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Published on July 2nd, 2010 | by Dr. Joel McDurmon


Five Truths that Republicans Hate

On Wednesday Gary posted the list “Five Truths that Liberals Hate,” and it proved one of the most popular posts we’ve had in a while. While in total agreement with those ideals, and actually probably the most conservative guy at American Vision, I thought a little Tabasco for the Right was in order as well. So let’s hear it: five truths Republicans hate.

1. Most Republicans are as socialist as the Left. While not as socially liberal as the left—not advocating equality, gay rights, feminism, etc., etc.—Republicans have proven every bit as fiscally liberal with the exception of the last year or so when political convenience has changed their rhetoric. But try to get one to admit that social security and medicare are socialist programs along the lines of Obamacare, and they’ll dance and dodge all day! It was Bush II who created medicare prescription drug coverage at the cost of $550 billion, and only nine Senate republicans opposed.

2. Public schooling is a socialist institution, paid for like a social welfare scheme, where socialist teachers teach socialism to conservatives’ kids. It was designed as an anti-conservative institution and operates openly as an anti-conservative institution. Yet most conservative parents still mock homeschooling and refuse to put their kids in even a private school. Some Christians argue they’re salt and light—”we just need prayer back in schools!” The only prayer any kid should be praying in school is “Mom! Dad! Please! Get me out!”

3. There is no such thing as private property as long as property taxes and the threat of liens exist. Bad-mouthing Obama’s socialism rings hollow until you pressure your state, county, and municipal officials to abolish property taxes. Of course, you’d also have to argue against public schooling as well, for about 75% of property taxes go to pay for public schools.

4. There is nothing inherently or historically conservative about our national standing military. It was a Republican-led effort that ignored everything the American founders wrote about the dangers of standing armies and centralized the state militias into a national army, the outlawed state militias. Shortly after the Militia Act of 1903, in one ten year span before WWI, the military budget rose from $2 million to $53 million—a 2,650% budget increase. The whole program was carried out by Progressives which at that time dominated the Republican Party. These were men whom Republicans generally revere as well, Republicans: William McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt, William H. Taft, Elihu Root. Historically, big war has been carried out under progressive Democrats: Wilson got us into WW1, FDR WWII, Truman Korea, and Kennedy/Johnson Vietnam. Progressives love war inherently: it was one aspect that grew directly out of social Darwinism. Conservatives fight when necessary to protect their own land and freedom, except against property taxes, apparently.

5. Republicans were the original spend-and-tax, big-government Progressives, and remain so today. The same Republican men who nationalized the military, in order to fund their progressive ideals, created, promoted, and signed into law the Sixteenth amendment (national income tax) which had the side-effect of rendering the IRS a permanent institution. Taft got the act through Congress in 1909, the last state ratified it in 1913. The intervening presidential election was a contest of three men with the same ideals—Wilson, T. Roosevelt, and Taft—all of whom supported the national income tax. The same Republicans instituted the National Monetary Commission which developed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which Wilson also signed into law. In modern times, were it not for Obama, Bush II would reign as the spending and deficit king by quite a margin. The biggest spenders in recent decades were all the Republican presidents, including Reagan. Only Clinton in his first term rivaled them before Obama.

So there you have it. These are five truths that Republicans just have to hate! But thankfully, we have a God-given right to change our minds and become truly conservative. See my God versus Socialism for a look at where the Bible stands on such issues, and how the U.S. already has adopted seven of the ten planks of communism straight from Marx’s Manifesto.

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About the Author

Dr. Joel McDurmon

Joel McDurmon, Ph.D. in Theology from Pretoria University, is the Director of Research for American Vision. He has authored seven books and also serves as a lecturer and regular contributor to the American Vision website. He joined American Vision's staff in the June of 2008. Joel and his wife and four sons live in Dallas, Georgia.

148 Responses to Five Truths that Republicans Hate

  1. me says:

    The only problem with the article is that Republicans before the early 60s, and especially back in the 1800s, were the liberal progressives. The parties switched during the civil rights period. The south used to vote democrat until the democrats supported civil rights. and when Barry Goldwater didn’t offer support, the south switched to voting conservative republican. They gave up everything because they were enraged blacks were getting a piece of the pie. They are twisted in the brain by rich folks that get them to vote against they’re own best interest. They’re no different than the nuts that existed during the dark ages, only they know they can’t get away with that any longer, so now they try to confuse the weak minds and do the thinking for them.

  2. William Cole says:

    Hey Joel,

    It’s true. When so-called conservatives are not in charge they pull out their “fiscally conservative” cards. It works because of the devaluation of historical knowledge promoted by compulsory public schools. Making history boring and monotonous is a key component of compulsory public indoctrination. Which brings me to my second point.

    As you so deliciously point out, compulsory public schooling was instituted as a reaction to rebellion. Mann, Dewy and the like studied the “Prussian schooling model” and instituted it here to instill loyalty to government. Converting Irish Catholics to protestants, was just a ruse to get Great Awakening Christians on board. The purpose has and always will be suppressing independent thought, which is why Christians should stand against it.

    Let’s make a distinction between members of the Republican Party and those that hold to republicanism as an ideal. The original republicans were actually members of what is now the Democratic party. Jefferson and his followers were called “radical republicans” and the name of the party was the Democratic-Republican Party. The party started by Lincoln and the New Soilers, was a party of corporatism from the beginning–supporting Northern industrialist special interest over individual rights. Their anti-slavery plank was a lure to abolitionists, but they never really embraced the notion of individual freedom or equal rights–even among white men.

    All that said, the last three points are just various mechanisms for plundering the “unwashed masses”. As Paine so poignantly points out in Rights of Man “war is the art of conquering at home.” It’s something that the people have continually fallen for.

  3. Well the dems had to learn form some one.

  4. Kristy says:

    I believe all of the words of Christ. He did not advocate shunning and bullying of gays as American Christian groups do now. He in fact said the opposite to love your neighbor as yourself. If you love someone you do not try to get them fired, or have your kids taunt them about 25 times or more per day, or try to discriminate against them as much as you can. or preach hatred against them, or teach that they are more evil than everyone else, as you do.
    Being the mother of a gay young man that suffered quite a bit at the hands of your “Christian” American children(you gave them the OK) – I can tell you he did not, nor would not, have chosen to be gay. He was born with the orientation that he had and the kids around him noticed that early in grade school even though he did not come out about it. You are greatly harming these children. I can tell you that I know that you are the evil ones, and that eventually you will come to know that.

  5. Robert says:

    You conservatives need to read the First Amendment. Prayer in school should be allowed as long as it is voluntary. It is unconstituitonal to require it. The problem with this country is the conservatives telling us to decide everything for ourselves while they try to decide everything for us.

  6. jayjay says:

    why do republican hate brown skin american, when you hate somebody because their skin is not of your is passed hate its evil, its satanism. you say you just hate them not because you stole them from their countrie, not because you rape their women and sold them into slavery not because you made them work for you for free while you made money off of their blood, sweat and tear when you sold their love one out , seperatin them from their family not becuase with all your money and your white skin your women desired dark meat, not becuase you lynching of brown skin menbecause of short coming,no matter how much you try to enhance yourself to look and be like the skin you hate, you are satan and like satan he was jealous ,like satan you have a lot and yet you come to take from the one that have so little. All the wrong that you have done to the brown skin people will be done to you in triple fold, we are a strong peoples and the almight is on our side who is on yours I can’t say may God have mercy on you and your I will leave that to the Almight.

  7. jayjay says:

    I wonder why the republican alway talk about Regan and give him so much credit for the republican partie, and they have had not one[1] but two[2] Bushes as their president, and they never complaint as to what they did while in office,and yet they never say anthing about them in their campaign as toward any endosement or good job they did while they was president and both of them are alive, they only talk about a dead president. Make you go [hum], I will give them credit for loving a dead president more than they love TWO [2] LIVING PRESIDENT[hum].

  8. Los says:

    YOu got your lectures confused — The current group of Republicans are not Republicans at all and the Democrats are not Democrats they are Communists! Communists defy the existence of God and Republicans do not. Our Nation was built upon the foundation that all politicians had to be morally solid men who were in Christ. There is no denying this – RINOs I do not care one way or another other than t0 say that these weaklings in the political gene pool must be voted out and true Constitutional Republicans elected in their place. Democrats are typically tax and spend not Republicans so you have your pad lectures confused Mr McDurmun – I give you “Raise the Debt Ceiling” as exhibit A and ObscumbagCare as exhibit B
    Get an education!

  9. Pierre says:

    “The biggest spenders in recent decades were all the Republican presidents, including Reagan”

    Joel: didn’t Regan’s spending on the military and arms help defeat the Soviets?

    • Vishnu says:

      Belated Birthday Wishes to the young guy.Nice to know he ejeyond the big day ,and you also got an entry to your own event .IF you do not mind,keep the charred puffs in my name as the blackened (oops black and)purple entry.I have run out of b&p entries.I know after reading this,you way want to throw flying saucers at me or use some wand to turn me into purple or black or whatever next color u choose.puffs whether charred or not ,they are dishes with black colour.or if I make this at home and then send it over ,how will that be?there goes my entry,tada

  10. James Dye says:

    Reading this article is like listening to Ron Paul. It makes perfect sense 90% of the time, and then suddenly and exasperatingly gets KOOKY.

    First off, let me mention the first article was entitled five things Liberals hate, and then the next one was not five truths conservatives hate, but five things Republicans hate.

    I am a Christian, Reformed, and a Conservative. One of the POINTS of being a conservative is applying the consensus of the wisdom of the ages. One of those being that a strong military is necessary to keep the peace. The idea that America should not have a strong standing military is KOOKY. This is an extreme lack of common sense that has no place on a website like this. The libertarian stance of “the oceans will protect us” was wrong in Washingtons day, and is downright stupid in our time. The Chi-Coms, and can park a nuclear sub off our coasts and put a nuclear missile in center field of Busch Stadium in St.Louis. That means that we not only have to have a standing army, but that each new wave of weapon technology must be mastered by the USA, FIRST. I like all kinds of things on this website, but please drop “the oceans will protect us” nonsense.

  11. You comment about “The Five Truths That Republicans Hate” was grest. While I am a republican, I do know that in BOTH parties there areextremists tearing the system apart.

    What I have for you to ponder is a book written by author Gerry Burney, called “A Sewing Machine In Every Closet.” It tells about the overspending of the fedral government and thte balloning overspending by them.

  12. Savant Noir says:

    The overarching truth is that we do NOT have a 2 party system at all. We have a singular theme driving ALL policy and that is Agenda 21 (signed by G.H. Bush in 1992)

    The Democrats are implementing A21 via 'social reform', whereas the Republicans are promulgating A21 via public-private partnerships. Two arms, each connected to the same body. It is interesting to note that Hitler strengthened his Fascist regime with the use of PPPs, whereas Stalin used 'social reform'. Welcome to America, comrades.

    People need to become aware of Agenda 21, and I suggest this article as an excellent primer:

  13. Republiman says:

    4.) (Does anyone out there really believe that our country would survive long without a standing military? Who would protect us, one of the citizen militias that we routinely disarm and have never had modern equipment anyway? No fighter jets, no tanks, just a bunch of people with rifles protecting the country?)
    5.) The writer points it out: "were it not for Obama, Bush II would reign as the spending and deficit king" and "Clinton in his first term rivaled them before Obama" Obama is king, nuff said

    So according to this article I guess I'm not a Republican. Sorry.

  14. Republiman says:

    (the site is making me split this up -too long)

    Did the guy who wrote this just make it up, several quick that this article is incorrect about me:
    1.) I advocate equal rights. Social Security and Medicare ARE socialist programs. (currently they are, social security was not socialist at its inception)
    2.) Public school IS a social institution that has become (unfortunately) largely overrun by liberal teachers and admins. It is also an investment in the future of the country. Not requiring education of the youth would kill the future of the country, so we're stuck with it and should just clear out the libs or require a separation of school and political views.
    3.) Property taxes SHOULD be abolished. So should all public domain laws.

  15. Scott R. Harrington says:

    Friends, The 16th and the 17th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution should both be repealed. The income tax is unfair; the election of Senators by the people is not in the original Constitition, The Senator were originally chosen by the legislators of each of the States (Article I, Section3 of the U.S. Constitution). I believe we should have a national sales tax instead of an income tax; goods and services would be taxed, but not the work of the people. Senators should be chosen by the 50 states legislatures, as they originally were. What do you think of these ideas? In America Scott R. Harrington

  16. Jim says:

    The right and the left are just that, a left to the stomach and a right to the chin to the legal american citizens of this once great nation of ours. When will the programmed dumbed down voters who think that their votes mean anything wake up to the fact that we are constantly being manipulated, suppressed and lied to 24/7 365 days a year by the elected officials in Washington along with the government controlled media which has lead us to the ungodly mess we are now experiencing. History speaks for itself, voters yes you that vote, have things gotten better during the past 20, 30, 40 or 50 years since you have been voting? The answer of course is a resounding NO, when will it end, It will end when all of you, if you are lucky enough end up as slaves to the New World Order, and if you don't have a clue what that means just google it. Is their HOPE, yes there is always hope if you act now at your community level and are personally involved in supporting your local sheriff and candidates who believes and adheres to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, then and only then will things will start to change for the better in the U.S.

    Please, take time to do a little research in the political frame work of this nation and you will discover for yourself that something is amiss and drastically wrong concerning the un-American leadership of our current administration. Again always keep in mind that the right and left are fists to control what little freedoms you have left, forget political labels and listen to the candidates who advocate liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness according to the articles of the Constitution.

  17. E D Stewart Jr says:

    The Republicans are NOT the good guys!! Republicans are just as politically irresponsible as Democrats. it was shortly after the beginning of Bush's second term, when he was making such a big deal concerning effecting the North American Union, that I felt compelled to leave the Republican Party and join the Constitution Party ( As a Christian first, I trust, and can support the CP platform!

  18. CJ says:

    Republicans love to claim that they are PRO-LIFE.


    1. How can you be PRO-LIFE when Republicans, more than Democrats, support the death penalty? Instead of coming up with excuses and exceptions, let’s admit that you’re not truly PRO-LIFE. You’re just anti-abortion, a perfectly justifiable and credible viewpoint and belief.

    2. When you prioritize funding for our military and our wars?

    3. When you would rather fund our military & give tax cuts vs. giving assistance to the poor and needy?

    Republicans really don’t see how ANTI-LIFE they really are. Instead of truly caring for people, they care more for the military, business and tax-cuts. And, in regards to abortions, when was the last time you saw a group of republicans actually protesting on the streets OR actively promoting or engaging in adoption? How about safe-sex programs? Do you really think that your abstinence programs have ANY value with teenagers that don’t share your values? Or, with families that live completely different than you? Do you really think that abstinence can work with them — when it really doesn’t even work well with conservative families. Not that it shouldn’t be taught. But, do we ignore obvious deficiencies in our stubbornness to not want safe-sex taught in our schools?

    Republicans can be very blind to reality at times. I left the Republican party during the Bush years, when I saw blind allegiance with no credible justification.

  19. Red Phillips says:

    I love point #4. If I am not mistaken, AV has generally been supportive of the “War on Terror” and foreign policy interventionism in general. Hopefully this marks a change in direction towards non-interventionism for AV.

  20. Doug Parris says:

    Blaming Reagan for the outcome of an entirely Democrat Congress is about as rational as blaming Ron Paul for the same thing.
    Taking the word of DiLorenzo on Lincoln is about like taking the word of Karl Marx about capitalism. T.J. is an anti-Lincoln propagandist who intentionally misrepresents facts to deceive.
    Saying, “Republican party planks are a pale shade of pink” is only possible if you have less familiarity with the Republican Party Convention process than its RINO elected officials.
    Saying Reagan should have used the veto without reservation is fair strategic criticism, although it is very hard to argue that based on his power to outcome ratio…
    But saying Reagan was a statist is just one thing. A lie. And a lie for which you will answer to the Creator.

  21. Quixtop says:

    One more thing!
    Government can employ programs legitimately as long as they are voluntary.
    Social Security should be voluntary which Bush tried in vain to implement. Even then, Social Security was a feasible instrument till Government put S.S. funds into the general fund. Then it became a Ponzy Scheem.

  22. Mark says:

    Regardless of what label you put on your political leanings, if you were elected to office through the financial power of unions and special interests, and if you bow to those organizations in order to secure your own re-election, you are an Enemy to this country and have betrayed your oath of office! If you refuse to uphold the Constitution and seek to legislate for “social justice,” you are an enemy to freedom! If you are a slave to Political Correctness and bow to the progressive agenda espoused by the vocal and powerful MINORITY, then you are an Enemy to the United States. IT’S TIME TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY AND RE-ESTABLISH A NATION UNDER GOD, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE (Individual justice, NOT Social Justice) FOR ALL!

  23. Quixtop says:

    Doesn’t matter Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green or whatever!
    If they pursue Progressive, Liberal, Socialist or other ideals that take from the the productive and give it to the unproductive by force of law, they are Communists.
    Let’s cut the charade and call a pig, a PIG.
    Vote out ALL incumbents. Let’s clean House!

  24. Randy says:

    Ronald Reagan was hogtied by a liberal Democrat controlled Congress. In order to get a lot of his tax cuts through, the Dems kept sticking twice as much spending on the same bills. There is a lack of control on both sides, but the difference is that Dems always want to raise taxes and spending. Where Reagan Republicans until W2, did want to control spending and give more in tax cuts. As far as Reagan spending money on the military, he did so, but did give our country the ability to defeat the Russians without firing a shot. His efforts have given the military the best armed force in the world. Whether or not this is a conservative issue is not the question. We had peace when those that mean us harm are afraid to attack us.

  25. Morning Glory says:

    As a teacher for over 30 years, I have watched the performance of our students in public school sink to a dismissal level. The students are not taught the basics; therefore they cannot “build” on a solid, educational foundation. Phonics is considered a “dinosaur” even though it has been proven that 95+% of the population CAN learn to read phonetically. Public schools whitewash this issue by claiming to use “whole-language” which amounts to a sorry mixture of phonics and sight vocabulary. Teaching math is another HUGE joke! Students are not required to “learn” their math facts………they are instructed on how to use a calculator. My four children attended a private school for most of their lives, and I taught in that school for mere pennies compared to what I could have made in the public realm. Yet, I do not and never have regretted the fact that they were provided a quality education with Christian influences. Of my four children, one has a masters in accounting and on her way to becoming a CPA, one has a degree in wildlife biology, one is a master electrician, and one is completing her degree in education to become a pre-school SPED teacher. At the moment, I do teach in public school. I see the many faults and failures, but I also see many wonderful teachers who are called of God to teach. They love their students, and their jobs are their ministries.
    One thing that stands out to me is the huge failure within the family structure now days–even those students from Christian families. They are not rooted and grounded in the Word. There are no family devotions, no hard and fast rules, no expectations. As a solidified unit, the family isn’t combatting the demonic spirits, humanistic ideas, and the permissiveness that prevails in even the best public schools. Mom and Dad–step up and run interference for your kids!!!!
    I am all for doing away with the department of education as it is merely an avenue used by NEA to infiltrate our schools. The evil and power that this organization embodies is unprecedented.

  26. Jeff says:

    Some of Joel’s points are touched on in the novel “Molon Labe” by Boston T. Party (real name Kenneth W. Royce).

  27. Iceman says:

    Wow, this guy is way out there. I thought it was supposed to be a listing of “truths” we don’t like. I read nothing that related to the truth of the matter. OK, yeah, we did do a lot to establish a “standing” army – but that certainly was a necessity as we prepared for all out war. This guy is buried, up to his ears, in a liberal ideaology. That’s his right but to spew such stupidity should be outlawed. But, one last point: I’ll have what he’s smoking!”

    • James says:

      Your response is exactly what this article is addressing. You don’t want to be told that these things are socialism. You admit these are truths but you obviously don’t like hearing that they go against the free market and are against God’s Word.

  28. Fallon T Gordon MD says:

    In Joel McDurmon's 5th point of Five Truths that Republicans Hate, The statement about the 16th Amendment is not true. The 16th Amendment did not create new taxes and did not change Article one sections two and nine about no direct taxes unless apportioned. It did not create anything. It did correct an error made by the Supreme Court. See all of the Supreme Court rulings on The 16th Amendment. For true and excellent summary of this, go to http://www.lost horizon' Then read "Cracking The Code, The Fascinating Truth about Taxation in America"

  29. smg45acp says:

    I believe that the chaos that has been created by the democratic system of government we currently have proves that eventually we will revert back to some sort of monarchy or dictatorship.
    We can't keep going the way we are going now. Eventually the entire GDP won't be able to pay even the interest on our national debt. The only reason we are in such deep financial straits is politicians are desperately trying to buy votes so they and their party can remain in power.
    These last 200 or so years will be looked back upon by historians as an interesting experiment. But it will absolutely prove the "T" in TULIP. Man is totally depraved and incapable of self government on a national scale.

    • DouglassMc says:

      We live in a Republic, not a Democracy. Repeat the Pledge of Allegiance and you will see what form of government we have.

  30. R. T. Tidwell says:

    Joel, I can't help but feel that you are reaching and grasping for five statements that will raise the ire of Republicans, rather than elaborating on genuine issues that bother them. Not all of your, maybe none, actually reflect the true feelings of Republicans. Of course there are some…I repeat SOME.. things you call socialist are simply necessasry functions of the federal government in helping citizens provide for themselves. Without these government programs we would return to the days of the wild west, or the days when it was one-on-one with neighbor against neighbor, each desperately trying to obtain what he and his family need. But the wholesale socialism that Obama and others are pushing is not what America needs or wants.

  31. krewedemulenola says: – Just base your thoughts,conclusions,and commentts on Benjamin Franklin's reply to a citizen waiting just outside the constitutional convention's door that remarkable summer – that citizen asked " what have you brought forward to us after all this blood we all shed for freedom?" Mr Franklin Simply Replied ; as he got into his carriage ,in order to go home – " A REPUBLIC !!! – IF YOU CAN KEEP IT !!! ". Before you lately come so-called patriots make more public comments and go to your local gun range to compete and contend with U.S. Old hands at this Constitutional stuff – just go home and study some serious detailed real AMERICAN HISTORY first. We can't afford any ignorant would be troopers next to us on the firing lines that will successfully defend our American cunstitutional librertys. You'll be too easily turned to a compromise of our FREEDOM – That is and will be Treason – with a traitor's punishment being meted out to you -Think your Allegience to Te U.S.Constitution through completely. – When you are certain whats right and true – then come ahead. Join U.S. – and be free

  32. Owen Nelson says:

    What a tax relief it would be to eliminate the public schools! Along with them would go the schools of education at
    nearly every college and university, as well as the Departments of Education at both federal and state levels. The degree of indoctrination is far greater than most would believe. It revolves around issues such as self esteem, multi-culturalism, moral equivalence, environmentalism/climate change, and apologies for being American. There is not time to teach the basics, and Heaven forbid that we should teach kids how to think.

  33. Patrick Wills says:

    Interesting . Newt Gingrich fits in here someplace .. says Republicans should offer "alternatives" .. haven't guite figured out from whence he comes – he being more clear in '94 revolution' than today. Most Americans 'mainstream' Democrats at one time – 'till party 'got stupid' .. which describes us today. "We the People" should .. pause .. re-assess, before advancing ..

  34. Scott R. Harrington says:

    Dear friends, We need to find candidates who will work to eliminate the income tax and replace it with a national fair tax. The real debate is how much it should be. I think Neal Boortz says something like 23 percent, if I am not mistaken. That seems to high to me, but I may be wrong. Anyway, taxes will continue, that much is certain. Scott Harrington

  35. Zaher Ocsi says:

    Both party is a anti American party. Back to our constitution with the Constitution Party,. Any other way is lead us in to socialism. And that is no good.

  36. Bro.Bob says:

    This post is more liberal sounding in its context then objective point of view! some of what you say is true about both sides, both have spent tones of money this so true,there are huge differences between Conservatives and the liberal left!
    some your points calling Republicans socialist, is a big stretch of the imagination! I'm not going to go in to your weak talking points, rather I'm going to cut to the chase, socialism is government control of everything! big government.
    Conservatives believe in smaller government run by the people not the government! Conservatives believe in capitalism and free inter prize not big government!!!

    with that being said, there are liberal rhino republicans,I will give you an example to Arnold Schwarzenegger is a republican Governor that governs like a liberal,with very liberal laws! teaching homosexuality to five year olds,no parents opt.out, he will not allow drilling off the coast helping the environmentalist not the people of California!
    we are broke and going deeper into debt.
    this sounds more like the white house democrats then the Conservatives that he swore to be!

    I think we will see a change in November and the people will vote out Republicans that talk like liberals or vote to line there pockets; then they will be voted out along with there liberal counterparts!

  37. Warren says:

    Great post, this is a fair representation of Neo-conservatives. True conservatism in the vein of the "Great" founders is no where to be seen. Ron Paul for President!! God bless

  38. Oliver Woods says:

    Thank you Joel for an historically informative article. However it is tragic to observe that American Vision is itself compromised by the same spirit of liberalism in its endorsement of the U.S. Constitution. Patrick Henry and other anti-Federalists warned of the dangerous centralization inherent in the proposed Constitution during the ratification debates. Far ahead of their time, they predicted abuse of the General Welfare clause, the Elastic Clause and the power of the Constitution itself to create a standing army:

    June 16, 1788, Virginia Ratifying Convention: Two of Patrick Henry's shorter speeches on this day were devoted to the army and to the militia. He decried the despotism of the power to maintain a standing army, here granted to Congress. "If Congress shall say that the general welfare may require it, they may keep armies continually on foot…This unlimited authority is a most dangerous power: its principles are despotic." The power to call forth the militia to quell insurrection is likewise granted to Congress, thereby neutering the states.

    Further details of Patrick Henry's principled opposition to ratification of the U.S. Constitution may be found at… Sadly his contemporaries failed to heed his dire predictions, all of which have come to pass. Sadder still, American Vision with all the benefit of hindsight is apparently still blinded by the same spirit of Empire that Henry so eloquently argued against in the Federal Constitution.

    Oliver Woods
    The Last Anti-Federalist

  39. MrHuck says:

    One of the first things I noticed is, the “other” article was on “liberals”. Not a political party, but a group of people with common beliefs. This article targets the Republicans. Not the conservatives, but a political party. You’ haven’t read a word yet and it’s already political and pointing a finger at “the opposition.”

    Notice the difference in the length of each point. The “other” one was specific, short and to the point and black & white facts. This one is lengthy on each point and contains generalizations, name-calling and accusations throughout. “Gray areas” throughout. Some specifics in this may be true, but a lot of circumstances are omitted and make these appear to be cut and dried, simple facts. Not so.

    The “FDR got us into WWII” is understated at best. I seem to remember something about an attack on a harbor that left us with no choice but to defend ourselves or be taken over.

  40. John Barbour says:

    I would have reversed the order. By starting with; "Most Republicans are as socialist as the Left" you will only alienate the democrats and liberals you are trying to reach. Better to start with;” Republicans instituted the National Monetary Commission which developed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913" or “It was a Republican-led effort that ignored everything the American founders wrote about the dangers of standing armies and centralized the state militias into a national army, the outlawed state militias.” Just a suggestion

  41. Bob says:

    Spoken like a TRUE Libertarian!

  42. okar says:

    The column is nothing more than someone trying to create hate and discontent between the two parties. The same goes for his other column "the five truths Democrats hate"

    • FLdiane says:

      I think adults are well able to decide whether to "hate" from what they've read, don't you? I don't hate Democrats or Republicans, I do hate anything that hurts people and turns them from God. Obviously, there are some things the party of MY choice has done and is doing that hurts people and turns them from dependence on God as their source. I don't think it hurts anyone to be shown truth – even if it hurts.

    • MEG says:


      • okar says:

        That's the way I see it MEG. I think we have all seen what is going on and both parties need to band together and put a stop to it. Causing friction isn't going to get it done. Both parties are at fault, one no more than the other. It just depends who is in power at the time. Creating hate and discontent at our level (voters) against each other is what the Washington elite want, that away they can keep on with their power grab. If the Republicans happen to come into power in congress and in the 2012 Presidential election, you'll see more of the same, just a little different way of doing it maybe. There is no way you can keep these same people in office in both parties, and expect a different outcome. The current politicians will not change who they are

  43. S.Byars says:

    Your the soialist one. trying to cause trouble. soialist,soialist,soialist.ECT.

  44. Conservadiva says:

    I homeschooled for 10 years, we have four children. We also enrolled them in Christian school at various times, mostly for their high school years, but for one child we used the Bob Jones Satellite broadcast curriculum which is now a computer based curriculum which was far superior to any other program for high school. Any parent who does the research will see why. Most of our Christian friends who sent their children to public schools have regretted that decision. Almost all of the families have had a child or children leave their Christian faith behind, some profess atheism. This is not a new development, as in past generations most Christian kids lost their faith in secular college or university. But now that secularism has reached a new high in the public high schools, more of this is happening earlier in their development. Some of the problem lies in the fact that many Christian parents were educated in the public schools and do not understand the superiority of a Christian education because they never had one themselves. My parents were the principals of a Christian day school K-12 from which I graduated, so the low level of public education often makes me cringe. The atmosphere of foul language amongst students, and lack of civil discourse, I have had very little exposure by CHOICE except in grad school getting my MA. Here is just one example of an experience that I had that sent bells and sirens off in my head. To many, I am sure this means nothing, but to me it was a prime example of what is wrong and what my children would not be subjected to. This happened in a public library, not a public school: My son was about 6-7 years old and because I have studied literature and had excellent teachers in Christian school and college, I was looking over the classic children's books. I asked the librarian where I could find a certain set of books. She replied, "You should let your son pick out his own books." I did not reply as this seemed to be utterly stupid, and I walked away. My son, at the age of 6 or 7 had no experience or basis upon which to judge the value of a book. As I recall, he did pick out a brightly colored cover with a cartoon rocket on it which when we read, he was soundly disappointed in the lack of content. But as a wise mother, I chose the Uncle Elephant series which provides clever plots and charming animal characters that never cease to delight children. For me the answer is simple, treat your kids to the public mantra day in and day out and what do you expect? Parents should have higher standards and should be learning how to guide and educate their children with excellence. Any homeschool catalog will provide you with thousands of superior choices. You owe it to your children to do the research. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, especially when it is your own child's mind, not to mention their eternal soul.

    • FLdiane says:

      Thank you for sharing your perspective on Christian and home schooling. I am a prime example of what you explained to be a lack of understanding of the differences between public and Christian education. I went to public school. I gave my life to the Lord as an adult with no children. Now in my late 40's and the new adoptive mother of three young children, you've provided another confirmation that I need to re-think my position on a public school education for my little ones. I'm sure things have devolved MUCH since our school days! Thank you again for your example and words of encouragement to those of us deciding which way to go.

  45. The *difference* between the two articles is one is called “5 Truths That Liberals Hate” and the other is NOT about Conservatives, but rather “Republicans” and unfortunately there have been many RINO’s over the years who have been sell-outs to the Republican party. This is why the Tea Party Movement is growing by leaps and bounds in Amerika… because the Republican party has not stood up for what they promised in their platform… things like “smaller goverment”, “less spending”, “balanced budgets”, etc.

    Maybe, after November’s elections and we throw more of the bums out of office, the rest of the bums and the few good Conservative Republicans will see the light and start doing what is right. DO NOT BE A RINO!!!!!

    • Thato says:

      manai heiejl n 7sariin 2 gehed shalgatuud ugj duusan shuu dee. hu . ji ub ojood naashaa irh btal tarah l yum bna . bi ta nariig huleeh uuregtei shu dee hu . hihi

  46. Rhoda141 says:

    I think the Republicans that have turning to Democrats need to be Impeached the same as Obama and his evil WH staff. When we vote Republicans into office to need to have a form stating they have to abide by the law and be a Middle of the Road Reagan Conservative. They will not vote for Ear marks or Pork Barrel Spending, nor go agains the American people when it comes to voting the way the Democrats are voting, and alot of other things that should be on the Republican form and they have to sign this form and if they break any of these rules, they would be fired, and replaced immediately.

  47. Charles says:

    I have one question for AV.
    What does AV believe to be the governments number ONE responsibility?

  48. george says:

    The Bushes are not conservative, they are globalists. The media, too, are globalist, so they prop up the Bushes as being conservative so that people will hate conservatives based on their opinion of globalism, as practiced by the Bushes. It has worked. Most people who hate conservatives have been brainwashed by the media as to what conservatism is. Conservatives believe in national sovereignty, limited government and adherence to the Constitution. Globalism is the antithesis of conservatism. It also the opposite of traditional liberalism. Modern liberalism is communism, readily embraced by globalists to acheive their ends.

  49. jeb746 says:

    It has always been my contention, believing that both parties are corrupt, that we MUST have a new political party that believes in the INDIVIDUAL thus making laws that would be for the protection of INDIVIDUALS by implementing the Rule of Law instead of the Rule of Man (Man who is by nature flawed). Check out

  50. Dean von Germeten says:

    It's not "other people's money" or even YOUR money (let's stop spreading myths.) Read a dollar bill, it says Federal Reserve Note, therefore it's the BANKSTER'S money and who Uncle Sam is merely the printer for. When Congress overspends, who do you think they borrow money from? The Fed, mostly (Not to confuse Federal Reserve internationalist banksters' corp or its paper with any branch of the so-called federal government.) Uncle sells currency to the banks at cost of paper and ink (actual invoice price) and borrows it back at face value plus interest, compounding for 97 years. Now can you think of anything more retarded than borrowing from others, when you OWN the printing press? Do we need the banks to give money value? And if government just printed enough, it wouldn't need to tax you a thing, but then the investor class would howl. "I want less corruption or more opportunity to participate in it!" Maybe government reclaiming ownership of the dollars it prints, is the necessary first step, DO YOU THINK?

    Apart from Christian love of the military, I've also noticed their disdain for the poor, at least when it comes time to feed, clothe and house them; so I guess the government needs to pick up the tab, until immature Christians learn the responsibilities Jesus charged them to perform (not merely breed and looking after their own progeny.)

    • FLdiane says:

      "Apart from Christian love of the military, I've also noticed their disdain for the poor" … you are far over-generalizing! "Christians" are not one group or type of people – they're not all immature, nor are they all "military" lovers. Which label of Christian do YOU fit under? The kind who slam other Christians? Divisiveness isn't helping anyone. Jesus, Himself, said, "The poor will be with us always." Working Christians are paying out taxes that the government uses for their misguided programs that keep people in bondage. If they stopped social welfare to people who clearly can work, it would leave a lot more in the paychecks of compassionate people to give them room to give to more people in need. A lot of us are barely keeping up with our bills – and most of us have cut our budget to the bones. My husband and I have adopted three children from the foster system. We know MANY, MANY Christians who have done the same and are providing for them. I think you should stop criticizing Christians – especially if you are one.

      • ontherocks says:

        Agree with FLdiane. Blanket statements such as "…, I've also noticed their disdain for the poor"…border on bigotry. Every congregation is different in what they do and what they can do, as far as helping the poor.

        The assistance provided to the poor and those that have suffered through natural disasters may go un-noticed because the churches involved may not be into "grandstanding", i.e., "tooting their own horns". Our members pay out of their own pockets (and receive donations) to assist not only in our own communities (food co-ops, shelters for battered women/children, prison ministries and post-prison job assistance), but in out-of-state or out-of-country projects, as well. A couple of area church members lost their lives a few years ago in an Army truck accident in Honduras, a week after people from our own church had been there.

        So before you level this charge, please do a little research.

    • Ronald J Dimmer says:

      In my 72 years it is my experience that dedicated christians are the first to respond to the poor during and after a crises. WE would be doing alote more if we could get people to rely on themselves and god to take care of the situation. I can give you many examples over the years of gods own sacrificingf there comfort, there time, there money, to the point were it hurts.

  51. Rachel says:

    As for a national army, Article II, Section 2 clearly created an army and navy separate from the state militias. And all thirteen states signed off on it, remember? The militias were kept in place to protect the states from the federal government, but they were inadequate for national defense (for instance, they couldn’t maintain a navy). I think the Founders knew what they were doing in creating the army and navy, considering the fact that state militias could hardly defend us against newer technologies like nuclear weapons.

  52. Rachel says:

    Reagan believed in big spending for only one expenditure – national defense. And there was a very specific reason. He knew that the Soviet communist economy would never be able to keep up with our own, if pushed to the envelope. So he dragged them into a strategic arms race in order to collapse their economy and cause their government to peacefully implode without a shot. That’s why he would never give up “Star Wars”. Even though he knew it was just an idea on a piece of paper, it was worth its weight in diplomatic gold. The Soviets were terrified we had the technology to make it a reality, and they destroyed their economy trying to beat it. It sure was a better strategy than "Mutually Assured Destruction" or "First Strike"!

  53. I think there is a real danger — and something of an injustice — in this libertarian (I am one) proclivity to tar all Republicans with one brush. Yes, George Bush was an economic failure as a President. (We shouldn't have been too surprised: he said he was both a supply-sider AND a Keynesian before he took office.) And many Republicans in Congress abandoned Newt Gingrich's revolution of 1994 for the pork barrel.

    But several didn't. Rep. Bill Thomas stood firm in 2003 when Bush was about to wilt again and got the dividend and capital gains tax cuts through. John Kasich was a true deficit hawk.

    I needn't point out they and others like them were ALL Republicans. They alone got through Congress the Deficit Reduction Act of 1997, welfare reform in 1996, and the capital gains tax cut of 1996. Therefore, saying that "most" are essentially socialists is to breed a desperation in the populace that serves only the Democrats — a group in which nary an anti-big government, anti-distributional appropriator is to be found.

    I commented on a Gary North column of a few weeks ago, for instance, that a majority of Republican senators voted against several of the stimulus items of the last few years — and a consistent core group voted against every one of them. We have to build upon that — raise their examples — not tar them over because they couldn't sway the unwanted outcomes. Some, like Jim DeMint, have struggled valiantly to get the right word out on deficits, property rights, Christian principles in American life, and the coming entitlement disaster. He's a better conservative than Ronald Reagan ever was — only WE can make him and other like-minded CURRENT Republicans greater ones.

    In this regard, it is counterproductive to not be closer to comprehensive in looking at Republicans in history — both recent and more distant. It IS true that progressive Republicans have a tragic accountability for the statism that exists today. But progressively — if I may use that word in a better way — the defenders of limited government have been found among the Republicans.

    Joel writes, for instance, that "Republicans instituted the National Monetary Commission which developed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913." That's true, but when it came time for the voting on that act, in December of 1913, every Nay vote in the U.S. Senate — 25, representing more than half of the GOP's membership (43) — came from the Republicans. Given that there were 27 who didn't vote, largely because at that time legislators from states that would cancel each other's vote out mutually agreed to not vote — it is very likely that 35 of the 43 Republican senators voted against the creation of the Fed. In the House, Republicans had only 127 of the 435 members, but 58 cast Nay votes joined by only 2 Democrats. And again, since there were 76 non-voters, it's safe to say a clear majority of Republicans were against the Act.

    It will take a while — and someone like Mr. McDurmon in the Presidency — to fully tackle the big enchilada of entitlement reform (including the public school entitlement) this nation desperately needs. But we can't get there — making all the pro-free-market steps along the way absolutely necessary — if we start out with cynicism and despair about Republicans. There have been and are heroes there among their ranks, and those ranks are growing. They need encouragement and, yes, guidance. The American people can't get behind the right people if they're always told — particularly by conservative commentators — "ah, they're all the same."

    • Joel Peterson says:

      "Some, like Jim DeMint, have struggled valiantly to get the right word out on deficits, property rights, Christian principles in American life, and the coming entitlement disaster. He's a better conservative than Ronald Reagan ever was — only WE can make him and other like-minded CURRENT Republicans greater ones. "

      You're a fool. Do you have any idea that Jim DeMint voted for both No Child Left Behind AND the Medicare Modernization and Prescription Drug Act? This is the great conservative stalwart you cite in order to defend Republicans against Mr. McDurmon's broad brush? If DeMint is the best you can do, then McDurmon is exactly right about Republicans.

      Jim DeMint is a socialist just like the rest of them. It's right there in his voting record. Look for yourself.

  54. John S Fox says:

    I like all your talk now how do we get down to making the changes to correct the problems. My thoughts

  55. John S Fox says:

    I like all your talk now how do we get down to making the changes to correct the problems. My thoughts
    1. Limit every person receiving public office or jobs to no more the twenty years service with reasonable retirement.
    2.Eliminate all lobbyists from congress with mandatory jail sentences for an elected official taking any kind of bribe.
    3.Reinstate our tariff laws and stop our jobs and industry from moving over seas.
    4.Deport all illegal people that are in this country and require the ones that are here to learn English and become
    Americans in actions and beliefs
    5.Require all public officials to be sworn into office with the Ten Commandments not because of religion but
    because these rules lay the basis for how you should act and treat other people.
    Thank you for reading these commits
    John S. Fox

  56. prairiehen says:

    This article only confirms what I have been telling people for about 25 years now. The Republican and Democrat Parties have switched positions on most everything. So, therefore, the politicians are almost all alike — they like to spend money for votes for the power seats — other people’s money.

    Yes, social security, medicare, medicaid, child-care, ‘public’ schools, etc are ALL socialist programs aimed at keeping the masses in check against taking the government away from those same politicians. And so far, they are very successful.

  57. mike says:

    Good post, Joel. It seems like most Christians have a love affair with the military and it is the sacred cow.

    • Elaine Field says:

      Mike – the military is not a matter of "a love affair" it is a matter of pure PROTECTION of FREEDOM! The main oath a president takes is to "defend and protect this nation". Yes, both sides of the isle are VERY guilty of spending our $ far too much on "social issues" – that is what the"Tea Party" movement is all about. Stop the spending and "get the bums out of congress (R) and (D) who keep voting for "pork"!!!!!!!

  58. Dan says:

    For some reason, the Five Truths that Liberals hate was unavailable every time I tried to view it. I’ll look again in a few minutes.

    As for the Five Truths that Republicans Hate, I have to agree.

    1. Social Security is a form of socialism which has been imposed upon me from when I was about nine years old. It looks as though Medicare won’t even be there when I’m old enough to need it.

    2. The Public schools certainly are a socialistic tool used to unwittingly indoctrinate the children of conservatives. I have been in classrooms as a student teacher and heard the teacher say “Guantanamo is where the U.S. military tortures prisoners.” Yes, they are being indoctrinated in Public Schools. I disapprove. I also know that if a conservative teacher tries to “indoctrinate” in a conservative direction, they would probably be fired.

    3. The power to tax is the power to destroy. Years ago, I lived in a town in West Texas. I had a disagreement with a city bureaucrat about my property which he threatened to “condemn.” I told him, “just ask me politely to do this and it will get done.” He continued to “order” it and threatened to condemn my property. His supervisor stepped in and politely asked me to take care of the matter and I agreed to. This petty bureaucrat however, followed me out to the parking lot and onto the road. Three turns, he followed me around corners and I told my wife that if the guy turned behind me one more time I was going to slam on my brakes and let him buy us a new Volvo. To his good fortune, he did not follow us. No argument about the property tax and liens. Governments have too much power whether it is granted or simply usurped.

    4. A standing Army. Rather ironic there as I come from a family of career military men including 22 years in the U.S. Air Force. This includes both officers and enlisted, one KIA in WWI and a Medal of Honor in a different conflict, a rich family military tradition.

    How do we get away from a first class military force with unmatched technology and replace it with militias? How do we get militias to cooperate with one another? While both a standing Army and Militias have their merits, they both have drawbacks. Can a militia afford stealth fighters? No? How about F-15s? They probably cost much less. No? Maybe we can buy some P-51s from the Air Force facility at Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona. How do we protect American shipping? Can a State militia from say, Oregon, afford to have an Aircraft Carrier off the coast of Africa? While there are some Patriotic counties and people in Oregon, there seem to be more which prefer socialism. Even if Oregon could afford an Aircraft Carrier, would they be able to put a crew on it?

    As long as the standing army knows that they serve the people and not the politicians I do not have heartburn with them. When the standing army is willing to turn on the people for the politicians who “sign their paychecks”, then it is time to get rid of those politicians and go back to militias. Check out “Oath Keepers.”

    In defense of a standing army, we have a truly professional and experienced force with the best training and materials which can be fielded, capable of striking anywhere in the world as needed. In all honesty, I am very proud to have been a part of such a fine force and family military tradition.

    I’ve only scratched the surface of this but should move on to the last truth that Republicans hate. We can talk more later.

    5. As I said before, “the power to tax is the power to destroy.” The present system which amounts to “the more you make the more they take” causes cheating, makes criminals out of otherwise perfectly honest people and rewards the lazy. It also has created a “mini-army” of thugs which bullies people who cannot pay and undoubtedly takes bribes from those who pay a fraction of what their tax might otherwise have been.

    I have not yet been tasked to write out a fairer system which would work well and get rid of the thugs but if I find myself elected to one of the offices responsible for such would do so. In a nutshell,

    my suggestions are;

    cut spending,

    deport illegal immigrants,

    stop the system of subsidizing lazyness with welfare by cutting it off. I do not have a problem with helping those who cannot work.

    Lower taxes. I know this may sound a bit squirrely but if businesses are concerned about taxes if they open or expand, then businesses will not open or expand. People looking for work cannot find it. Lower taxes and get out of the private sector’s way. So simple.

    Fortitudo et Fides

    • aSeattleConservative says:

      2. The Public schools certainly are a socialistic tool used to unwittingly indoctrinate the children of conservatives. I have been in classrooms as a student teacher and heard the teacher say "Guantanamo is where the U.S. military tortures prisoners."

      Did you speak up against the teacher or sit silently in agreement? (Many from this website, myself excluded, would agree with the teacher).

      • Dan says:

        I spoke up in disagreement but had to temper it due to my status as a student teacher. Both of us were about the same age but he was in college while I was dodging bullets in Southeast Asia.

        This happened several times, I countered when I could but heaven only knows how many times this has been said in the classroom.

        When I had the lectern, I told them that we do not torture prisoners. In my many years of service, I took a lot of prisoners and never harmed any of them.

        We all know unfortunately, when the seed is planted, his mission is 90% accomplished. How many times will students hear this line? How many of them will believe it? How many of them will ever really know better?

        I do what I can.

        Best to you SeattleConservative

        Fortitudo et Fides

        • Stephen says:

          As numerous people have stated, "The only defensible war is a war of defense." When we send troops to 700 military bases in 130 foreign countries, we are not protecting and defending America. We are protecting and defending the ability of multi-national corporations to plunder the resources of other nations. These are the same multi-national corporations that are destroying America today. All this talk of "spreading democracy" and "defending freedom" is just total hogwash. It always has been. Read "War Is a Racket" by Smedley Butler.

    • Stephen says:

      Dan, most if not all of the prisoners in Guantanamo are innocent of any wrongdoing. What proof do you or anybody else have that they deserve to be there? The mere fact that they have been held for up to 9 years now without charges or access to a legal defense is ipso facto proof that they are being tortured. But if you really want to be technical, there have been plenty of articles written on the subject. Just type "Guantanamo prisoners are being tortured" into your preferred search engine.

      As for your comments about standing armies vs militias, Stealth fighters and F-15s have very little defensive use, but are quite handy for bombing enemy areas, i.e. they are offensive weapons. Also, there should never be a need to defend merchant ships with aircraft carriers off the coast of Africa. There would be no point in blowing up a merchant ship, only a possibility of seizing its cargo. So equip the ship with 50 mm machine guns to defend it from pirates.

      • Dan says:


        Maybe there are "new" prisoners at Guantanamo. My understanding is that they were taken while armed and in combat mode against American and allied soldiers. Have they been released and new ones brought in for jaywalking?

        Stealth fighters and F-15s, while having an offensive role are also quite useful for keeping a hostile bomber from flying over American soil. Mark my words Stephen, if we trim back our defenses to excess, there are some hostile nations out there with the ability to send a bomber over our heads. I'd just as much prefer that they not fly over U.S. soil. I stood to in two hot wars and one cold war where we had to be ready at all times to defend our country from enemy action.

        In April of 2009, Navy Seals ventilated the caps of some pirates off the coast of Somalia who had taken a ship, The Maersk Alabama wasn't it? A military with worldwide capabilities is a good thing. Equip the ship with 50mm machine guns. Fine. They might be a deterrent. If the pirates do take a ship however, a naval force can take it back. Those guys have been a problem to the United States as far back as the time of President Jefferson.

    • The Constitutional prohibition is against Armies. Navies are not prohibited. You should know better, coming from an Army family.

      • JLG says:

        So, the Air Force and Marines are OK too, then. Only the Army has to go.

        Somehow, I think the Founders would make a distinction between "armies" and "the Army."

    • Don Stuart says:

      Excellent points.

      I guess I don't understand how Joel so misunderstands Conservatives. Yes, social security, medicare, and many other programs are socialist but that does mean we don't want to get r ride of them. And if Joel thinks teh republicians are responsible for those programs, then there is not hope for him.

      • James says:

        Most Republicans don’t want to get rid of SS, Medicare, or public schools. You may find some who will say they do but most will begin to realize they will have to take personal responsibility. They don’t like that idea.

        They will ask, “Who will help the elderly? How will our children get an education? How can I ever retire?”

  59. JR John says:

    The only way you can say a president – GOP or DEM – is "responsible" for spending is because they didn't have the guts to veto a bill sent to their desk for signature. Bush II should have sent numerous bill sback to Congress, but he wanted money for the war so he signed anything the DEM led Congress sent his way. Both parties own that bit of spending history.

    • I agree all Presidents have done so and it is wrong we should stand or fall on our principles and the Republicans and the Democrats, and even most Christians compromise their principles. History proves that all Nation sooner or later fail and it is always because they forget the Blessings given them by an almighty God. Germany of the late twenties through the forties first marginalized the Church then outlawed it from the public square and finally closed those who would not go along and killed most in the Concentration camps. We haven't learned a thing from the past so we my friend are doomed to repeat it sadly God is being chased from the public square and the Government we are marginalized as crazies because we attempt to live by a set of Morals yes we fail every day but at least we are trying.

      • I jayarhbeejayarh, sadly must agree with one coment that our President made We aren't a Christian Nation, & haven't been since1900 with Dewey and His Socailist Apostles spreading out like a cancer in our public schools turnning them into Centers of Prapaganda Indoctrination. These C.P.I.'s are most prevalent in the Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest especially California and New Mexico. The Progressives war on Christianity is well documented. First they marginalized us with liberal dogma's that made a mockery of the Gospel. Then they marginalized us in the P.I.C.'s and finally outlawed us in the P.I.C.'s now they are doing the same in the Government It is alright to say Allah but mention YAWAH, or Jesus Christ and you are drummed out of the Government Service The America that exist today is more the Amerika the newest socialist Utopia.

        • jayarhbeejayarh welcome to the United Socialist States of Amerika this new utopian paradise will make sure all depend 100% on the government. And if you fell to tow their line you will face ostracization, and persecution. It has already began with the dis invitation of Franklin Graham and the arrest for handing out gospel tracts across from a Islamic Celebration. the Handing out of Gideon New Testaments in most of the Northeast, Northwest and South west is forbidden and even in the south Gideons have been arrested and charged for handing these New Testament out across the street from schools so you see we are already looking more and more like the Germany of the 1928-1940 rather than U.S.A. Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. welcome to the "Brave New World" and "1984" were some people are more equal than others

  60. Jerry Masters says:

    I'm not a Democrat or a Republican. I'm a Follower of Christ. Works for me.

  61. Allen says:


    I take exception to your post and think that your comments such as they are are twited to make your case, but kust because you list them and say them, does not make them real or true.

  62. Jsmith says:

    THis is why I left the Republican Party under Bush 41 — I couldn't find a conservative. It's still harder than it ought to be.

  63. Toni says:

    According to the Bible all men(women) are liars. So it really does not matter whitch Party you belong to. Basically all people do not like being caught in a mess of any kind.

  64. David says:

    "In modern education, the state is the educator, and… is held to be the responsible agency rather than man… [this] works to destroy the pupil, whose basic lesson becomes a dependence on the state…The greatest school is the family…The moral training of the child, the discipline of good habits, is an inheritance from the parents to the child which surpasses all others." – RJ Rushdoony (The Institutes of Biblical Law)

  65. Dan Williams says:

    For some reason, the Five Truths that Liberals hate was unavailable every time I tried to view it. I’ll look again in a few minutes.

    As for the Five Truths that Republicans Hate, I have to agree.

  66. Elisabeth Sheats says:

    Wonderful article, Mr. McDurmon. I enjoy most of the articles I read here, but this is the best I've read in a long time! Thank you so much, especially for addressing our standing military.

  67. JustSayin says:

    I'm confused. "Five Truths that Liberals Hate" vs "Five Truths that Republicans Hate" and comments on these using the labels 'Democrat' & 'Conservative'. I can't speak for Democrats/Liberals but I'm sure not all Conservatives are Republicans and not all Republicans are Conservatives (see RINO). It would certainly make arguments clearer if labels weren't used without some thought. just sayin'

  68. Timothy May says:

    The worst Republican was one who never gets any mention save for being an (alleged) hero and savior of the nation, and that is A. Lincoln. Read "The Real Lincoln" by Thomas DiLorenzo to find out where so much of this "Big-government Progressivism" got its start.
    Vote the Constitution, not the Party. The chief reason that the Republican party planks are a pale shade of pink is that too many so-called "Conservatives" have made excuses for not getting involved. Politics abhors a vacuum, and if these so-called "Conservatives" also claim Christianity as their system of spiritual belief, I would ask: "Where in hell have you been for the last 50 years?" If politics abhors a vacuum, then believe that a spiritual vacuum so much the more will be, and has been, immediately filled by God's enemies…it is a spiritual revival we need first, not a political revival. Remember that the pinnacle of the "Reformation" is what brought the American nation into existence, not a desire for political and economic freedom. Those were the result, not the reason.

    • Grant Siler says:

      ",,,it is a spiritual revival we need first, not a political revival. Remember that the pinnacle of the "Reformation" is what brought the American nation into existence, not a desire for political and economic freedom. Those were the result, not the reason." Timothy, I truly believe this is the only key that will unlock the door to the reformation that is needed today. Thank you for your honesty and insight.

    • Gary Harding says:

      I'm not going to comment on Lincoln, but you hit the nail on the head about the Republicans and their brain's being in a vacuum. The only time they are "sincerely" conservative seems to be at election time, and after that,
      it's "business as usual". This next November, we have the opportunity to CLEAN HOUSE! LET'S DO IT!!
      Gary Harding

  69. TRH says:

    Here is an article about Republicans and how they hate the truth:

  70. Ken says:

    I kinda sorta agree. Here is the thing. We only have one party rule these days. One arm is professional Republican politicians. The second is professional Democrat politicians. The objective of these professional politicians is to keep the ruling class ruling (themselves) regardless of which branch. Until the civilians knock the ruling class out of Washington then the Progressive Statists will continue to destroy the country. Parasites always destroy the host before dying off themselves.

  71. One Citizen says:

    BUT the GOOD NEWS is that maybe a lot of Americans are waking up. The fantastic growth of the Tea Party Movement has brought back our FOUNDING PRINCIPLES to the forefront. If more Americans joined their local Tea Party, learned about the creation of America, God's hand in this creation, and developed some BACKBONE to their convictions; our Country will slowly return to it's leadership position among all nations. The founding of America had room for all people, as stated in the Declaration. It's taken many years to remove all the "evils" like slavery and to equalize the rights of women. BUT our founding principles remain the same. Let's all PRAY that God guides our nation back to it's original principles of equal justice, individual freedom, and limited government.

    • Ray says:

      I'd like to think it can still be done that way but I think we are closer to our saviors return and the perfect government man can never achieve. Haven't we proven that already? If so we are in for great turmoil ahead before the promised paradise when things will be all good and fair and just. I can't pinpoint the timing with any precion but things I see happening today all around the world tend to make me believe the time is quite close.

  72. William Nicholson says:

    You're right on with this article but we could have the Military, school systems, social security IF we would not permit those in all our public offices (local, state & federal) to stay in office for life & when they do something wrong bring back the hangings, & public square punishment. Do not fund any university with public money, shut down all schools that turn out lawyers until we get back to a sensible number & don,t let more than 10% in public office at any one time. Get the Sheriff from Phoenix to take over all jail/prison system in the US & don't give any prisoner more than 3 appeals over maximum of a one year period. Get rid of the enviro nuts & permit prayer where ever the majority want it. I'm 82 years old & still think a whipping by a parent never hurt anyone. The 5% of do gooders in this country should not tell us how, or what to do with our private land.

    • Ken says:

      Right on, right on, right on!

    • Charlie says:

      82 years well spent, apparently. I would disagree with "permit" prayer wherever the majority wants it. That's democracy, not a democratic republic. The Constitution "guarantees" free speech as an individual right, and I'd say that it derives directly from the "self-evident truths" that "all men are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, and that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." These are unalienable rights not because they can't be taken away by bad governments (look at all those that have thus far been taken away in this great country, yet still the free-est country in history, save Israel when she had no king but God), but because they are innate desires within us, God-given (endowed) desires. He created us, and He created us to be free. Satan and his minions (e.g., leftists, statists) desire to rule and control, to have power over men. God designed us with a free will, for it was His desire that we love Him with a pure heart, even if it meant that many would turn away from Him.

      (to be continued …)

    • Charlie says:

      WRT "permitting" prayer, my guess is that you were thinking of cases like in schools or in local and national governments, if the majority of people who are "customers" of that "organization" (e.g., the parents of the schoolchildren, or the electorate in a given area), if the majority want to have prayer at some public event (or even a specific type of prayer, such as Christian prayer in a predominantly Christian area, Jewish prayer in a predominantly Jewish area, etc.), then such choices should be made on a majority basis. That's not perfect, but it's certainly better than having Madeline Murray O'Hare's desires thrust upon the rest of the nation's population. And better than having Supreme Court Justices ignoring both the Constitution's "guarantee" that Congess (and, of course, since they're not supposed to "legislate from the bench," the Judiciary) shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion, and their oath of office to uphold the Constitution.

      (To be continued …)

    • Charlie says:

      As was said in the book, "Animal Farm," "All animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others." If we don't fight to get our Constitution back and, I might add, our Christian heritage, America will cease to be America. We have a government RIGHT NOW, that strives to squelch freedom of religion, greatly limit (if not eliminate) freedom of speech, pack the media (though indoctrination via the universities and public schools) with liberals, greatly limit (if not eliminate) the right to keep and bear arms (including requiring registration of arms, so that an oppressive government (such as Obama/Holder and friends) can seize them easily), dictate who has the "inalienable" right to life, … I could probably think of others if it wasn't so far past my bedtime. Gotta go to bed.

      I'm 61, so I'll be catching up to you soon, Lord willing. ;-)

  73. aSeattleConservative says:

    Regarding #2: You write: "It [the public school system] was designed as an anti-conservative institution and operates openly as an anti-conservative institution."

    You might try reading some of your bosses articles Joel; for instance this one:

    "A study of the historical record reveals that religion played a major role in the development of the public school curriculum. “Textbooks referred to God without embarrassment, and public schools considered one of their major tasks to be the development of character through the teaching of religion. For example, the New England Primer opened with religious admonitions followed by the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostles’ Creed, the Ten Commandments, and the names of the books of the Bible.”[7]

    It' was when we turned our back on evil that evil took over the public education system. What institution is next Joel?

    • Joel McDurmon says:

      Firstly, please note, it’s “boss’s,” not “bosses.” And Gary is an employer, but not much of a “boss”–more like a teddy bear with muscles.

      To your point, the “public” schools Gary describes are not the same institutions that Unitarians and Socialists designed in the nineteenth century. The New England primer was created in the seventeenth century—hardly a creation of Mann, Dewey, et al. The early schools may have been open to the public, but the latter institutions were designed by socialists as “public” as in “public funded” and goverment-run. These are what we normally refer to as “public schools” when we use the term today. I don’t know why Gary used that term above. These latter schools, too, featured quite a bit of religion early on, but they had to in order to get their nose in the tent. It was a trojan horse effort from day one. For some reason Christians today not only accept it, but defend it fiercely

      Read Rushdoony’s Messianic Character of American Education and see just how concerted an effort it really was.

      • aSeattleConservative says:

        Thank you for the lesson in spelling Joel; I should remember to use spellcheck when writing amongst Christian libertarian elitists.

        Regarding Gary not being your "boss": for some odd reason I always thought that a President kinda sorta outranked the Director of Research.

        "The textbook series most widely used in public schools from 1836 to 1920 was William Holmes McGuffey’s Eclectic Readers. More than 120 million Readers were sold during this period. The Readers stressed religion and its relationship to morality and the proper use of knowledge. In an introduction for a reissue of the Fifth Reader, historian Henry Steele Commager writes:
        What was the nature of the morality that permeated the Readers? It was deeply religious, and . . . religion then meant a Protestant Christianity. . . . The world of the McGuffeys was a world where no one questioned the truths of the Bible or their relevance to everyday contact. . . . The Readers, therefore, are filled with stories from the Bible, and tributes to its truth and beauty.[8]

        Hardly the design of socialists Joel.

    • Joel McDurmon says:

      The drug dealer says, "First one's free kid." Trojan horse. The Christians lined up, single file, 120 million long.

      McGuffey was a good man. He got played. So did 120 million Christians who read him in public schools.

      Read Rushdoony.

      • aSeattleConservative says:

        I've read numerous quotes by R.J. and use this quote frequently: "All law is based upon morality, and morality is itself based upon religion. Therefore, when the religion of a people is weakened, so also is its morality undermined. The result is a progressive collapse of law and order, and the breakdown of society.

        Men, though, see law as a limitation on their liberty, and Christianity is held to be the most restrictive with its emphasis upon Biblical law as the foundation for morality and liberty. Humanistic man wants total liberty, but he does not realize that total liberty leads only to total anarchy, and that leads to the death of law and liberty. Unless every man’s liberty is limited by law, no liberty is possible for any one.

        (Anyone that parts ways with Gary North is ok in my book).

        Your thoughts on the guys that gave us a document that was "made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other", and their beliefs about the public school system?

    • DWW says:

      The continental congress published the first bible for use in the public schools. it has only been the past 50 years that it has been removed. and look at the damage that has been done because of it. David Barton on his site has all the information in that regard. great site for our true history by the founding fathers. not the lies being taught to the children today.

  74. mee says:

    Good article, just 5 quick points, hits the republicans exactly where they need to be hit. Standing armies, including the police force should be eliminated in order to secure our liberties and all form of taxation should be eliminated. He who taxes a thing, owns a thing. Only imports should be taxed and that on the senders side. Schools as we know them were invisioned by Plato as part of platonic communism and have only served to dumb down hundreds of millions of people who then vote for Obama. Doubt it? Look it up, school kids chanting for Obama. Chairman Mao couldn't be prouder.

  75. Tim Hawes says:

    @SShuptar: I cannot speak for AV, but I have been a consumer of the books they promote for over twenty years.

    "For example, would AV abolish property taxes?" YES

    "If not a large military, what would our national defense look like?" short answer, every able man makes up a militia. Military is used strictly for defense, and the federal government cannot summon it to its own purposes.
    Get a copy of this book, if you can:
    and learn the real reason why the Nazis never invaded Switzerland (hint: it was not because of the mountains). Pay close attention to James Jordan's essay on the Old Testament militia.

    "Maybe I've missed them; if so, please re-direct me to your solutions." Have to keep in mind that these things are NOT solutions. The problem with politics is not political. It is theological, it is moral. There is only one solution to these manifold problems, and that is the life-changing work of the Holy Spirit. These "solutions" you mention are not "solutions" but what it looks like after the only solution is applied. "We do not get the kingdom because we obey the law, we obey the law because we have been given the kingdom" — James Jordan in his Studies in Exodus.

    • 4gsltw says:

      Sounds great in theory, but no national militia in these times would be suicide. Russia, China, or even tine N.Korea or Iran would destroy the U.S. without the huge military budget, standing army, and sophisticated war machines, centralized command and coordination, and technology.

      • Richard says:

        Our enemies target city's with a population of 50,000 and larger. Yet we heard Clinton say we would absorb the first strike. Not much of our country would be left. Other politicians have made the same comment. I find that troubling.

  76. NickKane says:

    How about a list of five things Christians hate to hear. Such as Matthew 6:19 or Mark 6:27-32 or Romans 12:19 or Titus 3:2 or 1 John 2:15-17. If Christians really applied what they believed, we could elminate our welfare system, public school system and many other issues. However, we don't apply what the Scripture teach because Heavenly treasure is not an earthly reality. If it were, our Churches would not sit around collecting debt five to six days out of the week as they sit empty. Seems to me, these buildings with Sunday school rooms would serve as great schools. As a matter of fact, wasn't scholastic education the original purpose of Sunday school? I guess it's just easier to point the finger at the government.

    • Charlie says:

      See school choice comment I made a few minutes ago. Use of Sunday school rooms as classrooms would be a great idea. If 20% of the children attended that school(s) in a given area, it would receive 20% of the tax money taken in for schools. In the free-market system, success breeds success, the losers (e.g., the current system, if it can even be called an "educational" system) go out of business. It isn't great for poor performers, but it is great for society as a whole (the good of the people). Church-run schools would make use of the building at least six days per [normal] week. That's pretty good. Homeschools would make use of the building at seven days per [normal] week.

      Heavenly treasure is an earthly reality. What a treasure it is to be a friend of God.

    • HolzHacker says:

      How about a list of five things Libertarians hate to hear, like Ralph Nader, Harry Browne, et al?

      And their sitting around waiting for a presidential win to come to them, instead of getting out and working for it, as the other 2 parties do?

      Don’t get me wrong, I HATE Pelosi, Reid, Hoyer and the other lying progressive liberals, but let’s face it… they DO work for their positions and the right to steal the taxpayers’ hard-earned money.

    • Michael Laborde says:

      Well now Nick, then why don't you just go find you a church somewhere and start doing just what you accuse christians of not doing. Who is the accuser of the Bretheren? Look it up and you will find out.

  77. David says:

    It is simply sheer Insanity that the Conservatives DON'T get this in spite of all of the facts.

    Let's look at the scorecard folks.

    Jerry Falwell (leader in the Moral Majority) in 1989 in regards to the religious right: " "… our mission is accomplished… I feel that I have performed the task to which I was called in 1979. The religious right is solidly in place…"

    Paul Weyrich (founder of Moral Majority) in 1999: ""Cultural Marxism is succeeding in its war against our culture…I believe that we probably have lost the culture war…even when we win in politics, our victories fail to translate into the kind of policies we believe are important… I know that what we have been doing for thirty years hasn't worked, that while we have been fighting and winning in politics, our culture has decayed into something approaching barbarism."

    Did Paul and Jerry compare notes?

    Dr. James Dobson in 2009: "Humanly speaking, we can say that we have lost…[our nation is] absolutely awash in evil…what you can do is pray, pray for this great nation… As I see it, there’s no other answer, short term."

    I wonder if Dr. Dobson has connected the dots from the research from the 20 yrs of research from the Nehemiah Institute with over 60,000 children who come from Christian families but go to public schools.

    Hey folks we need to all sign a new Declaration of Independence…from public schools: "The single most important step we can take – the single most dramatic action – is also the most important to your family, to your children. Get them out of the government indoctrination centers. Take responsibility for educating your kids; don't leave it to the state. … This is our Lexington and Concord. This is our Declaration of Independence. Get your kids out of the clutches of these monsters. Do it now. Do it for them. Do it for your country." – Joseph Farah (WND)

    Peace out.


    PS- One last thing for all you wrong thinking "salt and light rationalizers" and "good-willed reformers"- It is not going to happen. Listen to the words of two different people that have been in the trenches for along time.

    "… the lion's share of converting and witnessing is accomplished through the public education curriculum, peer pressure from other children – most of whom are non-Christian – and educators who implant (either subtly or obviously and conscientiously or unconscientiously) their humanistic, neo-pagan or New Age doctrines within the minds and hearts of Christian children." – E. Ray Moore (Frontline Ministries)

    "Public schooling is non-sectarian by law, that is non-Christian, non-Muslim, non-Jewish, and so on. Complaining that the public schools are not Christian is like saying that Christian schools are not Muslim. Of course public schools are not Christian; they are not intended to be. Christians are wasting their time, money and children trying to reform public schools." – Bradley Heath (Author of Millstones and Stumbling Blocks)

    • aSeattleConservative says:

      Regarding your WorldNetDaily article (a great website by the way): Just think of the things we could do if we TOOK BACK the once adamantly pro-Christian public education system. He who controls (education, the media, the church) controls the world.

      • David says:

        Thanks for the compliments.

        I would say that from a Biblical perspective that the Christian should spend their time, talent and treasure NOT taking back the godless gov't schools but spending that energy training up the next generation for God's glory (via preferably homeschooling or private schools teaching a Christian worldview). The loacl church needs to get directly involved in this process IF it wants to take its evangelism seriously. Jesus, of course, knew what He was talking about when it came to evangelizing the world. He said in Matthew 28 to "Go make disciples…teaching them all that I have commanded you." That will never ever happen in today's public schools.

        Again: "Public schooling is non-sectarian by law, that is non-Christian, non-Muslim, non-Jewish, and so on. Complaining that the public schools are not Christian is like saying that Christian schools are not Muslim. Of course public schools are not Christian; they are not intended to be. Christians are wasting their time, money and children trying to reform public schools." – Bradley Heath (Author of Millstones and Stumbling Blocks)

        Honestly, what the Church needs to do is starve the public schools by not sending them our children along with their allocated tax dollars.


    • Charlie says:

      What is needed is school choice (which includes homeschooling as one of the choices) … nothing has been found to work better than the free market. When we take the direction of schooling out of the hands of parents and put it into the hands of … anyone else, but especially liberal elites, as we have done, what other outcome is possible? The vast majority of people don't even recognize the problem, for obvious reasons … they've been "through the system," their world view has been molded by the system. At the same time, it’s obvious that the system has failed to educate our children in the skills that they need to succeed, and with regards to educational attainment our country is at or near the bottom of the list of the industrialized nations. Yet we spend more on public education than anyone else. School choice would “quickly” put an end to the existing system, because most parents will send their children to the best schools available to them (public, private, or home).

      • David says:

        Charlie, appreciate the feedback but have a quick question. In regards to the Christian family what leftist indoctrinating public school with its godless curriculum is better for them? The one they have to go to or the one they choose to go to? Sorry Charlie, but from a Biblical point of view (which should be the Christians only point of view on important topics such as education) a public education today should not be on their list of choices.


  78. SShuptar says:

    Mr. McDurmon: Thank you, Joel for these comments. Today's leftists have been so blatantly opposed to God and His Word that the default position for many Christians has been to vote Republican. Consequently, many believers mistakenly believe God must be a Republican! Yet the overriding theme of both parties is the desire to rule over men – not serve them as ministers of justice that Paul talks of in Romans 13.

    However, while American Vision is quite skillful in articulating the mistakes and missteps of our politicians and the governing process, I wonder if it might be possible (and worthwhile) for American Vision to also articulate corrective measures from your Biblically-informed perspective. For example, would AV abolish property taxes? If not a large military, what would our national defense look like? I'm sure there are practical applications, but for some reason, it seems I read more critiques of unrighteousness as opposed to instructions in righteousness. Maybe I've missed them; if so, please re-direct me to your solutions. If we agree that the plans of men will fail, why not find ways to pursue the plans of God?

    • Joel McDurmon says:

      Thanks for these concerns. I agree. I have a project planned that will indeed provide practical solutions. Hopefully within the next year.

    • 4gsltw says:

      Excellent comment and question. I'd love to see the response.

  79. Jeramiah says:

    I love this post. Absolutely love it. Yes, Republicans are socialists too.

    I often stop at the Republican table at fairs and conventions asking the infamous question "What type of government do you think we have?" And only once did I hear "republic". Every other time I've heard "democracy".

    Republican's are just as brainwashed as the Democrats they're trying to fight. The sad thing is they're both on the same side and don't even know it.

    • Will says:

      Jeramiah, you are spot on with that assessment, especially that last line.

    • Tom says:

      While I agree with you to a point, there are some major differences
      between the parties which will become increasingly evident as the
      Republican party is remade by conservatives.

    • Brownhawk says:

      You must be a Redical Progresive Democrat . What is prograsive Socialist , Marxisum . What do you know about The Power to be The Mulato Negro America's worse enemy . A pur and simple Socialist . Have you ver been in a socialist Nation. My answer to you Hack no !

    • Michael Laborde says:

      Only if your palms of your hand are open upward and extended, besides, not all republicans are socialists,,, just remember RINOS are. those who want everything for themselves are socialists. Many are forced to do things they don't want to do,.

      • Reid says:

        There's no such thing as a RINO. "Republican" does not have a concrete definition. You can be a Christian In Name Only because Scripture provides the standard. Republican, as used here, simply means "member of, or aligned with, the Republican Party". Republican can only be explained by either taking the planks of the Republican Party Platform, or polling the masses and seeing what a majority of Republicans believe. And I trust you don't actually believe that the majority of Republicans are against public schools, Medi-Care, etc. As for the official party platform, a quick tour around and such like make me need to vomit.


    • AL DUHAN says:

      The big difference that I see is the republicans love and respect the elderly. While Obama, Lets take away their medicare and give it to the illegals. The elderly won't vote for me. Obama stole $500billion from the seniors and gave it to his voting illegals. Lately he stated that we don't need a birth certificate. What is that telling us. Kenyan, erratical Muslim

  80. History Student says:

    Interesting , but somewhat sophomoric . Reagan presided over a Democrat Congress for both of his terms . He spoke out against their spending on numerous occasions , including trying to repeal Carter's insidious Dept. of " Education " .

    • Tim Hawes says:

      Bravo Joel!

      @History Student: Reagan was a big spender himself. How much money into the B-1, and then B-2 bomber projects? Oh , and there were the MX missle project and then the Star Wars project. Certainly no more sophomoric than the five truths that liberals hate.

      Reagan was more conservative than the neo-cons we have today, but unfortunately still statist…

      • John Tindle says:

        I agree with Joel also, the "Republicans" are not a whole lot better than the Democrats (if at all), however, I must say that spending for national defense is one of the few types of spending specifically allowed by the Constitution. Outside of national spending, probably 98% of spending is unconstitutional and you are right both parties spend. Former President Bush (W.) is to blame for much of the spending done during his administration, and we should in know way justify that, however, the current administration's spending tramples Bush's spending. Parties are not the answer- the answer is true conservatism (Constitutionalism). Take care.

      • Mike Laborde says:

        Yes he did, but necessary and a penny paltry compared with this administration

      • vivianclare says:

        I don't see how you can blame Reagan for being a statist. Politicians have to operate within the limits they are given. There is entirely too much finger pointing without enough information behind it. We have our outstanding public educational system to thank for the amazing ignorance of the American populace.
        I cringe every time I hear Clinton being praised for the so-called good economy of the 90s. During the 90s jobs were draining away from the US and going overseas, and the only reason we were not in trouble is that Clinton was prevented from doing any more serious damage by a Republican-controlled Congress. Likewise, anyone blaming Reagan for spending too much simply isn't looking at what he had to work with–a country and Congress in love with Keynesian economics. And now, to have listened for the past 3 years to people blaming the GOP for housing situation while completely disregarding the consistent and damaging meddling of Democrats for 30 years in the banking industry, I am sick of Republicans taking the heat for what Democrats have largely done. Take a look at the US cities whose economic condition is in the worst shape, ie the most bankrupt, and you will see that Democrats have been in control there solidly for the past 50-100+ years. Doesn't sound like accountability to me.

        Now, believe me, I have my own anger with the Republican party, but my political philosophy is not the same as the party for which I vote, but the reason the GOP is a disaster is that conservatives largely don't want to be involved in political action. Either political party is only as strong or effective as the people who comprise it. Americans, especially the non-dependent Americans have largely opted out of direct party structure, leaving the fields to career politicians.

    • Joel McDurmon says:

      Sophomoric? Ever heard of the veto? How often did Reagan use it to squash that democractic congress? So who's to blame?

    • David R Aikens says:

      what i have read, is the craziest way of thinking. as for some of these so called republicans, the term is rino, Republican In Name Only. they have always been spineless. as for the 16th amendment it was and still is unconstitutional when put against the articles of the constitution. me i am independent, i will not follow either party. the democrates are the communist, nazi, muslim party of the united states. they are the biggest crime syndicate this country has ever known. the people in power, obama reed and pelosis are the biggest crooks at this time. the back ground of reed obama and pelosis should be checked. obama and reed started out poor and now are rich, i believe this should be looked into especially since they started poor. politics should have not made them rich. there is a foul smell about all three of them.

      • Eugene P Guerra says:

        WOW!!!! The sixteenth Amendment is Unconstitutional even though it is part of the the constitution! Such twisted logic should make you head spin off you neck.

        Using your logic, Lincoln was a RINO.

    • Gary says:

      The Democrat Party was originally called 'Democratic Republicans' and the "Republican" party was born in 1854 out of the Abolitionist Movement, a very liberal concept in its day. In the beginning the planks and platforms of the two parties were very similar, differing primarily in their stance on abolition. Since the end of the Civil War the differences between Republicans and Democrats has been window dressing and illusion.
      In today's world, the Republicans have moved far to the left, occupying the spot traditionally held by the Democrats and the Democrat Party has been hijacked by the Communists, moving it nearly to the end of the scale on totalitarianism. It's time to get rid of both of them.

    • Dave says:

      While Reagan definitely had his moments in the sun, he also granted amnesty to illegal aliens.

    • Bill Junior 4 GOD says:

      Medicare is NOT obama-care! Let's see now……Medicare allows medical help for the elderly & those with disabilities, and obama-care wants to send them & the elderly to "death prep-school"….."You're too old to be of any good to this country….Kill Them"!, is what obama-care says! Property taxes, I agree with you, public school's, I also agree with you. We still NEED to reinstate PRAYER IN SCHOOLS!…..Even Statistically, obama is the worst president that this nation has had to suffer under!

    • Sreve says:

      Democratic Congress but for 6 years he had a Republican Senate. The man cut taxes 4x in his 8 years yet had 13 tax hikes in that same time-frame because he had zero clue about an economy or how to keep deficits tame. Show me any vetoes on spending Reagan had and I will show you where Clinton vetoed more.

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