Ron Paul’s Free Home-School Curriculum

Gary North outlines it here. It’s the best curriculum. It’s free. It’s web-based with video and original source documents. There’s only problem…

It doesn’t exist yet. But you can help:

Gary North knows Ron Paul. He worked for him in the 70s and has kept in touch. He is now urging Paul to create this curriculum. Paul could get it done, easily. He has the resources. His name would sell it, widely. It may even make many new home-schooler converts. It would have by far the greatest impact for liberty and reclaiming America of anything Paul has done so far or could do, and for generations to come.

How can you help get this free curriculum into existence? Write Ron Paul. A couple thousand or so emails on this subject may finally persuade him of the need, or at least the market for it.

Write him here. Please take the few minutes to do so. On the form, select subject “Education.”

God bless.

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