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Published on July 27th, 2010 | by Gary DeMar


Facts Do Not Speak for Themselves

Many Christians claim a form of factual neutrality where some subjects (e.g., science, medicine, technology, geography, politics, mathematics) can be taught without any regard to religious presuppositions since “facts speak for themselves.” This is most evident in education where a self-conscious sacred-secular divide is maintained and supported by Christians. Ninety percent of Christian parents send their children to government schools. Since these parents believe that math is math and history is history, the religious stuff can be made up at church. But one hour of Sunday school and an hour at Youth Meeting each week and maybe a mission trip in the summer can’t make up for five days a week, six hours each day, 10 months of the year, 12+ years of a government-developed curriculum that is humanistic to the core.

Knowledge of what works in the field of medicine still leaves doctors, for example, with decisions relating to abortion and euthanasia. An abortionist can be an expert in the way he performs an abortion. He has honed this “skill” through scientific study of the created order (general revelation). But is it right and just to use this knowledge in the destruction of pre‑born babies? Where does one go to find out? Dr. Jack Kevorkian designed a “suicide machine” that was efficient, effective, and painless, three criteria to consider in the practice of modern medicine. But was what he did right and just? This is the real issue. Procedures that were designed as part of the healing craft are now being used to destroy life. There is no doubt that abortionists and doctors like Kavorkian are skilled practitioners of their respective crafts, but that’s not enough.

The study of the facts alone might lead some medical practitioners to conclude that since animals often abandon and kill their young, therefore homo sapiens, also an evolved species, are little different if they do the same. A more highly evolved species like man can do it more efficiently and for “high” social reasons. Such a view is not as far-fetched as it seems. Some years ago, after a debate on the issue of abortion, a discussion arose.

[M]ost of the students already recognized that the unborn child is a human life. Nevertheless, certain social reasons are considered “high enough” to justify ending that life. According to some of the women, examples of “high enough” reasons include protecting pregnant teenagers from the psychological distress of bearing a child, helping poor women who aren’t able to care adequately for a child, and preventing children from coming into the world “unwanted.” Many charged that pro‑life philosophies are not “socially acceptable” because they fail to deal realistically with these problems.(1)

The modern‑day evolutionary hypothesis rests on a study of “nature.” A majority of scientists have made a thorough study of the cosmos and concluded that man has evolved from some type of primordial chaos. Such a conclusion has numerous ethical implications.(2) A number of ideological, political, and economic systems are based on the doctrine of evolution.(3) It is this independent study of the facts alone that leads them to their anti‑Christian conclusions.

The humanists understand the importance of education in creating worldview shifts and control, so why don’t Christians? Charles Francis Potter, who founded the First Humanist Society of New York in 1929 and signed the first Humanist Manifesto in 1933, made no secret of the purpose of the American public schools:

Education is thus a most powerful ally of Humanism, and every American public school is a school of Humanism. What can the theistic Sunday-school, meeting for an hour once a week, and teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?(4)

R. J. Rushdoony pointed out the Humanist design for education in Intellectual Schizophrenia (1961) and The Messianic Character of American Education (1963). According to Rushdoony, modern government education “is erosive and destructive of all culture except the monolithic state, which is then the ostensible creator and patron of culture. When it speaks of the whole child, it speaks of a passive creature who is to be molded by the statist education for the concept of the good life radically divorced from God and from transcendental standards.”(5) Rushdoony was not the first to understand the goal of statist education. Robert L. Dabney (1820–1898) saw it more than 100 years ago:

[T]he Jeffersonian doctrine of the absolute severance and independence of church and state, of the entire secularity of the State, and the absolutely equal rights, before the law, of religious truth and error, of paganism, atheism, and Christianity, has also established itself in all the States; and still the politicians, for electioneering ends, propagate this State education everywhere. By this curious circuit “Christian America” has gotten herself upon this thoroughly pagan ground; forcing the education of responsible, moral, and immortal beings, of which religion must ever be the essence, into the hands of a gigantic human agency, which resolves that it cannot and will not be religious at all. Surely, some great religious body will arise in America to lift its Christian protest against this monstrous result!(6)

For decades before the rise of Hitler, Christians were subjected to arguments like the following from pastors and theologians based on the two-kingdom theory:

  • “The Gospel has absolutely nothing to do with outward existence but only with eternal life, not with external orders and institutions which could come in conflict with the secular orders but only with the heart and its relationship with God.”(7)
  • “The Gospel frees us from this world, frees us from all questions of this world, frees us inwardly, also from the questions of public life, also from the social question. Christianity has no answer to these questions.”(8)
  • Once the Christian understands the moral significance of the state, Wilhelm Hermann declared in 1913, “he will consider obedience to the government to be the highest vocation within the state. For the authority of the state on the whole, resting as it does upon authority of the government, is more important than the elimination of any shortcomings which it might have. . . . For the person who is inwardly free, it is more important [that] the state preserve its historical continuity than that he obtain justice for himself.”(9)

While many Germans might have been opposed to Nazi policies at a personal level, they had been conditioned to believe—because they were Christians living in two kingdoms operating with two sets of standards—that they could not do anything about these rapidly implemented policies at a political level.

What would America be like today if the Church of Jesus Christ had heeded Dabney’s warnings and some “great religious body” had arisen to make the break from an educational system that was designed to be the indoctrination center for the State and its messianic motives? The usual Christian response is to reform the public schools, to get more parents involved, sue to get a moment of silence, prayers at sporting events and commencement exercises, release programs, and pass laws to teach the Bible as literature. There’s the question of how the Bible will be taught. Will the Old Testament be taught as myth? Will someone teaching on the Olivet Discourse point out that Jesus was mistaken about His coming?(10) There is no neutrality in education. The sooner Christians understand this, the sooner they will be able to turn this nation around.Endnotes:

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Gary is a graduate of Western Michigan University (1973) and earned his M.Div. at Reformed Theological Seminary in 1979. He is the author of countless essays, news articles, and more than 27 book titles, His most recent book is Exposing the Real Last Days Scoffers. Gary lives in Marietta, Georgia, with his wife, Carol. They have two married sons and four grandchildren, Gary and Carol are members of Midway Presbyterian Church (PCA).

29 Responses to Facts Do Not Speak for Themselves

  1. mark dobert says:

    Then you by definition are a socialist. social spending isn’t constitutional and its not Biblical. Against the death penalty isn’t Biblical either as the penalty of sin is death. There were 35 things in the Bible that demanded the death penalty. To deny it is to deny God’s law. You sound like you bought into the “liberation theology” line of believers who pick and chose which laws to obey or to fit them to your beliefs as the Pharisees did. I have no beef with you nor do I want to argue like children,I just want to state the facts as the article was all about. May God reveal these things to you someday and may you have peace when you He does. God Bless you

    • I teach government. I can tell you I don't qualify as a socialist. If you have your own definition for "socialist" that I qualify as, then Jesus and Calvin must qualify as "socialist" as well. You are far too interested in slapping a label on someone who doesn't agree with you and denying their Faith. I will pray for you that the Lord might lift the anger and hatred that seems evident in your heart.

  2. mark dobert says:

    JNM: If you’re a member of the NEA or the AFT then your union dues pay for the brainwashing too. Union teachers have no reason to do a good job especially since they have tenure or the pols behind them no matter what they do wrong to our kids. Maybe you don’t have the things I mentioned in your school district but you will soon when your tax base is eroded from the foreclosures taking place there. Your district will cry out for federal and state aid as they all are doing now! The “No child left behind” bill gives them the power to teach whatever they want and you have no say in the matter. God bless you for having what you have but no gov’t sponsored anything lasts long when the currency is debased. When this happens will you work for free? I doubt you will and neither will your union! Do you think your local residents won’t rebel against your high benefit packages and salary when all around are losing their homes and their jobs? Here where I live, they’re laying off teachers, closing down class rooms, cutting sports and after school programs and even cutting back on bussing and my taxes are still rising!!!! Your gig will be up soon but the feds will try to keep it going so the gov’t can keep the sheeple in line for their next generational fleecing!

    BTW: I have no politics…there isn’t anyone I trust that I’d vote for! If evil is in control, then those who participate in it are evil too! No matter who you vote for they all pay homage to the fed and the phoney money system and promise others money from my pocket to give to you! who has no qulams about taking it!

    • You guys can be pretty hateful for Christians; criticizing me for being a public school teacher because you think I'm comfortable with 'taking money out of another person's pocket', describing people who don't have your political views as "sheeple", etc. You also seem to think you know more about my job than I do… which you don't. AmericanVision seems a bit too fixated on worldly issues, especially money, for my taste. I think you need to study up on the Covenant. This focus you guys have on Old Testament Law is curious considering that Jesus criticized the pharisees for their use of the Law. I question whether some of the strongly-worded, sometimes hostile, views among these comments on articles spring forth out of Christian love or out of Worldly desires.

      • Ben says:

        Jesus did not criticize the pharisees using the law but for their forgetting the meaning behind the law. Matthew 23:23 "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you tithe mint and dill and cummin, and have neglected the weightier provisions of the law: justice and mercy and faithfulness; but these are the things you should have done without neglecting the others."

        Jesus never came to do away with the law he came to fulfill it. Matthew 5:17 "Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to fulfill."

        • This is a grammatical thing: I stated "for their use of the law" not for "using the law" – there is a big difference. When you reference Matthew 23:23 you prove the point I was making.

    • This may be my last response as I'm not interested in provoking unproductive, extremist comments.

      For the political record (which you guys are very interested in here): I'm for less spending, less taxing (once the debt is resolved), stronger state and local government, weaker federal government. I'm for Christian charity and for some social spending (though not to the extent we have today). I am pro-life and I am against capital punishment because of the imperfections of our legal system. I am for public schools and private schools. Public schools have existed in this country since it was a country and are not the engines of some sort of societal decline. This society has always been sinful because WE are sinful and now we have all sorts of new technologies to help us indulge in sin. We also have an urban, mobile, atomistic lifestyle which greatly weakens the power of public pressure to conform to at least a public display of etiquette and morality. You guys are looking in the wrong place when you focus on institutional rules. It's much bigger than that and much harder to fight.

  3. lefttheleftcoast says:

    Prove it. Take the test. Your christianity is not the question, which christianity is it is the question.

  4. mark dobert says:

    You obviously don’t know much about your local school district! Lets see now…..Free breakfast&lunch program (federally funded) , outcome based education(no grading),no God anything in school!, Crisis psychologists provided whenever some kid does something stupid like kill himself even during summer months! (religion in disguise), homosexuality/sex ed taught as an ok lifestyle!, the new “revised” history of our white oppressor forefathers, UN based “global” society taught, Abortions on demand without parental consent!!! ,metal detectors,cameras,and “lockdowns” to get kids ready for their prison style lives in this country and a host of other Federally funded brain washing programs too numerous to number! These also include the socialist blessings from the NEA teachers’ union. If you think this isn’t brainwashing then you must be like my friend who actually thinks his kids are safe in school 40hrs/wk while you send them to church 1hr/wk!! Why do you think this country is in the shape it’s in? Because of the liberals? How do you think they become liberals? By osmosis or genetics? It’s by brainwashing pure and simple! I pray God wakes you out of your slumber before your children become victims too!

    PS: Boj,Gary,Joel: My hat goes off to yous for the work you do here even when it seems no one is listening!

    • Your statements are incredibly inaccurate. Students are graded. There are three Christian clubs at my high school, all sponsored by Christian teachers. Homosexuality is not promoted. I teach history and you don't know what you are talking about. Abortions are not promoted and are certainly not carried out. UN based "global" society is not taught. Students are taught world history with added details concerning European history. My school doesn't have a metal detector. Liberals? I think you are trying to make your religion fit your politics.

  5. JesusNotMoney says:

    Public schools are community schools. The "government" in charge of those schools is primarily the community the school is in. Any pretense that public schools engage in brainwashing is engaging in histrionics.

  6. mark dobert says:

    I asked a Christian friend in my church one day this question: If the gov’t told you they would send a vehicle around 5 days a week and pick up your guns or your car and told you they would keep them,clean them, and then bring them back to you after 8-10 hrs would you let them? He laughed out loud and said no way…I’d never trust the gov’t with my guns or my cars! I said: Then why do you let them do that with your children everyday who are supposed to be your most treasured gifts from God? He said because it’s free and he couldn’t afford a private school! I said what if you sold off your “stuff” to send them to a private school and you’d still have a lot of money left over? He said: Because I work hard and I need my enjoyment! So there you have it folks! Enjoyment today is better than a good future tomorrow! The only problem is tomorrow has arrived and his kids belong to the gov’t due their 40 hr/week brain washing and he now has to work more hours per year just to pay his taxes to pay for his “free” gov’t handouts! So you see, God will not be mocked! You’ll either pay Him now or you’ll pay Him later but you will pay Him and it will be an expensive payment at that. Its the same as people who don’t tithe….in the end you will tithe…only it will be to a tyranical gov’t in taxes and blood! Kind of like now in this country huh? Its ironic that Christians today are so wrapped up in trying to appease the masses and their own enemies that can’t see that the ship is sinking fast! The flood is coming and all they care about is what color the deck raillings should be painted on their boat the “Titanic”! LOL!

    • lefttheleftcoast says:

      Great analogy about "guns and autos" Mark, thanx. A little bit of humanism is like a cancer cell or yeast, eventually, all is ruined or leavened.

  7. PT225 says:

    Oh, if it were only one chapter here and there! But of course, it's not. As a Christian, you know that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge (Prov. 1:7), yet you are forbidden – under penalty of law – to teach from a biblical perspective. You cannot stand in front of your class and teach God's viewpoint on history, language, the arts, mathematics, science, government, current events, moral issues, sex ed, or anything else. You cannot point a child toward Jesus Christ. You cannot mention God's principles when you counsel a child, or comfort a child, or discipline a child, or speak to a parent about a child. The school's silence on these all-important matters does not result in a the student receiving a neutral education. On the contrary, by this very silence, this thundering silence, students are being taught every day, from 8:30 to 3:30, Monday through Friday, August to June, from age 5 to 18, that God doesn't matter, that one can be a well-educated, happy, moral, productive person without ever learning what God thinks about any subject. As far as I've been able to tell, none of God's people in the Bible or in the history of the church ever thought this was a good thing to do with children until about the mid-1800's. Shouldn't this give us pause?

    • JesusNotMoney says:

      Teachers can and do pray along with students before and after school. There are Christian extracurricular clubs at school with teachers as their sponsor. I can identify myself as Christian in class. I can, on my own time, counsel a child and promote Christianity. I am a teacher. The constraints placed on teachers concerning expression of Christian ideas are exaggerated in forums like this.

      • PT225 says:

        Before school, after school, in extracurricular clubs – but not during the school day, not as part of your regular instruction. Christian teachers can't teach from God's point of view, bringing scriptural principles to bear on the students' thinking. They can't TEACH like Christians. In short, they must separate God's eternal spiritual truths from their instruction. They must remain silent in the classroom regarding the purpose and meaning of life, silent about the very foundation of all learning as found in Jesus Christ and in the scriptures. No Christian ever thought this was normal before about the mid-1800's.

        I submit that this kind of education has had devastating effects on generations of children, including Christian children. We have sown the wind, and now our culture is reaping the whirlwind.

  8. Robert Lebischak says:

    We have to remember that we failed to stop this at the start, we were asleep, or just didn't care about it. Now our children are being feed info that is not correct, it's time for us to take back control of their education, will we be willing to do this, or will we lost our children to those who wish to control them, are we the last generation that thinks for itself, or did we already lose that also. Why do we cry now, when we had so much time to do something but did not. Why did people tell us your crazy when we attempted to tell them what was going on? Some of us tried, but not enough, so if we fail, it's only because some, many of you did not listen or care to do a dam thing when you could.

  9. Keith Ling says:

    There are "facts" that Christians can not combat using the scientific method. There are homosexuals that claim to be born with their desire for those of the same sex. There are studies that show this is "factual". The problem is when we think that because they were born that way, that God made them that way and they are not at fault. The truth is, they are that way as the result of the principle that God visits the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those that hate God (Exodus 20:5). They are still under God's condemnation if they sin, do not repent, and do not submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
    The only "facts" that we can point to is what Scripture says. They are not validated by the scientific method. They are affirmed by a much higher Authority.

  10. An article that uses a few individual opinions as "evidence" is really just a collection of opinions. I wasn't aware that children from Christian households were so easily led astray because of one chapter in a history book and one chapter in a science book. My child is flouring in his Public School and in Sunday School. School Boards from the Community tend to lead Public Schools (so-called "Government Schools") and many, many Public School Teachers are Christians. I happen to be one. When I teach about WWII I discuss Nazism. That doesn't mean I'm turning students into Nazis.

  11. lefttheleftcoast says:

    The above comment from the left coast gives legs to Gary's observation, "The usual Christian response is to reform the public schools, to get more parents involved, sue to get a moment of silence, prayers at sporting events and commencement exercises, release programs, and pass laws to teach the Bible as literature."
    A friend of mine was proud his 11th grade son stood up in biology class to assert, "evolution is a bunch of bull". I laughed (not to his face), because the declaration from his feet did not match his mouth. Evolution is taught every day in every class subject (yes, even math). Besides, just attending the age segregated peer grouping (K-12) exhibits submiission to the evolutionary hypothesis. Come out and be seperate, while you have the opportunity.

    • The k-12 peer grouping has nothing to do with evolution. It has to do with intelligence, maturity, and behavior. Recognition of brain growth is not automatically related to evolution.

      • PT225 says:

        What caused the move in America from age-integrated learning (picture the one-room schoolhouse with multi-age groupings of students based on ability) to age-segregated classrooms as in our modern schools? Despite your confident assertion, there is evidence that the move was indeed influenced by evolutionary thought. See the article at this link:

        particularly the penultimate paragraph, "Educating Cavemen?"

        • JesusNotMoney says:

          One-room schoolhouses were a necessity in small, rural communities and were never particularly cost-effective. I suggest you do some research concerning cognitive growth. There are very good reasons for 'age-segregation'.

        • PT225 says:

          The cost-effectiveness of one-room schoolhouses is completely beside the point. (Would you call the modern public education system cost effective?) You stated above that "the k-12 peer grouping has nothing to do with evolution." How do you know? Asserting something does not make it so. Did you read the article I linked? On what basis do you disagree with the author's research?

          Families, created by God, are age-integrated by nature. In a family, you have this marvelous dynamic of younger children looking up to older children and older children feeling a responsibility toward the younger. (This assumes, of course, that the children are around each other, not off in an age-segregated classroom.)

          In contrast, modern educational institutions are age segregated. They have produced dumbed-down education as children are promoted to the next "grade" based on age, not ability. They have produced unhealthy peer-dependent relationships as children are surrounded by virtually no one but their age-mates in school.

          Call me crazy, but I believe that the Creator's idea is infinitely superior.

  12. aseattleconservative says:

    Not everyone runs from evil Gary:

    How a group of Christian students successfully confronted the homosexual "Day of Silence" with "Day of Truth" at local high school.
    A group of students take on the dishonesty and hysteria with fearlessness and grace. http://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen/10c/day_of

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