

Indeed, I think you should see what else is new. But I doubt you’ll like it much. You won’t believe it how bad it looks:

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) had his assistants create a detailed “flow chart” based on a line-by-line study of the 2,400 pages. The result is a whole lot of chart and not much flow amidst the massive new health care bureaucracy. See a hi-res version here.

Bloomberg columnist Kevin Hassett summarizes:

The new law creates 68 grant programs, 47 bureaucratic entities, 29 demonstration or pilot programs, six regulatory systems, six compliance standards and two entitlements.

The viewer will note that in the chart, all flow leads to a central source, the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Hassett notes her (Kathleen Sebelius’) unchecked power:

Getting that massive enterprise up and running will be next to impossible. So Democrats streamlined the process by granting Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius the authority to make judgments that can’t be challenged either administratively or through the courts.

Obamacare is about government expansion and government control—centralized control. And I don’t care what good ol’ boy’s face you put on it, I ain’t for it.

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About the Author

Dr. Joel McDurmon

Joel McDurmon, Ph.D. in Theology from Pretoria University, is the Director of Research for American Vision. He has authored seven books and also serves as a lecturer and regular contributor to the American Vision website. He joined American Vision's staff in the June of 2008. Joel and his wife and four sons live in Dallas, Georgia.

105 Responses to Andy Griffith Versus the Facts

  1. Rachel says:

    OH good gosh the man was human like the right of us and had a right to his political views. So what he did not have your view. It’s America get over it!

  2. aculturewarrior says:

    Many who follow the political scene (that excludes 99% of AV readers) already knew this about Andy Griffith.

    Griffiths entertainment that espoused a good moral message the vast majority of the time had more of an impact on America than his liberal politics.

    I’ll remember him for being “Andy Taylor of Mayberry”, a decent man with good moral values. You remember him for being a socialist McD.

  3. What bad taste and lack of class to publish this article and these comments so close to someone’s death. Another example that the American hard right has nothing to do with true Christian values.

  4. Vic says:

    People need to realize that Andy Griffith and Sheriff Andy Taylor are not the same. Taylor is a character. Griffith is an actor. Andy Griffith himself said that Sheriff Taylor was the “good side” of himself. As an actor, just like Robert Wagner selling reverse mortgages, he got paid to say what the payor wanted. He was probably approached, and because he liked Obama, did the commercial, for payment, of course. That’s what actors do.
    If you look at Andy Griffith’s life (divorces, three marriages), he was not perfect. I think he was probably a good man, but misguided in perhaps religion and life.

  5. Sara says:

    I’m with you Joel….I’m not for Obamacare either.

    Andy Griffith was a great actor and singer but reading this really makes me sad.

  6. David Stovall says:

    The gigantic federal government just got much more powerful. Now it can write a tax and attach 2700 pages of bureaucracy, regulation, destruction of an industry, and control of our lives, accompanied by (so far) 17,000 pages of more regulation, 800 more IRS police, and many more regulatory departments. Roberts said that is OK. Kennedy, Scalia, Thomas, and Alito did not.

  7. Marty says:

    I think it is important for people to separate the actor from the person. I absolutely LOVED Andy Griffith, THE ACTOR, but his political views are another thing all together. He was a lifelong Democrat, probably part of the old South, “yellow dog Democrats” that just voted Democratic because of a diluted view of FDR and his New Deal politics. I live in Mobile, Alabama and have several friends who are over 70 who are that way today. My Grandfather, who died at 80 over 20 years ago, was a “yellow dog Democrat”. He voted for McGovern, Carter both times, and Mondale. He didn’t believe in abortion, integration and all kinds of things that these guys were for. It’s really strange how that tag of “Democrat” is viewed. A lesson for us today. That’s what Romney is planning on happening for him. He is a Democrat in camoflauge and I am not going to vote for him in November. I am going to write in Perry or maybe Ron Paul. I haven’t made up my mind yet. But, I ain’t voting for Romney. I am not going to be a “yellow dog Republican”!

    • David Stovall says:

      That will be a vote for Obama.

      • Lee says:

        And a vote for Romney apparently, because by your logic a non-vote for one candidate is vote for the other. So maybe that’s a vote for both candidates?

        Vote on principle not out of fear. God is sovereign over the affairs of men.

  8. Sheronica says:

    I have lived in North Carolina for 34 years. Andy makes commercials for many Democrats and indeed endorced Barack Obama in the last election. I already knew
    he was a Democrat. Here in this State, many Democrats profess Christianity. I think the Word says “My people parish for lack of knowledge”. They either do not
    know Scripture or they do not read up on political matters, and perhaps both. Most
    people who vote do so for personalities or what the media tells them. The candidate may be nothing like what is portrayed. Know what your party stands for. What is the platform? Go to meetings. Volunteer and learn before you vote.
    Andy Griffith was an opportunist. He was an actor and most actors do not resemble the people they portray. They act to make money. He made religious music records because they sold and he made money.

    I will still watch his shows because I know it is wonderful makebelieve.

  9. Andy94538 says:

    Obozo said he would create production jobs. He did, in Red China, Brazil, and, of course, Kenya. He canceled American production and service jobs related to oil drilling and the Keystone Pipeline. The only American jobs he created are bureaucrat jobs for ObozoCare. These are not production jobs, but government leech jobs. Those familiar with the Declaration of Independence recognize this description of George III: “HE has erected a Multitude of new Offices, and sent hither Swarms of Officers to harass our People, and eat out their Substance.” This description fits Obozo to a T.

    I wonder how much they paid Andy Griffith to shill for ObozoCare.

  10. JeffT says:

    I guess we could cut Ole Andy some slack for being used in his elder years. But that’s who Griffith was, a liberal, through and through. Doesn’t make him a bad person, just reminds us that these are ACTORS reading lines.

  11. Charles says:

    The ones we should really be angry with are the ones that have taken advantage of the senile Andy Griffith . The liberals have no shame . Anything to advance their agenda .

  12. Jmichael says:

    Folks…I know this is a shock, as it was to me when I saw what Reagan was really all about, but “Sheriff Andy” was an ACTOR. In other words, he MADE HIS LIVING pretending to be someone other than he really was. If I’m not mistaken, the Greek word for “actor” is the word for “hypocrite” in English. We have been so utterly brainwashed. Oh, and yes, I loved the Andy Griffith Show and still love the scenes from it. It’s just that Mayberry is really a fake movie set, and ALL the actors are…ACTORS!

  13. Nick Kane says:

    Congrats AV, you have finally done it! Your advocating “Salvation through political affiliation” has began to dupe others into the a form of idolatry that has folks worshipping at the alter of the Constitution and praying through the iconoclasts of the supposed “founding Fathers”. Are we really to believe that the humanistic philosophy of political or social conservatism is any less loaded with the excrement of human depravity than liberalism? Not if one is capable of exercising the gray matter located three feet above their arse. You guys can have your day to celebrate, judge and condemn others on the basis of politics for now. But those who know better, we will take refuge in the fact that when Yahshua returns, we will see “Old Glory”, the Constitution, Patriotism and all the monuments to man’s “liberty” utterly destroyed…burnt up…under the weight of His Glory and Sovereignty. We will also witness the fate of those who clung to such worldliness. It’s really so sad to see so many who are Calvinistic in their theology, Arminian in their politics and Talmudic in their hearts. Let us not forget, the House of Judah were patriotic and nationalistic prior to 70ad as well. It seems that the more Yahweh’s people change…well…you know the rest.

    • Jmichael says:

      Don’t know how you get all that from the fact this ministry points out the truth about politics.

  14. Mark says:

    In the same way the Hollywood presented that a sheriff in Mayberry was a good, christian man that followed christian values; in the same way Hollywood promotes (through horror movies) the idea that Satan is alive and well today.

    The Word of God declares that Satan was defeated in AD 70 (the second coming of the Lord). But people love to get their ideas from the media (both news and movies) to frame their doctrine.

    • Marty says:


      You said that the Word Of God taught that Jesus returned in 70 A.D. Could you give the scripture references where that is taught? And, if the Devil was defeated on that day, how come we still have sin today? I’ve never heard that theology before. Thanks.

  15. Beats says:

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  16. paul rockwell says:

    have been a fan of andy since i was a child, it is so sad to see him so misguided and used in his last years,he needs to stick with acting and stay out of politics.

  17. Don Stutts says:

    I am a resident of North Carolina and I am ashamed to say that Andy Griffin is too.(Maneto, NC) I grew up watching him and felt a unique closeness to him and his way of life but all of that is gone now. I will never watch another re-run of his show again. I will also think of how he sold us out every time I visit Mt.Airy, NC which used to be quite often. There will always be reminders of him in Mt.Airy such as the Andy Griffin Parkway (US-52) and The Andy Griffin Theater but those things don't seem to mean as much to me as they used to. My former father-in-law used to work with him as a young man in a furniture factory in Mt.Airy. Sorry Andy, you have blown it this time. Have a good rest of your life and I hope someday you realize just how much you sold the people out that really loved you or should I say, we loved the image that you created. Bearcat in NC

  18. Luis D. Rey says:

    As far as I know, A. G. has been ALWAYS a PRETENDER, A FLIP-FLOP LIBERAL/DEMON-RAT who will sell his Soul and Dirty Behind to give the appearance of being FAIR AND JUST,
    That's why in some TV shows as a Dectective, his own brother used to give him a hard time because of his pious demeanor, self-righteous and moralistic attitude of a man !!
    Do we know HOW MUCH OF OUR MONEY THIS HYPOCRITE received from OUR MUSLIM IMPOSTOR, a.ka.a. Barry Soetoro, Citizen of Indonesia?
    A M E N,

    Luis D. Rey

  19. Vance W. Greene, Jr. says:

    I have watched Andy Griffith all my life and never have I been more dissapointed in anyone. I thought with his shows always being pointed toward sound family values that he was one of the pillars of the community. Boy was I wrong. Andy you need to get a grip! Anyone with your stature could be a sound political activist for the right. By right I mean "right". I don't see how anyone that calls themself a Democrat this day and time can stand for a platform that supports the murder of innocent unborn children, socialist ideas, and the destruction of Americal as we know it.

  20. E D Stewart Jr says:

    Just a reminder to all that Jesus himself said that no one is good but God. This includes Andy Griffith, who appears to be ruining his reputation further with this commercial.

  21. Trinity says:

    I miss Don Knotts even more…Andy Griffith, in one televison moment, lost his reputation, and placed a tarnished, imbecilic crown on his inbred, redneck head.

  22. SCPatriot says:

    Next thing you know we'll hear Opie is gay and Aunt Bea is in a burka fighting with the Taliban! And Barney is the head of the TIDES foundation!

  23. Harvey says:

    Unfortunately most of hollywood, washington politicians and the good ole media are L I B E R A L. Liars, illegitimate, Bad, Erroneous, restive,agogue & most of of LOST!

  24. Tim B in NC says:

    Andy Griffith has always been a scuzball. I met him at a local A&P when he was pushing RITZ Crackers back in the 70's as well as later for a promotional for some beans. In the 80's he came to my town making an ALPO dog food commercial and his arrogance and rudeness was noticed and talked about by everyone in this small N.C. town for a long, long time. He was rude and obnoxious when I met him when I was 8 as well as when I was 21.

    He and Ron Howard supported the over-obvious socialist democrat for the U.S. presidency Barack Hussein Obama, he supported the socialist democrat for U.S. senate in N.C. Kay Hagan and the socialst democrat for N.C. governor Beverly Perdue.

    Even though I have never liked Andy Griffith since I met him I still enjoyed watching the Andy Griffith show until 2008.
    I didn't give away or sell my Andy Griffith DVD's after the 2008 so-called election, I trashed them and I won't allow my kids to watch him now either. The same goes for Ron Howard movies.

  25. Chi Conservative says:

    The galling thing is that our tax money is being used to sell us on this totally disgusting, out of hand and hopefully unconstitutional plan. Way too much power in the hands of the Sec of Health and Human Services. Speaking of health, why hasn't the press jumped on all of the "healthy vacations" this President and his family are taking, and have been taking on tax payer coffers. How many times did President BO go golfing during the gulf crisis, and why, since the leak has stopped and the damage seems to be less than anticipated, hasn't the ban on off shore drilling in the gulf been lifted. He is acting more and more like a Chavez style dictator.

  26. homer says:

    wELL, LET ME SAY THAT THE lying BASTARDS in this govt have stooped to levels way to low! My mind is made up NO matter who you put in there that says he is for this healthcare system. I am NOT for it and if Andy G. is well he is wrong and If he couldn't stand up to the facts then well Andy is just one more who is wrong! I'd say I did loose respect for the man. Truth is he is an actor and all actors are liars, They play something they are NOT! So, how much do we trust even Andy Griffith? NOT! I trust in the LORD JESUS CHRIST!!! HE NEVER lied to me!! He is trustworthy. Psa 118:8 KJV Pro 3:5-7

  27. betty adams says:

    I have always been a big Andy Griffith and Opie fan because of the wholesome show but have learned that they aren't what I thought they were. Opie turned out to be a big movie producer and a flaming liiberal and I vowed never to spend a dime supporting any movie he made. Andy made a movie in Arkansas a few years ago with Billy Bob Thornton that never was released to the theaters. It did come out on vidio though so I rented it and it was so horribly vulgar that I couldn't stand to watch it. The name of the movie was "Daddy and Them" I lost respect for him then and this Obamacare advertisement really backed up my opinion of him. He certainly isn't the nice country boy we all loved.

  28. Mrs. McElwee says:

    He's an old man, he's not doing any shows, he probably needs the money, so I'll just assume that's why he did the commercial. But one has to realize that most of Hollywood are screaming liberals. Look at Ron Howard, he's about as liberal as they come, so why are we not suprised that Mr. Griffin would even want this. Just because my beloved Andy Griffin is telling everyone to support this means that we have to believe what he says. Its another desparatate attempt by the Dumocrats to get things back on track since their train derailed last year and is getting worse as the months pass.

    • Tim B in NC says:

      Andy Griffith does not need any money. It was never about the money, it's all about politics and his leftist beliefs. Same for Ron Howard who if he never works another day in his life, will still make money off the money already accumulated and syndication rights and percentages. I guess Opey and Andy didn't learn anything from the episode about the boy bullying Opey for his lunch money, and Opey had to light into him like a windmill in a tornado. That was redistribution of wealth, wasn't it? The same as the feel-good socialist tactics they now believe in.

  29. nixxnutz says:

    He's a senile old man.

  30. D Hood says:

    By Andy's own comments in an interview I watches some years ago. He claimed Francis Bavier (Aunt Bee) didn't like him, he didn't know why. Maybe the mystery has been solved.

  31. michaelle says:

    I didn't know Andy was a flaming liberal. Sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Bill says:

    Dear Friends

    Let us not put ourselves in the same boat.. Name calling is never the answer…. Andy is still a good man and a good actor…. Instead of putting him down for this, let us contilnue to work to show all mankind that we are above this health care bill and show them why it is destroying this great nation of ours…

    Ronald Regan said it correctly … Government is not the answer government is the problem… Andy is just expressing his political views and we greatly disagree with him…

    We have an election coming up,,, lets us work hard to get this anti american congress out of office…. Then work to overthrow this terrible bill, or pass a bill that will refuse to fund it…

    Cutting taxes and cutting out all pork, and stop bailing out failed business's will set us back onto the right path…
    At least it will be a start…

    Dr. Bill

  33. Jerry says:

    Well, I was a Andy Griffith fan before this last venture of his and the Obummer administration. Realize that Andy is an “actor” and that he gets paid to say everything and “act” a certain way. Our Actor-In-Chief needs someone that people can relate to in order to really lure us into socialism willingly. I guess old Andy is needing work nowadays.

  34. Ray K says:

    While good old Andy was making this propaganda piece someone should have told him that obama and his bureaucrats were pulling the plug on Aunt Bee!

  35. Jeff says:

    Andy can sing and talk his way into hell. He has the cash to pay for health care. He received a good lump of it to sell out Americans. He’s white trash in my book!

  36. mgranny says:

    I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.
    I’m not an honest, small town American, but I play one on TV.

    So much for the opinion of celebrities.

  37. slysi says:

    there are a lot of types of prositution….. unfortunately a lot of people get desperate for some reason !

  38. katy franks says:

    wow very disaponting the good old america is gone and we now are following in the antichrist, just goes to show how he tries to decieve you watch out america there is more to come, read the bible …….it will tell you are future if we dont do something about it now…!!!!

    • Mark says:


      The Antichrist (s) occurred in the 1st century…. While many people are ant-Christ today, it does not mean that it is the time of the Antichrist. Jesus delivered us from that in AD70. Satan is no more!!!! Please read YOUR bible.

  39. Jerome Daniel Ford says:

    What a shame, I would like to think that our country would start to recognize the importance of growing up spiritually and the likes of Andy would become the Judas Iscariots of the world

  40. Bob says:

    Andy jumping on the socialist bandwagon to cram Obama's crap downb our throats is going to end up costing him many, many times what they are paying him to utter those words. I for one will never watch another of his re-runs and if others follow suit it will cost him millions in lost revenue thru royalties. Choke on your treachery Andy.

  41. Barbara Gordy says:

    very disappointed in Andy. Sorry I gave him so much of my TV time in the past.

  42. Norma Miller says:

    Andy, you are awfully old to take a chance in not being in the Rapture which is surely to occur soon. And even if it doesn't come soon, you can't live very many more years. What are you going to say to God when you encounter Him?
    My husband has been watching Mayberry reruns and relaxes to see the old-fashioned values portrayed as something good there in this old dark liberal socialist world. No more will he watch that show. There are still good things coming from the Christian churches besides spiritual security. Our little church helps give people a financial boost every time they come to the church office looking for help to pay their utility bills and for food. It is paid for by REAL Christians digging deep down into their pockets for money they ill can afford to part with. They do not believe in ObamaCare and are very, very against it. If Obama Care is so great, why aren't Congressmen willing to live under it? How about the president? Do they have no fear of the November elections coming up? Andy, I fear for you soul. No more Mayberry reruns on our TV here! You have sold us out.

  43. freckles says:

    Once again we are bumdarded with an overflow of celebrety comments fro Obama "lovers" Andy Griffin and the
    rest of holy wood are going to ":go" come Nov 2010 and Obama in 2012.REPEAL all of his crappy stimulus
    mess.Come Nov 2012 if americans who love america do not go to the polls and vote out this stuoid muslim
    socialist you can say goodbye to the AMERICA that the world once knew!!

  44. Edgar Guest says:

    Consider the link between Viacom, CBS, and the Andy Griffith Show. They could kill "Sheriff Taylor's" source of income pretty quick if he doesn't tow their line. I feel sorry for anyone who comes to that time in life when the ability to reason leaves them, and especially so when they are being exploited. I saw the ads little "Ritchie Cunningham" did during the election, mining both the Andy Griffith show and Happy Days. GHASTLY! Everyone in the cast looked like someone waited too long to dig them up. The ground sours in that cemetary don't you know. Zombies put on a pretty good show, but you don't want to take their word for anything… they'll eat your brain! I loved the Andy Griffith show and Matlock, and am thankful I bought the DVDs before hearing Griffith's latest Roosky tune. Had I heard it before, I would be damned before buying anything with his name on it. Shame on him and the jerkwads who put him up to it.

  45. Lee says:

    Andy Griffin is as stooped as he acted in the movies he made, as he has grown older he has not gotten smarter. I wonder how much money he got for making that stooped ad.

  46. ed straub says:

    This is no surprise, giving the number of santanic puppets in the hollywood agenda. What would, or is surprising is the ones that are now trying to redeem their souls that they have sold to the money tree. Oh the horror they face at the Great Judgement, they live for today and don't think about what's coming soon, very soon. I've found out that this world offers nothing compared to the coming life with my Blessed Savior, Jesus Christ.

  47. Vern says:

    Al— You hit the nail on the head, most of those rich people do not care what Obama does to the general public
    since they have plenty of money so they can always get medical care when they need it. As Matlock he knew how
    to get at the truth, but he has not read the bill so he does not know what the bill says so he should keep his
    mouth shut. You are right he has become a traitor to the American people that helped make him rich. Maybe he
    will go broke and change his mind when he needs help. Lets hope that happens soon.

  48. Briguy says:

    I think Aunt Bee would be rolling over in her grave if she saw what he said on that ad! He's selling himself down the river just as much as all of his people his age. It's a crying shame. I thought he was a true American patriot. They always called Reagan, the "actor". NOW, who's the "actor?"

  49. Ben Silverstone says:

    Yes, what appeared to be a common folk actor, has just represented all we know is wrong with this nation. It's a shame what Andy succumbed to…like Judas taking the 30 pieces of silver, he got his money by selling out too.

    Folks, we who support the founding fathers and the Christian principles of this nation must stick together and make it known, take a stand publicly and get out the VOTE. Unlike the Demokrats, we can't vote twice, we can't register the dead and the illegals…but we can rally our friends, relatives and neighbors and we can boycott those businesses which are overtly liberal and leftist managed. Joe McCarthy was right, not wrong when he knew socialists and communists were making strides within our government. What a pathetic shame on our nation, but there is time to take action at the booths and support business, job creation, lower taxes and good ol' American ingenuity.

  50. Kgirl says:

    How sad! :( I always thought he was so smart. It's hard to see someone you've grown up with as a role model bash your lovely memories of a good sound mind. He is not who I hoped he was.

  51. Kgirl says:

    How sad! :( He seemed so smart.

  52. Dede says:

    I think everyone needs to take a chill pill. You may not agree with his political views, but how can many of you espouse to be something better when you speak "God's swift judgement " on him or condemn him, his morals, say he had Altheimers, or condemn him to hell? Fortunately, the Lord loves those whos stand for the truth, but he is also merciful and quick to forgive. Pray for the man. Pray that the Lord will change his heart. Prayer, done right, is a much more effective weapon than condemning someone. I can't believe that so many people who call themselves Christians have such stone cold, unregenerate hearts. What good is it to be "right" on a political issue if your heart is so wicked? As Christians we are to pray for our nation, our leaders, our politicians, not condemn them to hell! So let's see if we can turn this nation around by those principles. Let's humble OURSELVES and pray, and watch God heal our land!

    • terry says:

      I will agree with you to a point. However, it is our responsibility to speak out and stand up against these misleading tactics that are used against the Truth, and will misinform millions. Perhaps you appreciate the job the liberal media has been doing for the past few years, but many of us are fed up with it. As far as Prayer goes, surely you don't think you're the only one who does pray for our nation and its (So Called) leaders. You can have my chill pill if you like and go sit in the corner and pray over this matter if you desire. But don't try to silence the Christian voice in this matter! The government and the liberal press is working overtime on that already.

  53. Libby says:

    My last post did not get published. I guess the truth about Obamacare is just too "politically incorrect". Too bad this site has caved in to pressure like so many others.

  54. JoAnn says:

    what is his email address; better yet, I'd rather call him and shame him. I'm glad my parents are alive. They would be so disappointed. My family and I will not watch any of his shows nor listen to him. Shame, shame on Andy Griffith. Does he need money that badly?

  55. David Stroud says:

    Obviously Andy Griffith is another casualty to old age and dementia. What person with half a mind couldn't see through Obamacare. Has he never heard of England's and Canada's nightmare trying the same thing? Some people, like Griffith don't know how to think. They just read their lines!

  56. Libby says:

    I've endured a lot of kicks in the teeth during my lifetime, but this is the worst. To have my TV idol turn on his own generation! Anybody with any sense and just a little research knows that thousands if not millions of over-65 citizens will suffer untold pain, agony and finally death from the rationing of Medicare benefits. This generation did not have options. We were assured that the Medicare program would take care of us and other Insurance plans dropped us because we were Medicare eligible. This false and misleading ad is an insult to every senior citizen in America and especially to every Andy Griffith fan. SHAME ON YOU, ANDY!

  57. Philip says:

    There's nothing worse than a Southern liberal! Remember traitor Ramsey Clark,. AG under LBJ? We expect the Southland to produce patriotic common-sense people but there always have to be a few bad (road) apples!

  58. Len La Penna says:

    Just as he has always done, Andy is reading his script well. Well, Andy, you're not talking to a bunch of Barney's. Some of us know a sham when we see it.

  59. terry says:

    How about It Andy, was it worth selling out your lifetime work of portraying a good, honest, American citizen, for a bucket full of blood money??? That's what it really is you know! Many innocent hardworking people will lose their lives over this cowardly program, that holds nothing but deciet and empty promises, resulting in more taxation and less health care options and more misery on the innocents. The money you recieved for this UNHOLY service will indeed be cursed. It was our money you accepted for assisting the LIARS and POWERMONGERS in stealing Trillions more from the generations ahead. I surely wouldn't want to die with that on my concience. Perhaps your concience has been seared, as with a hot iron! Sleep Good Andy, if you can!

    • Allie says:

      Terry, I don't see how anyone could put it any better or any more correctly!!! It just broke my heart when I saw Andy do that video commercial1!!! Like many Americans, I believed I knew Andy, and I, too, bought CDs of his Gospel singing. This is as horrible as it would be if I were to be told there was no Santa Claus! Fortunately, I still believe in Santa Claus — but our wonderful Andy Griffith is dead – and replaced by someone I could never like or respect or believe in!!!!

  60. terry says:

    Seems there is nothing or nobody who is what they claim to be, especially if they have connections to Hollywood in an form or fashion. The thing that is additionally hurtful in this matter is to lose all respect for someone such as Andy Griffith. He was portrayed as everything that was wholsome and good about America, in the public's eye, for so many years; but I believe in reality he has always been in support of the ugly movements that are now infesting and eating away at the fabric of our Republic. The shame in all of this, is that many people will unwittingly believe him, in this decietful message, and be misled into supporting this Robbery of our human rights.

  61. nancy says:

    I cannot watch reruns of Andy Griffith show anymore without thinking of this commercial. Sadly, he is either stupid or doesn't get the whole picture of what this enormous healthcare bill will cost. It's unbelievable that Obama and his crew can use our tax money to pay anyone to avertise this healthcare bill. It just shows how utterly bad this whole thing is when they have to keep hawking it. If it's so great, why do they have to spend our tax dollars to keep pushing it down our throats.

  62. rua2j says:

    Once again, it should show us that the characters people play on TV and the movies, are just that. They are play-acting. There are very, very, very few true conservative people in Hollywood. And the few who are, If they let their conservative views be known, they are shunned. America is in big trouble.

  63. Bob Michaels says:

    Like most other posters, I have lost all respect for him…. Too bad the last thing we'll see out of him is a pact of lies spoken for $700,000….

  64. Pure Joy says:

    You're a big disappointment, Andy Griffith! No more Mayberry in my home. You are a traitor. Sad!!

  65. Rolda Hammond says:

    If anyone happened to watch the quick video he did, you would all say it was not the Andy Griffith we all knew. I could not believe it was the same man. I believe this is a man who is in the depths of dementia either Senile or Alzheimers. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen. I almost cried, not exactly for what he said, but because the Leftists are using his name only.

    • NKM says:

      I remember seeing the ad when it aired on TV, and I agree with you on this. I thought at the time that he was not the Andy Griffith we remembered. Personally, I think he believed what he was told, but that he didn’t really have an understanding of what the bill really was or that he had the mental capacity at the time to make the determination. It saddens me that this is the last thing he will be remembered for.

      • Larry says:

        I agree as well. If you think about it, all of you will see that so many people did the same thing in 2008 by electing our current administration. I know without a doubt that folks made their decision based on what someone else was telling them, i.e., the media. We have become a lazy nation, unwilling to do our own research and information gathering. We have turned over that responsibility to the government, wanting them to make those decisions for us so that we can go on living our own lives without having to bother ourselves with it. How many times have we heard “It’s not my problem.” “Why should I get involved?” “Let someone else deal with it.” We have given up the right to make our own decisions, whether we realize it or not. How do we change it? We have to begin by educating ourselves again. Don’t depend on someone else to do it for you. Dig for it. Find the facts. Find the truth. Discover what is real and what is not, on your own! Compare notes with others who are doing the same thing and see what adds up. Remember the saying, “Knowledge is Power?” If you have the knowledge, then you are informed. That give you the power to decide for yourself, know what is fact, know if you are being told the truth and when you are being lied to. Educate yourselves.

      • jlbs says:

        You said so well what my thoughts are. I couldn’t believe, when I first saw the ad, that this was the beloved Sheriff of Mayberry. It was so disappointing.

  66. Richard Baehr says:

    When I heard Andy Griffith I lost all respect for him. It's also a fact that he not a very nice person.

    • Jeanne Carr says:

      True, Andy was not a nice guy, I saw him at an airport in Norfolk VA. He had his dog with him, I have never seen anyone so rude to the Airline personnel and the fans who were at the airport. This was in the 1970s I lost my respect then!

  67. Yoboy says:

    This is just another way for liberals to force their viewpoints down our throats. It starts with the schools where from kindergarden on they are teaching socialism. It is no wonder the country is in such a bad way. Not enough parents take the time to see what their precious young ones are being taught so that they can take the time to re-educate them with the truth. If we dont turn this around in November in a big way then I am afraid this country is lost . We will be a third world country in 10 years or less.
    The fact that there is even a question in anyones mind that someone in this country without proper papers should be sent directly home shows just how far we have fallen.

  68. Donald - US Marine says:

    I think Opie should kick his evil rear! You sleep with the dogs, you wake up with their fleas.

  69. frank says:

    i used to watch matlock and andy grifith but, no more! in rfact i will quite watching the cable that has him and that stupid bonanza.

  70. mark dobert says:

    The reason why the PTB use celebreties to do their dirty work is because we’ve been brainwashed by years of watching the idiot box thinking these celebs say and stand for the “right” things. Of course we only need to look at their personal lives (which we spend billions on doing just that!!) to see they don’t walk the talk! This is also reinforced by public schools,colleges, the media, and all their corporate sponsors who push their agendas on us every second of the day no matter where we’re standing. If we behave like the good, little ,obediant slaves we’ve been trained to be, we do as they say! This way they get rule over us without the whip,yet the inference is still there for those of us sheeple who wander outside the the fold. We as Christians have dropped the ball and offer little in the way of anything except rhetoric. People drift naturally to those who can provide free bread and circuses and we as a church can provide nothing. Gov’t can’t either without stealing it first from someone else by the point of a gun or by even more evil means via devaluing their unGodly money. Take away this and the gov’t will fail and the people will see their idol has clay feet. Soon this will happen by default and there’ll be a cry throughout the land for new saviors with same old system of pillaging from their neighbors. It’s been the same since the beginning of time. Only those with a vision to carry on (like here at this site) Godly ways will truly suceed as some (not all) of our founding fathers did. So to Andy Griffith I say soon you’ll be called to account for encouraging the gov’t to steal other people’s property so you and others like you can benefit from it! May God”s judgement be swift upon you! ( I wonder what he did with all his millions he made from being a professional actor/liar?)

    • Matthew Marquard says:

      The socialists always said that they like unarmed peasants working in the fields. I respected him, but I won't respect him anymore. Good bye & good riddens Mr. Griffeth, because you have 1 less fan. Now is the time to learn the true history of the U.S. I do not know about my fellow countrymen, but as for me " Give me Liberty or give me death. I will not go quietly into the dark night when they come for me. I am not racist. I am not violent, but I will no longer be silent.

  71. Joe says:

    Just goes to show you, throw a chunk of money at somebody and they will bend over and take it. Good ole andy, and we thought Barney was the fool.

  72. Charles says:

    Obama has snookered everyone in this country except those of us who saw thru him the first time he opened his foul mouth. Send him to Hell and the liberals along with him.

  73. BLADERUNNER says:


    • PAUL says:

      i am with you friend, so much for homo gommer pile too,turns out barney was the only true friend of america,sgt.gibson

  74. crev c says:

    It's the same "personality ethic" that caused America to trust Walter Cronkite, a committed socialist, for over 40 years, and anti-American to boot; yet he became the most trusted man in America. If you can put on a good 'face' and mimic your fans values, you can pull the wool over their eyes quite easily. The very best way to understand this is to get the DVD of Andy Griffith's "Face in the Crowd" movie, and you can see what exactly how the power of influence works. Amazingly predictive!!!!

  75. Andy Griffith didn't get as high up into Hollywood by being a "good old boy" but by being a social liberal. Sure his roles often reflected good values but that is what made him money. On many social issues Griffith has held to Democrat views for years and he never, as far as I can tell, stood for Republican or Conservative politicians including George W. Bush. So I for one am not surprised at Griffith's actions. We are fond of his Mayberry days but those days are gone and liberalism as swept him into its mold.
    My recent post Book Review- Jesus – The Only Way to God by John Piper

    • Pete_76 says:

      Don't forget his Mayberry days were filled with leftwingers and homosexuals

    • lwr says:

      Please don’t think GWB was any better. He was the largest increase in the Dept. of UnEducation this side of LBJ.

  76. Birdman says:

    Even "good-old-boys" get it wrong sometimes, especially when the money is right, apparently.

    One would think that being a Gospel singer might give him a few insights into seeing through to the truth. Maybe he's so desperate for cash that he jumped at the chance. I hope not. Like 'am2sweet', I also respected him for his views and perceived-lifestyle. Sad to see that truly, the only 'persons' that can be trusted for the truth are God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

  77. am2sweet says:

    How disappointing. I used to like Andy Griffith's shows and thought he must be a good person. However in light of him being willing to do a commercial for something as socialistic as this he's lost my respect.

    • gotch says:

      you are right a can not beleave he would lower himself to do this

    • George lamb says:

      Andy, you need to wake up and get a clear head on your shoulders and really understand this OBAMA CARE PROGRAM. I enjoy your shows with Aunt Bee and Opy but if your committed to OCP, You've lost me as a long time Andy Fan.


  78. G Murphy says:

    Andy has deceived the Christian community by singing gospel in which I bought one. I will not listen to him and I think Christians should boycott the stores that sell any of his songs.

    • Maverick says:

      All I can say is this ,,, Sheriff Taylor ,,, let Barney have his bullet back ,, I think he's gonna need it !!!

    • Joy says:

      I agree with you on this one as Andy Griffith just dug his hole, I'll never watch anything with him ih it either.
      I don't watch a movie Jane Fonda is in because of the way she did Americans in Veit Nam, lousy traitor, is all both of them are. Let them have it as my insurance went up 3 times more when obamacare came in, pays less on things to,

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