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Published on April 30th, 2010 | by Dr. Joel McDurmon


TEA-Party Hypocrisy: How Much Socialism Is Acceptable?

I am quite in harmony with the main thrust of the TEA-Party movements. T-E-A, “Taxed Enough Already,” is a great rallying cry. “Taxed Too Much Already” would be better, but doesn’t square the convenient acronym. I fully support the TEA-parties’ stated aims to reduce taxes and limit government mainly because I, on principle, oppose socialism as Godless, anti-Christian, and destructive of society.  But for these same reasons I have little faith in the success of the TEA-party as a movement. Why?

Because I, on principle, oppose socialism, and most of the TEA-parties are composed of people who neither vote on principle nor oppose socialism. Yes, you read that right.

First, most TEA-party activists don’t vote on principle. They don’t hate socialism and government theft and abuse as a rule. If they did they would have been just as exercised about socialism, big government, fascism, dubious legislative tactics, deficits and the national debt during George W. Bush’s term in office. But they were silent. The greatest increases in national debt since WWII came during the presidencies of Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II. Here’s the best chart I’ve seen illustrating national debt growth. During these decades TEA-parties were non-existent. Silence. They don’t oppose Socialism on principle, they oppose the other guys’ socialism. That is, they oppose socialism for causes they don’t agree with at the moment. They don’t vote on principle, they vote pragmatically to get a government that benefits them in ways they want.

The first point simply grows out of the second: TEA-partiers don’t really oppose socialism. They are socialists. They believe in using government theft to fund causes they personally benefit from. They denounce—via chant and mantra—Obamacare as a government takeover of health care. The TEA-parties rage when Obama proclaims something so bold as “Our government is finally bringing prescription drug coverage to the seniors of America.” But, ironically, those are not Obama’s but Bush’s exact words after signing a $550 billion Medicare bill into law in 2003. TEA-parties fume when Obama wants to overhaul health care. But Bush could pass “the largest overhaul of Medicare in the public health program’s 38-year history,” and there’s not a word. At the time, only nine Senate Republicans opposed the measure due to its exorbitant cost. Where was fiscal conservatism? Where was the huge public outcry then? Where was the organized protest of big government, government takeover, and huge debts then? And this is just one issue.

Where is the organized TEA-party opposition to Social Security? To Medicare in general? These will be the greatest drag on our economic future. The government refuses even to calculate these debt IOUs on the official budget. No, these Socialistic programs are called “off budget” expenses. That $14 trillion national debt you hear about is the minority of the real debt. Including the off budget numbers, the unfunded obligations total $62 Trillion. No TEA parties over this. The oldsters Republicans would use Medicare Part D to buy the medicine needed to stay on their feet all day. And exactly what would they be protesting?

This is not even to touch the issue of debts and invasion of privacy and property incurred through war and militarism—i.e. the TEA party love-affair with the police State. James Bovard has mentioned these in relation to the TEA parties (though I don’t agree with everything he says). He was pilloried with comments calling him racist, traitor, liberal, Nazi, socialist merely because he criticized the inconsistency of shouting down “big government” while uncritically cheering on every wing of nationalistic militarism. Some response to Bovard should be expected, perhaps even needed, but calling a consistent libertarian a communist, Nazi, and a socialist shows the level of ignorance, thoughtlessness, and confusion that resides among the seas of TEA. Not even a week ago the same author had written a scathing criticism called, “Bill Clinton’s Lethal Hypocrisy on Government Violence.” Hardly a biased fan of the left.

And then there is the worst institution of socialism TEA partiers embrace: government schools. Public school systems are built on forced taxation, confiscation of property, general compulsory attendance, and socialist and humanist indoctrination… and the Taxed Enough Already crowd can’t get Enough of that. Please, prove me wrong. This is the main reason I have no faith in the success of the TEA party movement. Until they pull their kids from government schools and organize nationally and locally to end the tyranny of governments over education and property they will be nothing but socialist hypocrites. At the very least they should support tax exemptions or refunds for those who are forced to pay but refuse to use the government school systems.

But this is unlikely for two reasons: the TEA partiers in general use public schools and benefit from them (not in the sense of getting a quality education, but in the sense of being relieved from the burden of raising and teaching their own children). To pull their kids out would mean either paying private school tuition or one parent staying home from work to teach the kids. Other sacrifices may come into play as well, but these are the basics.

In today’s two-income families, for one parent to stay home and teach/tutor would mean a loss in standard of living. Cheaper car, smaller home, no espresso machine, etc. This is simply unacceptable. So, some amount of socialism is acceptable. This amounts to arguing that some socialism is OK as long as it allows me to afford more, which of course is the argument of all socialism. On this score, TEA partiers, like most Americans, thieve from their neighbors and sell their kids down the river for a bigger home with a bigger flat-screen, and NFL Sunday ticket. That it’s based on socialistic theft and makes your children wards of the State for half of every day is, apparently, an acceptable price to pay.

But we gotta stop Obama’s socialism! Fascist! Nazi! Commie! Tyranny!

No, Mr. Social Security, Mrs. Medicare, and Mr. Public Schooler: YOU are the socialist, the Nazi, the Commie, the tyrant. Mr. TEA Party: YOU are the socialist. Prove me wrong. When you organize to protest the major welfare schemes, I may begin to change my mind. When you pull your kids from public schools and organize to end property taxes and to privatize education, I will have a change of heart. Until then, you’re a socialist; and as a socialist protesting other people’s socialism, you’re a hypocrite.

Until this time, TEA-party hypocrisy can only at least perform a holding action. It cannot and will not transform society or “get back to the Constitution.” It may put Republicans back in legislative seats, but this will mean at best only a little less socialism for some time. It’s a holding action. And once Republicans regain control of Washington, will the TEA-partiers trot out by thousands in order to protest the inevitable Republican socialist advances, debts, etc.? I can assure you it won’t happen on the same scale as today, and mainly because the Becks, Hannitys, and Limbaughs won’t dare make an issue out of debts and socialist advances occurring under their guy’s watch. A few TEA partiers may remain, but we will see the true soft-underbelly of the movement—its own socialism. Again, please prove me wrong.

I could be wrong here, and I hope I am. It could be that those people who slept while Reagan, Bush and Bush ran up deficits and imposed schemes have genuinely awakened, recognized their error, and will fight tooth and nail continuously in the near future when “conservatives” climb back into the pilot’s seat. Maybe these TEA partiers will hold them accountable, too. But then what will they do? Say, “We’ll boot you spendthrift Republicans from office next term”? Yeah? And replace them with…? Exactly. I just don’t see the emergence of genuine fiscal conservatives within any party, nor a viable third party. And this is because these people have not yet become genuine fiscal conservatives themselves. So when I see the appropriate organization against government monopoly of old age and education, then I will take the movement seriously. Until then, the best they can accomplish is to move us back up, slightly, the same slippery slope we’ve already gone down.

If there is a legitimate hope within the TEA parties, it will come from the contingent of young people who have followed Ron Paul’s message on money. He has taught them genuine fiscal conservatism, and he has taught them the source of government fiscal sin: the Fed. This group of energetic, bright, and motivated young people are not easily fooled by socialistic schemes because they start at the right point: the government’s resource to create money and thereby increase its budget without limit, and thereby buy votes with promises of social programs. The anti-Fed youth are disgusted with socialism but they are first disgusted with the theft inherent in monetary policy. And anyone disgusted with theft will be disgusted with socialism. And they understand that the future of Social Security is highly dubious, so they don’t see themselves as beneficiaries of that system. These things being so, they have learned both in principle and in practice to detest and reject socialism. Would that all Christians and all TEA-partiers had such knowledge and personal integrity.

Christians should fully support smaller government, decentralized government, lower taxes (toward no taxes), free markets, individual liberty, individual responsibility, and sound money. These are all biblical social values. God’s Word tells us that big government results from wickedness in society (Prov. 28:2), centralized government is de facto a national rejection of God which results in high taxes, confiscation of property, and compulsory national services (1 Sam 8).

Don’t get me wrong, I fully support some of the stated goals that resound throughout TEA-party rallies across the country: cutting government, cutting taxes. I even have the license plate to prove my loyalty. I love the spirit of the Gadsden Flag (though I personally prefer the Culpeper Flag’s additional motto, “Liberty or Death”). But I just don’t think most of the TEA partiers are really serious. Not yet. And getting serious will require tremendous personal integrity, work, and sacrifice—more sacrifice than status quo levels of socialism require of these people. So, I expect socialism to continue and the TEA parties to dwindle over time. It will take tremendous revival to prove me wrong.

Please, prove me wrong.

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About the Author

Dr. Joel McDurmon

Joel McDurmon, Ph.D. in Theology from Pretoria University, is the Director of Research for American Vision. He has authored seven books and also serves as a lecturer and regular contributor to the American Vision website. He joined American Vision's staff in the June of 2008. Joel and his wife and four sons live in Dallas, Georgia.

199 Responses to TEA-Party Hypocrisy: How Much Socialism Is Acceptable?

  1. Jason says:

    Joel, with all due respect, I think you paint TEA-partyers with too broad of a brush. I actually know many people who are involved in TEA parties who HAVE pulled their kids out of public schools, and who DO oppose big government, especially Medicare and Social Security. Have you visited a TEA-party rally lately? Have you talked to a TEA-partyer recently?

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  3. Iconoclast says:

    The TEA Party was nothing, but a fad. Look at how they are losing hope because their hypocritical war mongering candidates have been falling out of the 2012 presidential election.

    Groups similar to the TEA Party have risen and fallen away after short periods of time. Why? Because they got what they wanted. When they achieved their actual goal the people just scatter like flies.

    The Campaign for Liberty is something worth looking into.

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  6. Frustrated Reader says:

    Socialism entails a controlled economy; stuff like welfare, medical care, schooling, etc. can all co-occur with capitalism. With all due respect, Rev. McDurmon, it doesn’t appear that you have any idea what you’re talking about. You wrote this long essay and yet you obviously don’t know what socialism is. Pity, too, because I was eager to hear your viewpoints on why its Godless, but instead there’s this ill-defined tirade.

  7. makemenfree says:

    Program update: no need to worry about the cost of Medicare Part D. The beauty of politicians offering to pay for drug coverage in exchange for votes is that the bureaucrats control the supply of drugs. According to Forbes magazine and other sources there ARE no more blockbuster drugs in the pipeline. Everywhere is trumpeted the fact that major drugs are coming off patent shortly and that drugs will get significantly cheaper. Big Pharma has finally been conquered.

    That’s great, except that I’m worried about the fact that no new drugs are in the pipeline. Why would that be? Seems to me that the bureaucrats have finally killed off innovation. Just read yesterday that the FDA voted to NOT approve a medical device – not because it wasn’t safe – but because it wasn’t “effective.” The bureaucrats will decide FOR US what drugs and medical devices we can buy.

    So stop worrying about the cost. There are no more expensive drugs, and no more will become available. We have sacrificed our future health so that politicians can give away drugs. What a great trade – for politicians.

  8. Jim C. says:

    Debbie McKee: You say no one knows about the “big picture”, “true history”, or who is “really controlling both parties”. Who do you think is doing the “controlling”, and just what is the “big picture” and “true history”. I’ve been following politics since my teen years (more than 50 years ago) and first voted in 1964, for Barry Goldwater. To me, Goldwater and Johnson couldn’t have been farther apart in their values and beliefs. I’ve always seen a vast, fundamental difference between the Democrats and the GOP, even though there is a spectrum of differences within each party (wider among Republicans than Democrats, in my opinion). Can you name any Democrats (I mean office holders, not private individuals) who support and agree with the Tea Party, and have from the beginning? I know of none, though there were many Republicans who did (though not all). My observation tells me that all Democrats despise the Tea Party, and speak scornfully and hatefully about it. That, in my opinion, is because the Democratic Party is of a leftist mentality, and, at heart, rejects the core ideas of the U.S. Constitution, whatever they may say. I don’t think that’s true of any Republicans.

    As I see it, Bush and Obama are fundamentally different in their basic ideas and values. Bush did some things that may have veered away from strict adherence to the Constitution, but it wasn’t because he basically rejected it – he thought that what he did was necessary under the circumstances to protect the American people, and perhaps he accepted the faulty advice of some Constitutional “experts” whom he trusted. In contrast, Obama has explicitly stated that the Constitution is flawed and needs to be changed in principle, and it’s his intent to deliberately bring about such change. He rejects its basic tenets, as does the left in general, including virtually all Democrats. I think it’s clear that Obama’s massive spending (far exceeding Bush’s) is an intentional effort to vastly grow the Federal government and subject the American people to its near absolute control, contrary to the Constitution. Bush (and the Republicans) had (and have) no such intentions.

  9. David Thomas says:

    The misnomer, Mr McDurmon, is the term “American Vision,” as if you owned it! I’ve been receiving regular e-mails for some time now, and many with which I disagree, but I’ve tried to be tolerant. DeMar is always taking pot-shots at someone – it gets old, especially when so many times I disagree with his assertions. Why should I, as a Christian, so often disagree with someone who is “supposed” to be my brother in Christ? It makes me wonder! And to be perfectly honest, it’s very annoying!

    Now I read your pot-shot at the Tea Party. Oh yes, you’re in agreement with them on many things; they just happen to be “hypocrits.” What crap! And DeMar is constantly beating his drum about “last days teaching,” and how it’s so wrong. We’ve always had people predicting this or that, he says. How does false teaching make the Bible incorrect? The Bible, which warns us of false teachers, but also points to signs of His coming, stands on it’s own. If you, DeMar, et al, want to believe what you believe, and stick your collective heads in the sand (or elsewhere), that’s your right. But I will believe all of God’s Word (not just the parts that suit me), and I’ll do my best to interpret it properly.

    We are to watch for the signs, and to look for his coming – it’s Bible. While there are those like Camping who are deluded, many of the known teachers on the end times are sincerely trying to piece together and “interpret” scripture. They aren’t, as DeMar so arrogantly claims, False Prophets. What a despicable charge against serious minded Christians; they try to discern, and interpret scripture to see where the world might be headed. When it comes to interpreting end time scripture, many things “seem” clear, but many other things are “gray,” but we are never told, “don’t try to understand this.” In fact, in Rev. 1:3 we are given this advice,”Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.” I am “Blessed,” why aren’t you?

    I’ve had enough of dealing with your nonsense; you need to pay more attention to the log in your own eyes, instead of (improperly) judging your brethren. I’m removing my name from your e-mail list, and I would advise others to do the same!

  10. Hae Zues says:

    Listen up, brothers and sisters!

    You simply must go back to my teachings. Really, this is getting out of hand. But since I realize you are all so busy carrying out “my will”, I will summarize:

    “ One man gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty. ” – Prov. 11:24

    “Then Jesus said to his disciples, ‘I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.’” Matthew 19:23-24

    “No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.” Matthew 6:24

    “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” Matthew 16:26

    “There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your brothers and toward the poor and needy in your land.” Deuteronomy 15:11

    See, I never was a huge fan of rich people or the accumulation of money. It gets in the way of devotion to me. And this whole capitalism thing, it’s all about the rich and their money. Now I realize that the socialists don’t really appreciate my overbearing nature, what with divine authority and all but really, they’re not all that bad. Actually, they follow my commandments pretty well.

    People come on now. It’s bad enough that everybody in history seems to like making a game out of announcing my death. (Cool, everybody, I get it. I trusted an unsavory fellow and got nailed up for it. Just chill out Friedrich . . . ) But being misrepresented is just intolerable! I’ll tell you this much, if your politics represent Christianity, then what is certain is that I, myself, am not a Christian. Well, that and I’m a Jew.

    Salaam and shalom, everyone!

  11. Barton L. Bedwell says:

    My fellow Americans, I don’t know where you get your information from but you are dead wrong about the TEA Party! If they are socialist then why is it that the “true socialist” are doing their best to discredit the movement? Why would even the “Republicans” be trying their best to put a lid on the movement and keep the crowds of people that identify themselves as members to a low roar? I have seen they way that the “national media” has handled them and it is doing its best against them. Maybe because the people that I have been in contact with are just like me. Someone who has a lot of love for this country but doesn’t have a lot of money. You sir probably don’t have any problems raising the money that you need to educate your kids, give money to the “causes” that you beleive in and can readily go anywhere you want and have the “media” to espouse your beleifs without any trouble. If you would just check out everything that you need to make an informed decision then I beleive that you will change your mind. But then you would have to start by reading my email wouldn’t you? Well at least I did my part.

  12. Katy says:

    Your article has an elitist tone. We don’t need that. We get enough of that from Obama. Were many people “asleep at the switch” until BHO? Yes, some people are guilty as charged. But do not insult the intelligence of U.S. citizens by telling us we love socialism. I hate socialism. It violates the U.S. Constitution, a document I love dearly. Just because some people needed that final push (Obamacare) to wake up doesn’t mean they love socialism. In my case, all those other programs were put in place either before I was born, or when I was a child. Other people did it to me before I was even old enough to vote. I think all those federal programs are probably unconstitutional, but they have been in place for between 50 and 70 years. You can’t vote them all out in one year. There will be riots in the streets. It would be like passing an ex post facto law for people over the age of 50. Tough luck, you say? Please. You can’t be that utterly heartless. We need planned reform, not anarchy in the streets. Is that what you want? Why don’t you take a look at Paul Ryan’s suggestions? Programs can be reformed and gradually phased out, but for older U.S. citizens who paid into the system for 40 years (their money was taken — they had no choice) you cannot yank the rug out from under them. Yes, we need to rein in spending. Don’t guilt trip people who had no say in creating these programs or having to participate in them. The law mandates it. Change Congress. Change the laws. Stop all non-citizens from participating in the programs. But don’t blame the ordinary, law-abiding U.S. citizens. Not everyone is as smart as you are. I am sure you saw through all of this when you were about six years old. Take people from where they are at, educate them, lead them, and bring them along. Don’t scold the newly-awakened. They are your allies. Don’t treat newcomers to the Tea Party movement like elitist Obama treats people. I don’t want to eat his peas or your peas. What statistics do you have to say Tea Party members don’t vote on principle? Please. I have voted based on Judeo-Christian, prolife, and conservative principles for years. Have you? If not, don’t castigate other people. All the Tea Partiers I know are VERY principled people, and many have been struggling against the creeping socialism and liberalism of our culture for decades. I believe in principle before party, and I have for decades. I am not one of your stereotypes, and neither are my friends. I have been engaged and active for several decades. Have you?

  13. Al says:

    I’m sorry if you haven’t heard the cries of TEA Party members before now. They were probably drowned out by Establishment Republicans we were told we could trust. You know, the ones who claimed to walk in Reagan’s shadow. They were probably marginalized by Libertarian libertines trying to steal the platform from pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage, self responsibility, and hard working Conservative Americans in the Republican Party by advancing legal marijuana, the end to all wars, and gay marriage.

    You have not heard what you want to hear because you are not listening to the people you obviously belittle as communists, while placing all “Republicans” in the same basket. I have always fought against anything that was UnConstitutional as I took an oath to do when I served my country in the Air Force before I found out I had a serious disability after leaving. I continue to fight for the Individual to make the most of themselves which is why I reject using illicit drugs, degrading of the human soul by turning away from God in ignorance, and treating others as lesser beings. (I am as guilty of the last as anyone, but the struggle for improvement continues)

    We have a choice to free the human spirit in the best way possible, and from this point in time there are choices to be made to achieve that goal, or we can allow regulation, taxes, unemployment, the lack of opportunity, and overreaching government to destroy the spirits of the People. If you would check out the discussions at Patriot Action you might actually see just how many TEA Party members agree with you, even in your flawed choice of Presidential Candidates. But if you open your eyes and your mind you might find out that a lot of people have some responsible plans for doing the things that you agree with.

    Oh, and most of us have learned to bite our tongues about shaping the nation in any way other than through elections. To do otherwise would get us banned from speaking anywhere. Personally I have also home schooled my children until they rebelled thanks to outside forces. I believe all Schools should be private schools to remove all the problems with education in the united States that we are currently experiencing.

    You speak as though you have little respect for Ronald Reagan as well, but he was more of a leader than the circumstances of his Presidency allowed. I also hold it against him that he signed the Gun Owners Protection Act which took away the right to own new fully automatic arms from the few who wanted to own them even though we should have known that we would all need them if they were taken away. That’s what you get when you make a deal with the devil.

    As far as the Bushes. They were both elitist establishment fools and I would never vote for another one. If your problem with Reagan and the Bushes is just the deficit you conveniently left out the Clinton administration, which was in place for 8 years between the Bushes, although it was put in its place by some strong Republican leaders that held the line on over spending and impeached the liar. A deficit is not always a bad thing, but not planning to pay it off is. That is the difference between true leadership and a “let the next guy handle it” administrator. Reagan knew that his initiatives to free the public sector could offset spending to end the Cold War. Oh, you do know about the Cold War don’t you? The USSR and all that spread of communism stuff? OK, enough said, but you had your shot so I get mine.

    I suggest that before you attribute something to an entire group of Patriots in the future you at least try to learn something about them and how they think.

  14. Cindy says:

    As a Christian homeschooling mother who uses a lot of Vision Forum Curriculum, and who has also started and led 2 TEA Parties, I was very disappointed to read this. I find it funny that people will write about the TEA Party as if they are an expert on it when in truth they know very little about it. This article is no exception, however I expect this misinformation from the main stream media, not from the conservative sources that I trust. Joel, I wish you would contact me and sit down with a leader to see the real “TEA Party”. I was called by God in Feb. 2009 to start a TEA party when I didn’t even know what one was. After getting a leadership group started with other respected Christians in my community, we had our first rally. We had nearly 400 show up in a small town in Indiana. Our speakers all focused on the fact that the problems we face today are in direct relation to our disregard for our Creator and Sustainer. We continued to have meetings, always with this as our underlying foundation. Most of the people who came to our meetings were Christians, but not all. The most common question I was asked was “where are our churches and why are they so silent?” Our meetings were great opportunities to share the faith of our founding fathers to unbelievers who do not go to church and may have never learned this and heard this message if it weren’t for the TEA Parties. When I first talked to and met other leaders around our area and state, I found out that they shared the same testimony and ALL were Christians who believe in our God granted liberties for all. Some groups held full out revivals while others like ours held Christian Heritage meetings which specifically reached out to the churches and pastors in our communities. One woman even said to me after a meeting “this felt like a revival”.

    After moving out of state due to my husbands job, I started another group in my new community. Again I have met many strong Christians and wonderful patriots. In fact our last meeting with a group of leaders around the state of Michigan began with the reading of scripture! I liken the TEA Party to a church without walls, where no one tells us we can’t talk about religion and politics in the same room. We know that God is Sovereign over both.

    The amazing thing about these TEA Party people is that they have our country’s interests first and foremost, especially concerning the liberties and Constitutional protections for our future generations. To insinuate that they are greedy socialists only worried about their own dollar couldn’t be further from the truth. Although in every group you get a few fringe characters, to lump the majority of these patriots who have spent many hours and their own dollars to secure freedoms for the next generation is irresponsible.

    This may be a strong letter to my friends at Vision Forum but I really hope they connect with me and other midwestern TEA Party groups all around Michigan and Indiana that I met, and do some better research before they indulge in the spoiling of a lot of Godly labor of a lot of Godly people.

  15. Goatman says:

    Thank God for Barack Obama. I believe he has opened the eyes of many including myself that consider themselves conservative, but now see that “our guy” in the past was promoting a socialistic agenda just like “their guy”. Conservatives must lift their choice to president in the next election, but we need to remain vigilant to the ideals this country was founded on – and hold “our guy” to them.

  16. Dana Pressley says:

    I disagree with your premises. The Tea Party is made up of Americans who have awakened to the Socialist/Communist forces in this country. We have become aware and informed, and we don’t like. Perhaps many were like myself, paying more attention to the wars during 9/11, and less informed about the spending and expansion of big gov programs begun under Bush. Now we’re awake, and we don’t like it. We don’t like it no matter whether the President is Democrat or Republican. We are watching. I am liking the Tea Party and even the Libertarian Party better and better-and Ron Paul.

  17. Jack says:

    Mr. Joel McDermond is full of crap. If the Tea Party doesn’t oppose socialism, then according to him, they must support it. He is right that socialism was present under Bush and Reagan, but it was not as obvious as it is now. Under Obama, socialism has turned in to fascism and communism – he has put the pedal to the metal. I’m not saying that Bush and Reagan were right, I’m saying that most people did not recognize socialism under them because it moved so slowly.

  18. Winston says:

    I’ve learned a “truth” about the Tea Party movement. After pulling back from involvement with the Republican Party during the G.W. Bush years by recognizing Bush as a Republican establishment elitist, big government proponent, and globalist, I made friends with the leader of the local Tea Party group. She told me that the Tea Party “was a fundraising element for the Republican Party”. I was flabergasted and angry. So, even the Tea Party has tinges of Satanic influence in their midst by being liars and deceivers. The young/neophypte Tea Partiers recently admitted to Congress will just stir up already muddied waters in Washington. They’ll just get the rest of us mad as hell with no real way to make change in government. It is time for real Americans to take back the nation…and it isn’t through the Tea Party, Republican Party or other pseudo-sincere action group. We need to make a run on Congress and the White House. Tar and feather those blokes and set up a new government, much like what Israel has in their Kenesset to fully represent “We the People”.

  19. novi56 says:

    Most Tea Party types are duped; there is no “two Party system”; the Republican Party exists to organize the opposition, and continually leads them to defeat.

    They don’t care about our calls, our petitions, or even the next election.

    If there were no GOP to continually compromise with Democrats, then someone might organize all of us into opposition that could actually threaten the ruling oligarchy. But as long as we fail to see the truth that Republicans and Democrats are the same, our rulers have no opposition. Partisan bickering is theater, the press makes it believable, and the entertainment media keeps us distracted.

    Sixty years of history provides heavy evidence that this is the truth. Remember how we rejoiced after the election just a few months ago? Look what they are doing now; do you still need more proof?

    We can overthrow the GOP from within. GOP leaders attack their opponents within the Party with the trademark tools employed by the left: disparage, ridicule, and dismiss.

    I support Ron Paul, the only principled candidate in the 2012 Presidential race.

  20. debrarae says:

    I listen to Conservatives and Liberals a like. And unlike ‘the author’ of the ‘hit piece’, the liberals and conservatives I read, listen to, and watch …actually post facts, evidence, and proof to back up what they say.

    And what does the Author do? He says that others must do ‘his’ work for ‘him’.

    Without the evidence to back up this Author’s rants, it’s just another hate filled rant, peppered with lies … accusations … and opinions; without one shred of evidence to prove his points.

    And how does the Author ‘justify’ the fact that he doesn’t post one ‘shred’ of ‘proof’?

    He says ‘Prove me WRONG’.

    Sorry, but I do not ‘work’ for the Author of this libelous and Slanderous ‘hit piece’.

    It’s time for this person to do his own research. And it’s time to STOP being a DISGRACE to the TRUE Bloggers (conservatives and liberals alike) who actually research and post proof of what ‘they’ have to say!

  21. DeniseJ says:

    So we’re socialists, are we? Grist for your mill – I’m actually ON SSI, disabled these last 20 yrs. Would rather work – note the gov’t payouts, be they welfare, SSI, SS or what have you, keep you below the poverty level. One rule they are insistent about – you MUST not save up to start a business, invest or whatever. It seems the intent is to keep you dependent, childishly waiting on gov’t largess. Keep in mind, the Tea Party arose in reaction to the glaring overt socialist tyranny that swallowed the “D” party and has infected the “R” party (for years, but not so obviously) As you see by the reaction of the uninformed masses, the US is quite used to the level of socialism that exists. Few are alive that remember a time without it. It may take a transition period to get rid of it, and some creative, practical solutions. But you condemn the Tea Party which is ahead of ALL OTHERS in being on the right track. What special solution do YOU have?????

  22. cjm says:

    How can the fact taht the Tea party didn't protest Bush's socialism prove anything, when there was no Tea Party then?
    There was lots of grumbling among conservatives about lots that Bush did. Some opposed the Iraq invasion, many opposed TKennedy's No child Left Alone, more opposed Harriet Myers, etc.
    The Tea Party is actually targeting fiscally dishonest RINOs, favoring principle over party.
    The Democrats, meanwhile, continue to put party first, which explains a lot about what happened to their principles.

  23. Evanescent says:

    Just once I would like to see one of you right-wing anarchists explain your principled hatred of socialism. You say it's a Godless system, but why? You would rather watch millions of people suffer, starve, grow up uneducated and fiscally abused, die in the absence of affordable medical help…I could go on. Are you really opposed to socialism on religious grounds, or are you just opposed to being taxed on your comparatively easily-earned incomes to support the less fortunate?

    • DeniseJ says:

      Ah, yes, affordable medical help. As in England, Canada, where you wait for years for necessary surgery, dying in the meantime. Socialism, adored by the clueless left in the US for over a hundred years now. Notwithstanding its raging success in Stalinist, Maoist, and Castro regimes. I guess you all are still waiting for socialism to be implemented by the right folks in the right place at the right time. False hope springs eternal…………

  24. Justin Honaker says:

    Joel, you sure know how to rub a lot of people the wrong way, don’t you? I completely agree with your assessment of the TEA Party’s non-aggression to certain socialist government programs. Thank you for the article.

    To those commenters who say: “I paid into Social Security for 40 or 50 years and, by golly, I’m going to get it back when I cash my check every month.” I’m 23 years old and have only had one job that took money out of my pay for Social Security. I don’t even think of that money as mine. Of course I do not believe the government had any right to take it, but when I look at my bank account and see the money there, I don’t think “Remember self, you have $300, or however much it is, in Social Security.” Even if Social Security does not fail in 10 or 20 years I am not counting on that money. I count only on that after-taxes money I have earned in the past and will earn in the future. Just think about it.


  25. Too Tall says:

    There may be many that need to be brought around within the Teaparty. So let's educate them and bring them further down the road. I said educate, not argue/critisize them about the bigger anti-socialism picture.

    Anyone who is a Christian and thinks taxes are unbiblical is confused on this matter. What do you think a tythe is? You can't preach against taxes and then talk to someone why they need to tythe. Or tell them they don't need to tythe. That is where we lose many people. Don't tythe and see how hard you'll be working, and where your finances will be.
    By the way, Social Security was taken out of the budget during Clinton's reign, wasn't it?

    • DeniseJ says:

      Simple… You tithe to the church of your choice, or perhaps to charity. Not to the government. Jesus was asked if his disciples should pay taxes….he noted Caesar’s likeness on the Roman coin and told them to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s……..It was not a Christian plot for the gov’t to raid Soc. Security funds transforming it from an insurance plan to a Ponzi scheme….An interesting lesson from the Amish..they asked for and received an exemption from it on religious grounds, stating it would be a violation of their Christian beliefs to rely on the gov’t to support their elderly rather than their families doing it themselves…….we can all learn from their example. Gov’t payments are NOT charity..they remain controlled by other than Christian principles, usually political expediency.

  26. MedMad says:

    Joel the TEA party has come about because we are sick of government control, corruption, and greed. We are not a bunch of Socialists waiting till the next 'good-guy' appears that will put us on the dole. There is still a small measure of decency that remains in this world, however small though we do take note of your remarks meant to incite and stir action. There will soon be action. Don't worry about that man behind the curtain… in peace my friend!

  27. MedMad says:

    Joel, Joel, Joel. When was it that the TEA party was supposed to grovel for your approval and where were you when they threw the tea into the Bay? It sure would be swell if SS were to end NOW and the money stolen from me and you was given back with interest so we could put it to better use than Big Daddy G! There is however a much larger and sinister force afoot and merely quipping at the TEA party is not going to make the waves you are looking to make. It is not a Repulicrat nor a Democan problem but an American problem and Joel that is where the TEA party looks to change what is wrong with "this here America". By stimulating the people not through criminal endeavors (like buying votes with trillions of your dollars) or though coercion but by helping the American Citizenry understand what is wrong with the people who are holding publicly elected offices. Those people we have elected and then we allowed nearly to ruin this great and continuing experiment we so fondly call America.

  28. Kay says:

    Thank you for the comprehensive look at what the TEA parties are facing. I just wrote a partially critical note to the
    facilitator of my group today…not so splendidly as your article here, yet on the same lines. The groups are just emerging as groups, hitting the pavement and getting people registered. Because of the lack of viable candidates
    here, we are left with the status quo of the old Republican party. The non-liberal, conservatives, true Christians and
    just disgusted moderates (I don't believe moderates are either liberal or conservative) have no one to uphold our values. I have heard 4 candidates in my State and there were way too many statements sliding right into your article: just how much socialism is acceptable. We don't have time for partial socialism candidates. IF a candidate is not living true Christian values (you weeded the liars out already), or a conservative living the Christian values, we are status quo. Yes, there are a few in politics and many in our Nation that fit that bill, but I believe it will take
    people as in the TEA parties to change the Republican party from within or form a new, well guarded political party at some distant time so it doesn't change into the same muddied lack of values. It took nearly 200 years to get as evil as we are today. The motto of many in the TEA party is that we got where we are by 'good people doing nothing'. Of course, there are no good people. There are: just, humble, loving, even kind, but when it comes right down to the souls, we are all alike. We are all from Adam and Eve whether or not we want to speak it…we are living it to the fullest and we are degenerated into our present day to prove it. At any moment, a politcal person can and does change what he/she will vote for or against, depending on who's leaning on them, or promising them something they are desiring. Ask the marvelous Christian, Charles Colson, how quickly it occurred to him during Nixon's reign. Chuck became a true Christian when what he had become (and got caught) became clear and evident. to him and his Christian mentors. There is no moderation in being a Christian. Here's where the rub comes. Just how much 'world' can we live and still be true Christians. ZERO!!!

    Thank you again. I've never knowingly read any of your articles, but will make it my business to do so.

  29. Bryan Anderson says:

    McDurmon doesn't realize, in his Reagan/Bush bashing, that the Congress runs the country.

  30. Bryan Anderson says:

    I agree. Many good folks go all overboard with the Constitution Party thing and throw away their vote because "the lesser of two evils is still an evil." This is frankly idiotic. As it has been said, you will always vote for the lesser of two evils until Jesus Christ is on the ballot.

    Yelling about how the Tea Party doesn't go far enough is pointless and negative. Encouraging them to go farther is what we must do.

    Social Security has been entrenched in the minds of Americans for a very long time, and it will take time to get it out. Men such as Thomas Sowell and Glenn Beck are pointing people in this direction.

    As to public education, remember that it started in the 1630s with the Puritans. The main thing we need is to get rid of the federal DOE and let the states take over, which will make the battle easier.

    It annoys me when people try to float above everything like this and say that everyone else is so wrong. Admittedly, Gary Demar is right in this article, but fails to see the good in this movement, repudiating it entirely because of some inconsistency. We should encourage, not discourage, those who are trying to do the right thing.

  31. Dear Joel McDurmon,
    I have been a staunch supporter of American Vision for decades. Your tirade on the Socialist Tea Party members has made me more angry than I can remember.
    You are painting all of the Tea Party volunteers with a broad brush and I might add from a position of ignorance. If you are the new example of research at American Vision – Count me out!
    I have been a volunteer with the Georgia Tea Party here in Marietta for some time. Our major thrust is educating citizens about our nation's founding values and the limits that We the People placed on our Federal Government through the federalist contract we call our Constitution. NOTHING IN OUR CONSTITUTION ALLOWS FOR ANY SOCIAL PROGRAMS, CHARITY, REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH, SSI, MEDICARE, MEDICAID, OBAMA CARE AND ON AND ON AND ON.
    It has been the power grabs of those like Christopher Columbus Langdell at Harvard with his introduction of Legal Positivism, and those like John Dewey and Col. Robert Ingersol that began taking Christianity out of our educational system around 1900, and the Supreme Court in the 1930s that started applying the notion of Legal Positivism which began moving us away from our founding values and limited Constitutional Republic.
    My question to you is where have all the Christians been that should have been fighting against these takeovers?
    You rail against those of us in the Tea Party that are actually coming together with our time, energy, and resources to actually try to bring us back to our founding. We just invested $17,000 to put on an event at Jim Miller Park to help educate our citizens about the truth of our Constitution and the limits that We the People imposed on the federal government through this contract.
    As the Founder of Preserve Our Constitution, Inc., I would not volunteer with any group that didn't understand that 90% of all our nation's problems are rooted in our allowing the principles and values enshrined in our Declaration of Independence to be discarded and the limits contained in our Constitution to be ignored.
    The people I work with in the Georgia Tea Party are God fearing, decent citizens who are feed up with an out of control government, and who are willing to do our part to help usher in much needed course change back to our founding and protect the richest heritage that any nation ever established.
    AND NO – NONE OF US ARE SOCIALISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We meet at the Marietta main library at 6:45 pm every Thursday evening – I invite you to come and meet the 80 or so of us who meet in order to continue our efforts to educate the public. If you will come and visit I doubt that you will continue to paint with such a broad and uninformed brush.

    In His service,
    Richard Gruetter

  32. Dana Cain says:

    PS: Reagan was against medicare; he called it socialized medicine.

  33. Dana Cain says:

    Wow, where were you the 8 years Bush was in office when people were calling him a fascist and burning him in effigy and complaining about his spending and trumpeting his failures on pretty much everything? You think that because more people are FINALLY sick enough to do something and speak out that they didn't care before? Many are the product of liberal indoctrination; they are just NOW coming out of their comas; not because they suddenly decided that socialism is bad but because they're finally seeing the full ugly picture. The left is no longer able to hide behind conservatives; this is their show now and never before has their agenda been so openly paraded in front of us. It is as if they're saying "Ha! We've got the power now and we no longer have to pretend to be other than what we are."

    They no longer have to use incrementalism to further their agenda. They no longer have to appeal to our sense of right and wrong and our emotions and our innate desire to help others to get where they want to go; they feel confident enough to openly exploit our good natures right to our faces….

    For the record, I have been a fiscal conservative since I can remember; I never knew that I was because I wasn't a political person but looking back I see that I've always been against big government. I'm not against ALL government; I am against a government that has overstepped its constitutional boundaries, just as I believe most people are.

  34. John says:

    I don't think you are hanging out with the right tea party crowd. Silent too long in mass, but screaming in our little corner of the world none-the-less. The straw finally broke the camels back and even those not screaming into their computer screens finally got wind of the stench coming from politics and are waking up, becoming updated, gather to learn more and finally, yes speaking out in large enough numbers to make a difference. Too late? We will see, if the "DNC Soros/Backed ACORN approved minions" don't steal the election. And as Ben Franklin said "A Republic if you can keep it". And keep it we must, we are the last best hope for time immemorial – before the miracle that is the USA, inspired by Divine Providence is lost to the collective memories of our posterity.

  35. USPatriot says:

    I am a tea party chairwoman. I will forego social security. I would have preferred to put money into a retirement account instead. I am for charter schools and for disbanding the NEA. Instead of SOLs, how about learning about money, how our government works, that it is a duty to pay attention to politics and vote, learn what is in the constitution and what form of government we have. How about freedom to worship in school as long as it does not disrupt classes and dissenters can opt out. How about teaching kindness to others, uniforms instead of $100+ sneakers. I could go on. How about everyone (who has a birth certificate or naturalization papers call themselves Americans not hyphen-Americans. How about equal justice and ethics instead of PC (political correctness). Free ethical investigative reporting. I could go on.

  36. Darryl Curtis says:

    It is a poor argument to say that we should not improve because our improvement will not be perfect in the first iteration.

    It is a very poor argument to say that we should not improve because we were wrong in the past.

    So, this person's arguments are both poor and very poor. While the historical facts that he states may be true, he does not demonstrate the ability to draw the proper conclusions from his history.

  37. Mrs. Jo says:

    This guy makes me ill! I am truly heading to the doctor for an antidepressant, I just want to cry for our country. Does he not know I did not ask for the Social Security program or Medicare either for that matter? Since I have paid into it all my working life I sure as heck expect and NEED my money now that I am 68 years old, and have been drained by taxes and withholdings. If I had been able financially I would have also had my children in PRIVATE schools, just as the Obama girls are but since I have been a slave to the government I had no choice but send my boys to the government public schools that I am forced to support through my taxes! I don’t use social programs because I asked for them but because I am forced into them by LAW.

    These comments really have made up my mind I am joining the Tea Party for sure now. I truly believe we have a group of communists controlling the White House, not just liberals or progressives. I think that is just new “softer” words for facists or communists where no one will notice what progressives really are, sounds much better doesn’t it?

    I am really really frightened for my children and grandchidren’s future, we have an evil government now and we are total slaves to it.

  38. Warren Westfall says:

    @dick Earmarks are required!! We are suppose to know where the green (or in our case green fluffy air) IS/or going. Come on!!

  39. Warren Westfall says:

    Wow!! What a response! And Amen Brother!! You hit the nail on the head!! I find it interesting that the ones with visceral responses to this article can only sling insults and profanity. I hope you are not presuming to call yourself Christian.

    That aside, where are your answers to the questions!!! Sound Money, Foreign affairs, Central Banking, everything the Repubs/Dems are carrying out is contrary to the Constitution that you purport to stand united for. This is the original essence of the TEA Party movement started by Ron Paul SUPPORTERS during the 08 presidential election. If you do a little looking you will see this is true.

    The article is correct, refuse social security, pull your kids from public schools, don’t use social medicine, I have done this even though I am forced to pay for IT! Ron Paul is just a man living by his principles, the movement will not survive unless you people contend with the true meaning of the Tea Party’s intent. Sarah Palin is Not the face of the Tea Party!! Vote for Liberty candidates in 2010.

  40. dick says:

    Sir: only a rumor, but you mentioned Ron Paul,whom I supported. However, I have heard he has sent millions in earmarks back it Texas. true of false. I ask this question on a radio call in program, but I was never answered. What say you?

  41. Freeone says:

    The first step would be to impeach Obama for incompitence which is allowed under the Constitution.

  42. Hanne says:

    Your rant and snarkiness isn't worth dissecting and commenting on. Instead of being so critical and high and mighty, why not try a little thankfulness that people are starting to get involved? Try a little encouragement instead of browbeating those who are finally starting to see the light. We got where we are by degrees, it'll take action by degrees to get this country back where it belongs. I mean, for goodness sake, Social Security has been here for nearly 80 years. Even God knew you couldn't turn a people around in a generation. It's really easy being an armchair quarterback, isn't it?

  43. I also have to add, that this article, why as sincere as it is, borderlines a Franky Schaeffer article written against the religious right. That is his approach. I hope you know where I am coming from. We need to remember ever the great Apollos was explained the way of God more adequately by Priscilla and Aquila, even though he had a sincere faith. This I would also think was the attitude of the founding fathers, as events transpired, unto a declaration of independence and revolutionary war.

  44. I agree with you,but for some, things will have to get much worse before they can get better. If the State and the Corporate Fascist powers, that be, can keep the machine running, and maybe even get the Health Care Bill repealed, "Yes," the Tea Party movement will dwindle down, save for those who really understand what has been and is going on. But the powers that be know this, and as one who is in constant watch of the markets, I know this. Its called sell short, buy long, or short term memory, long term . . . "what?" Then again, if things get bad enough it will bring us to deal with what the State can no longer afford . That is if we as a nation still remain true to our founding documents.

    Either way, if our intention is to get to the original intentions and understandings of our founding fathers as a nation, it doesn't look good. Others seem to speculate that another party will form from some of those who at one time called themselves Tea Partiers, and they will be on the brink of where the rubber meets the road.

  45. Lori says:

    The role of the federal government should be to keep our country safe from all threats both foreign and domestic, interstate highways, the space program and relief for natural disasters. Most everything else should be on a local level. But if I could combine the frustration from all those presidency's and put them on a scale and then take the frustration for the current white house and put them on the other side of the scale —Nixon, Ford, Carter, Bush, Clinton and Bush don't even begin to lift the side of the scale the current president sits on. The TEA party is a step in the right direction in every way so lighten up a bit. I am not a socialist on any level —it is against God— and brings very bad things everywhere it shows its ugly face in the world.

  46. Lori says:

    I haven't fully supported a pick for President since Ronald Reagan. I have voted for the lesser of two evils on election days before then and since then. I have hated not having a candidate to vote for— that would have enough votes to win– that I fully supported. I have been sending my representatives letters asking them to stop spending so much money for so long — well I would rather not think about how old that makes me. I home schooled my children and I am doing the same for my grandchildren. During the Nixon, Ford, and Carter years we had to struggle for everything. I was very frustrated when Bush the 1st went back on his "read my lips no new taxes" promise. I was very frustrated during the Clinton years when we had to pay so much more in taxes that it was a real struggle to put food in the fridge. I was very frustrated during the years of Bush the 2nd —more in the second half of his presidency— that he didn't veto most of what congress was pushing.

  47. empyrean says:

    He's correct. The Founder's did not empower the government to be our provider. Anyone who accepts that it's morally correct to take from someone's labor is a socialist. These are the people who need to reflect more to see the inconsistency.

  48. Backgammon says:

    Unfortunately I am in my late 60′s and have paid into the SS system since I was 16. Had I had the opportunity to take the money and put it in a private account, I would be earning more today. That was not a choice in my time.
    Can I get my money back? SHUT up or PUT up, writer. You don’t even understand what the TEA parties are about.

  49. david peacock says:

    Joel; you like most left-wing kooks call Social Security/Medcare an ENTITLEMENT. I paid and am still paying every month for that ENTITLEMENT, When was the last time you saw a food stamp holder or a EBT card user pay for that ENTITLEMENT? It is an entitlement alright, I am damn well entitled to the money i was forced to give the federal government all my working life and i want it back NOW; GET IT BONEHEAD?

  50. Noble Enigma says:

    We "The People" need to make sure a bunch of far right nut job christians like you people never screw this country up and give complete control of it over to the twisted and evil corporations anymore..That's what we need to do…

  51. Edinnola says:

    I recognize that it is necessary sometimes to say outrageous things to get people's attention, but this one's absurd. You very conveniently mix together the ability to establish a social program, which incidentally was to be self funded as in insurance, with socialism. The two are not the same thing. We as free individuals have the right and ability to vote for and establish any program we wish, whereas under Socialism (which is exactly where we are heading today) only the government has such a right. I grant you that the communist element in the Democrat Party would love to have total control, however we "the people" must see that this does not happen. The operative words are Freedom and Control – where the government has control, we have no freedom

  52. Gary Quinn says:

    Hi Mark, I agree with your review of Joel's excellant article. I would add one minor note for Joel, you blasted Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh. Hannity and Limbaugh do provide cover for Republicans like Mitt Romney, John McCain… but Beck does not. Now I've only been following Beck since he came to the Fox News Channel and I'm not familiar with any older stances he may have had, however, he currently blasts both partys. He regularly talks about the un-funded liabilities, both federal and state and he often speaks out against the policies and people that brought them into being. I believe as a Christian you would want to know this and might consider retracting Becks name from that accusation.

    • GQ continues... says:

      I also strongly agree with Mr. Shockey's assement "I think instead of attacking them for their hypocrisy (which I think is mostly a result of ignorance), helping TEA partiers along by showing them that they are supporting socialism." I'm 58 years old and planned on having plenty to retire on, but alas, a few bad decisions have left me with no retirement. I have come to the realization that I would give up SSI and Medicare rather than destroy the lives of future generations. Prior to 1935 no none was taken care of by the government as far as retirement and healthcare were concerned. We need to eliminate these programs when we repeal Obamacare. We will have to do it gradually because too many are dependant upon them and have no other recourse, but it must be done.

      As for public education, I consider it a blite on our children and an attack against Christ and His followers. Morrally the TEA Party movement needs the guidance from the Holy Spirit and needs to recognize, as our founders did, that Devine Providence established this wonderful nation and ultimately is the only way it will stand. Thanks you for a most compelling argument. GQ

  53. dave says:

    joel, i'll agree with your general thesis but not some of your details. yes, previous republican administrations weren't perfect and sometimes lost their way but remember most of them had to work with democrapic majorities in congress. and the damage they have done has been nothing like the democrapic/socialist agenda such as social security under fdr, the great society under lbj, the economic depression of jec that reagan inherited and turned around and the security nightmare clinton left resulting in 9/11. and let's not forget the mess obamao is exacerbating, the trillion dollar deficits and his refusal to keep america safe in less than 2 years in office. i think the republican failure is not so much in instituting socialist programs(and just for the record i'm not a republican, i'm a libertarian) but failing to rescind or roll back the ones implemented by the democrap/socialist party. but i wholeheartedly agree, the tea party movement will fail. first off take the name. it makes one think of little old ladies gathered on a sunday afternoon. secondly, it's failure to stand up to and confront the thugs and goons on the other side and their concern for what the lsm and communist politicians say about them. this is no way to win a war. and make no mistake we are in a war. for our very survival as individuals and as a country. for that reason i suggest the formation of a new group, the l&c militia. in honor of the colonialists who fought british troops that were trying to confiscate the weapons from lexington and concorde. it's mission, to confront and fight back, literally when necessary, against the left's thugs and goons. remember, one of the ways the nazis succeeded to take power was through the use of their brown shirt shock troops and the fear they created so that few would outright oppose them. also remember the childhood mantra, sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. we need to stop acting like their words carry weight and that sticks ans stones can break their bones too.

  54. Brandon Halvorsen says:

    I see your point Mr. McDurmon and understand your message. However, I have to STRONGLY disagree with your suggestion that all Teaparty members are socialists. Some may be for the reasons you mentioned but not all and to generalize all of them as being socialist is just plain wrong.

    I know of some tea party members who would like to get rid of Social Security, Medicare and Public schooling. They also see our former Presidents Bush 41, Bush 43 and Reagan as part of the problem when it comes to national debt. They, like you, believe these administrations promoted socialism.

    So while you are ranting against socialism, (which I believe is always a good thing – it is not Biblical and a part of the gospel of "the Beast"), may I suggest you stop generalizing and being overly critical of people in the tea party. Maybe some of them are still into socialism more than they realize. It could be a blind spot for them but how about a little grace? They are moving in the right direction and maybe they haven't fully matured yet in their views and practices but in time I'm sure many will. They are protesting government control and tyranny and that my Brother deserves more applause than you have given them.

  55. MikeT_OB1 says:

    This entire thread is most unfortunate though I am sure the leftists love it. At a time when Americans who value the Constitution and the rule of law should be uniting over common ground, you are all calling each other names to make your own point. Grow up, all of you! We can either unite to fight the leftist agenda or we will lose the war and America in the process.

  56. mod says:

    I think we all need to have that same commitment that our founding fathers had. We need to do whatever it takes to return to a Biblical base in this country or risk serious judgement from God.

  57. Paul Bunt says:

    sounds like you are advocating commitment our founding fathers had when they gave all they had for what they believed, their homes, possessions, money, families and some their lives.

  58. Linda B says:

    I agree that people should have rallied under Bush and complained. I know I did. People should have rallied and complained under Clinton. I know i did. The TEA parties are not just people who are against Obama care or for limited govt. Many of them have been harassing their Congressmen for years and consider the TEA party as just a way to gather together for more of a presence. Some people have just woken up to all the crap the gov't has been doing for years. Some have been protesting so long, they are tired because soooo many Americans have not been paying attention or are sooo touchy feely they won't say anything. People like myself have not only joined the TEA Party but also 9/12 groups and every other group that is serious about lowering taxes, stopping all unecessary spending, obeying the rule of law, supporting the Constitution and Bill of Rights, making Congress do what the majority of the legal US citizens wants, limiting gov't and not forcing a union agenda or a socialist/ communist agenda. I also do not agree that the TEA parties are socialist. Are some of the people in them? Possibly as it is hard to talk to every single person at a rally. But I will not generalize and I would wish you would not generalize in your statements, either.



  60. DON GUIDE says:


  61. Leper Watchman says:

    Along with Mr. McDurmon I don't have much hope in the Tea Party for accomplishing reformation, although I do believe they accomplish the good of slowing down the damage. Placing our Constitution as the foundation is insufficient because its only foundation is the will of the people. Revering the will of the people over the law of God is what got us in trouble in the first place. Our Bible and theology is clear that the whole Word of God is the only ethical authority for defining crime and punishments. Teaching all nations what Christ commanded us implies a responsibility for every member of society to support and defend God's moral law between the elections, by refusing to be a partner with a thief and profiting from the property government might steal from people. Mr. McDurmon is a faithful witness to this, building on the foundation laid by Rushdooney, Greg Bahnsen, and many others. On Constitution, you can't do better than study Patrick Henry.

  62. Pathfinder says:

    Please explain; just how do the words "consistent" and "libertarian" form a phrase which is an oxymoron. Terms like "thunderous silence" or "dark victory" embody an inherent contradiction. But, I see no such contradiction in "consistent libertarian."

  63. T Sanders says:

    Gary, you miss the fact that many, many people were outragged long before Obama, yet had no outlet to voice those concerns at least not at a national level. And Joel it is rather short sighted of you to dismiss the Tea Party because prior Republican administrations didn’t vote purely on principal. While there are most likely some of these “non-true believers” in the party, don’t paint the whole movement with the same brush. Could’nt there just possibly be some true principal centered christians who are actually opposed to socialism in the movment as well? Wouldn’t you want to support them? Or is it easier to throw grenades at everybody. Which party would you suggest we throw our towel in with? I like your articles and appreciate your insights, why don’t run for office? While the TEA Party is not perfect, it just may be the only party that has a chance to make a real difference. So make a difference.

  64. Delia says:

    I think there are some truths in his statements, but I also think there is error. I think these are people who have awakened and want a return to Constitutional law.People are educating themselves much more effectively and are choosing candidates respectively. I myself no longer contribute to the repub party ,but to individual candidates who appear to share my veiws. However, without a return to the faith and morals of our forefathers, we are doomed. A free society cannot exist without the blessing of God. And ask yourself when did this country start to self-destruct? When we said God was dead. The Jews had this tendency and their disobedience to God always led to judgement and punishment . Judgement is at hand. Did you ever think you'd see your free speech threatened? That Franklin Graham would be dis-invited to the pentagon on the National Day of Prayer? That you would be forced to buy health insurance or be punished? That they would consider a cap and trade bill that will do nothing for the enviroment , but will cause more financial hardship? The teapartiers are about saving America.

  65. mod says:

    The TEA party movement is definitely an interesting one. While I very much support the message of being taxed enough, there are a number of other critical issues facing the country that need to be addressed as well. I think we need a ground-swell effort on education, we need to get rid of Kevin Jennings and about 85% of our current leadership. Very few in leadership are voting on sound principles.

  66. philwynk says:

    [quote]"They don’t hate socialism and government theft and abuse as a rule. If they did they would have been just as exercised about socialism, big government, fascism, dubious legislative tactics, deficits and the national debt during George W. Bush’s term in office. But they were silent."[/quote]

    And thus does Mr. McDurmon prove that he has been asleep for 30 years, like Rip Van Winkle. And earns both my scorn and my resolution not to read the rest of the article after this ill-informed, mean-spirited nonsense.

    Mr. McDurmon is both unaware of the ongoing political activism in support of fiscal conservatism over the years, and dismissive of any notion of accumulated opposition. He is also, it seems, unaware of the disinformation tactics of the American left, which he quotes in his article.

    The activism is quite clear. I know no conservatives — not one — who felt that George W. Bush's domestic spending choices were responsible. The collective sense of that irresponsibility was the reason that so many conservatives stayed home in 2006 and 2008, and allowed the progressives to take over Congress and the White House; conservatives recognized that their principles had been betrayed by both the Bush administration and the Gingrich-era conservatives in Congress. Silence? Far from it.

    Furthermore, McDurmond needs to recognize that human beings operate on a threshold of dissatisfaction. The principle actually appears in the Declaration of Independence: "…all experience has shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed." Short version, they'll take it so long as it's not too bad. The Obama administration's assault on liberty and success is the last straw in a very large load; it's taken most people that long to get fed up. That does not mean that they approved of the previous assaults on liberty, just that they had not reached the threshold necessary to spark collective action.

    Finally, McDurmon quotes some of the most specious analysis of deficits during the past 30 years, echoing the left's absolutely mindless principle that all spending is the act of Presidents. They may be deliberately ignorant, but I doubt that McDurmon has that excuse. Congress holds the purse strings. The President proposes, but Congress disposes. I learned both dicta in the 7th grade. So did he, I'm sure. So the question of who was President when a certain debt level was reached is not nearly as important as who was controlling Congress, what the President proposed, and what the Congress did with what the President proposed.

    So, for example, he should have been aware that President Reagan submitted budgets that, if followed, would have balanced the federal budget by 1987. And he should have known that House Speaker Tip O'Neill (D, MA) declared Reagan's budges "Dead On Arrival" in the House… and that Reagan shut down the government twice by refusing to sign what he considered irresponsible budget bills sent for his signature from Congress. I understand why Democrats, may of whom in fact have no principles at all, would misrepresent this history, but I do not understand why Mr. McDurmon has done so little homework as to accept their version as fact, when in fact they are lying through their teeth.

    The Tea Parties are attended by people who understand the basic principles of liberty, and who are sacrificing time they would much rather spend elsewhere because the assault on liberty has become intolerable. They are neither socialists, nor are they friends of socialism. Mr. McDurmon should swallow his judgmental attitude, head for the library, and read some recent American political history written by somebody other than biased reporters for the New York Times. If he had, he would not be condemning the innocent here.

  67. Lisa says:

    Thank you Anthony, I couldn't say it better myself… a good movement starts with ONE giant step 'in the right direction'… and this is what the TEA partiers represent.

  68. Bill Lucas says:

    Joel has not talked to very many tea partiers or he would find that they generally believe in real conservativism and some small amount of socialism to help the "huddled masses". Nov. 2010 will be the turning point for the USA. THE DEMS HAVE ABOUT 40% OF THE ELECTORATE IN EACH ELECTION. We need all the conservatives and pseudo-socialists to win the next election so we can reduce most of Obama's socialism to zero principally by not funding them. Then in 2012 we can clean up the remains of most of the socialists left. By God's help we will return to capitalism after 2012 by helping the small minority that needs it and go back to our old conservative capitalism which never was 100% pure!!! Hang on, our only real hope is in the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT.

  69. John says:

    Mr McDurmon,you obviously haven't watched or listened to Glenn Beck over a period of time. He has come out of the darkness in recent years and has spoken the truth about the Transformation of Our Republic into an Anti-Christian Marxists society.He also trusted the legislators of our country to be honest men with women of good moral character and conduct. Unfortunately many politicians sold their souls for power and money or are just spineless cowards. We need men and women with strength and conviction of Right and Wrong,not what seems to be the Politically Correct Position to get re-elected. Getting Jesus Christ out of the way has been their greatest battle,but through the years of indoctrination of our children in the public schools,they have made great headway and it shows in our society.

  70. Andy Weaver says:

    The only reason tea party people were silient was because it had not been bad enough for us to wake up.Most of the time it takes some radical agenda for people to finally wake up to the truth.It works the same way as with people believing what Jesus has done for us.Sometimes we need to come to the end of our self to make us look for a better way.So if we want to make a change for what is right ,we need to encourage people and lift them up in the little that we DO see.We need to try to not discourage we our own little agenda.Lift people up!!!!!!

  71. John May says:

    Our Philosphy
    Tea Party Patriots, Inc., as an organization believes in Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, and Free Markets. Tea Party Patriots, Inc., is a non-partisan grassroots organization of individuals united by our core values derived from the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America, and the Bill of Rights as explained in the Federalist Papers. We recognize and support the strength of grassroots organization powered by activism and civic responsibility at a local level. We hold that the United States is a republic conceived by its architects as a nation whose people were granted "unalienable rights" by our Creator. Chiefly among these are the rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". The Tea Party Patriots stand with our founders, as heirs to the republic, to claim our rights and duties which preserve their legacy and our own. We hold, as did the founders, that there exists an inherent benefit to our country when private property and prosperity are secured by natural law and the rights of the individual.

  72. John May says:

    Come to Woodville,Texas and we will prove your theory wrong Sir I don't know what Tea Party group you have been around but you can't have Christian values and be Socialist thats not what this country was started on . Have you seen the Video The Silencing of God. We watch this video at our last monthly meeting May 1,2010. And we are against Socialism, Communism, and anything that is against The Constitution that's what we stand for.

  73. John says:

    Michael. Can you elaborate on your flat tax approach? Can you refer me to any economists that have written about this approach?

  74. CNF says:

    You,Mr. McDurmon,are as out of touch with reality as B.Hussein Obama is. Get a clue. The TEA partiers are Constitutionalists. True Americans! You need to check your assistants work before you sign your name to it. This article was written out of ignorance of what we the Americans stand for. You are obviously out of touch with the common folks.

  75. Tom says:

    When was the last time you saw all Christians in any community gather at the Court House to protest R v. W? When was the last time you tried to organize all Christians in your community to gather at the Court House to protest Roe v. Wade? Please, prove me wrong. Organize a Christian protest of Roe v Wade with 100% of our community’s Christians in attendance.

    Until then, give me a break. Your facts are dubious at best; your assertions are questionable. At least I’m out there trying to do something. What have you done besides belittled a group of people who are just getting started?

  76. Jared Myers says:

    The acronym WWYW? (Where Were You When?) has been a consistent chant of "the other side" ever since the inception of Tea Parties. In reality, it's a legitimate point. George Bush may have been a Republican, but he was no conservative (I'm ashamed, frankly, to admit that I supported him in '00 and '04 – though seeing who Al Gore has become, I'm okay with Bush's victory in 2000), and I am not sorry to see him gone.
    But to answer the post, I want to speak as a bona fide Tea Partier, having attending 4 Tea Parties so far, spoken at all 4, and was the central organizer for the 4th one. I'm not trying to make excuses, but I think I accurately sum a lot of folks' positions when I say this:

    We didn't know.

    We didn't know what the Constitution said or meant any many cases (sad, but it IS true). We still believed in the Republican Party and trusted the party members to hold fast to the principles on which the GOP stood for so many years. We didn't know the constitutional arguments against an overregulative government and programs that have no business being in existence. We thought the Bushes (both of them) did fine jobs, for the most part, and failed to see the big picture.

    That is no longer the case.

    Things don't and haven't changed overnight, but the Tea Party movement is maturing and is gaining a greater realization of what is harming America (i.e., the FED, the IRS, the 16th and 17th Amendments, government handouts, government regulation of marriage, and the list is MUCH longer). It is fooling to expect people that have just woken up (politically) to understand everything that needs to be changed. Many are still babes on milk, and are not yet accustomed to the meat of the issue. But that time will come, and is coming. The Tea Party movement won't be going away. We are here to stay (God willing), and we hope to come to a greater understanding of how to restore America to the Republic for which it once stood. Give us time, and we'll get there. Once we understand fully, we will rise and take our place under the sun.

  77. Diann says:

    As noted, in many respects, both parties are the same. I agree with the guest who wrote that the quantum leap of Obama helped wake me up though I had begun slowly to realize what was going on. I now support a plan called GOOOH which proposes to replace all 435 members of the House with an extraordinary citizen chosen by the citizens of the district as opposed to the party machinery.

  78. MGist says:

    Thanks for giving me a different perspective on the TEA Party; it's ideals and shortcomings. I can appreciate articles like this that give "food for thought" so I can evaluate my personal stance on issues.

  79. Debbie McKee says:

    Perhaps you speak too generally and too many people take offense.

    I do understand what you are saying. Too many in the movement (and I know it pretty well) think that the Dems and Obama are the trouble and don't really have a clue to the big picture and what's really going on. Yes, there are some in the TEA party movement who do get it, but they unfortunately are not the majority, YET.

    So for those of you who took offense, he wasn't talking about YOU.

    I've been hoping and praying for years that we'll have a REAL AWAKENING, spiritual, political, etc. For Truth and Justice to prevail, for people's eyes to be opened, for evil doers to receive their due. For wrongs to be righted.

    The burden of knowing about so much tyranny and so many injustices is overwhelming at times. The saddest thing is that one can't talk about most of it to people who haven't a clue, who would call you crazy and not listen to another word you said.

    People who think they are awake, but are not – yet.

  80. Tom says:


    Reagan did not run up the deficit, his budgets were declared “dead on arrival” by Tip O'Neill.

    Semantically your chart deserves only a passive, “Hmmmm, what if that was really true?” The CPI doesn't measure changes in product quality caused by price fluctuations in raw materials not on the CPI. In 2006 the government stopped computing M3 to hide the massive inflation going on. The unemployment rate is intentionally understated. The number of people needing health insurance is intentionally overstated by including healthy people who don't want insurance and illegal aliens.

    Americans as a collective are slow to anger, but only because Americans are not used to being a collective. Hoffman didn’t win but Scozzafava. McCain is in the primary fight of his life. Crist has decided to drop out of the Republican primary. Largely because of the TEA Party. <split>

  81. brobobh says:

    I could not disagree with Mr.McDurmons assessment of the Tea Party! we are mixed bunch of very angry people
    at the current government.
    I'm independent and I have meet as many Democrats as Republican not to mention libertarians and some folks that where signing up to vote right on the spot!

    Here is the kicker all the Tea Party's that I have been involved with are in California mostly Democratic state! when folks talk misinformed I believe its because the have never been to a Tea Party, just believe the left sided news!
    if you want the truth then Fox news dose pretty good job.

    For the last two years I have attended Tea Party's and at first we had to travel to large city to participate,this last year as the movement grows bigger and bigger we had rally's in our Home towns often lead by a Democratic soccer Mom! by the way some of these folks have never done this in there life!
    The one goal they all share, is going to the polls this November and 2012 to vote them out!!!

  82. Debbie McKee says:

    Libertarianism is a philosophy (limited government, personal responsibility, etc.) and doesn't mean NO government. Our Founding Fathers WERE libertarian in their philosophy. Life, Liberty and Property (or the pursuit of happiness) that's pretty libertarian.

    Google the libertarian roots of the modern conservative movement. Trouble is the conservative movement was co-opted by the neo-cons. (They left the Democrat party because they saw it getting too liberal in the 1960s!) Remember the Democrats used to be the war party! Now they both are!

    Too many people confuse libertarian with libertine and limited government with anarchy.

    And I hate labels, they always lead to spin or misunderstanding.

    How anyone could react and think that we would advocate abolishing every single agency overnight is absurd. There is a name for that type of argument, but I can't think of it.

    Time will tell if the newbies will hold the Rs they elect to the fire or will go back to sleep thinking everything will be okay now. Most of them think that Obama and the Dems are the problem and have no clue that it's been going on for 100 plus years. I hope and pray they wake up and see what's really been going on.

    I'm doing my part. Some listen, some don't.

    Duty is mine, results are God's.

  83. Debbie McKee says:

    If he had mentioned every single thing you'd still be reading it! LOL

    And there are a (very) few limited things the Feds ARE supposed to do (as per the Constitution anyway).

  84. Ed Hirsch says:

    Hi Mr. McDurmon:

    While I agree with most of your points perhaps it would help to point out that the TEA Partiers are not different from the rest of the average Americans. Perhaps now they have woken up and became agitated from all this liberal crap. If anything the Libertarians should have become active a lot sooner. It is not that only the TEA Partiers are hypcritical. Most people are hypocritical when it is convenient, Libertarians not excluded. The real deteroration of the true American spirit that the Libertarians dream about started about fifty years ago. Consumerism subplanted modesty. It is apparently difficult for any society to have their true spirit survive a long period of economic wellbeing. TV and Hollywood did and still does their part to corrupt the true values. TV has been the most destructive influence in our societies behavior. Next came hippiedom. Drugs. If it feels good do it. It was all downhill from there. The Americans got fat (both literally and spiritually), people bought things they did not need with money they did not have. So, where were you Libertarians then when America needed you? Don't get me wrong, I applaud your efforts, but it all should have started much sooner.


    Ed Hirsch

  85. Ann says:

    I felt immensely judged by your harsh words in this article. I am a Tea Partier and I can tell you I am NOT a socialist. Who gives you the right to judge me as such? You have sinned against me. The Tea Party is being blasted by the Left and now we have an article on American Vision blasting us too. This is incredible! Instead of your harsh rhetoric and sinful judgment, why do you not rejoice that lots of folks have finally woken up to the point of being active? MARK MY WORD: WE WILL PROVE YOU WRONG.

  86. Jazmarelda says:

    Tea partiers will find their way, that path will begin with our realization that we must rescind the 16th & 17th ammendments. That is the point where our Federal balance of powers was shifted away from the states and into the favor of the feds. We lost the ability to hold our senators accountible. Each state has the responsibility to determine how it selects the senators which gives each senator a small constituency which can hold him/her accountable for the decisions made. We strayed from the design of the founder's and that was the point the inmates began to run the asylum.

  87. Delores Smith says:

    TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION: No amount of Socialism, Marxism, or Fascism is acceptable…..
    My objection toward this government is that it is Socialism with fellow Marxists surrounding The President.. Obama, in my opinion, is deliberately collapsing our economy. It is the Cloward-Piven Strategy that one uses prior to changing a nation's form of government. The Tea Partiers are seeing this. The movement will succeed.
    As for programs such as Medicare & Social Security, my husband and I worked all of our lives, paying Medicare and Social Security taxes. When we retired, our money was placed in a Medicare TRUSTEE fund. The Managing Trustee of this fund is Timothy Geithner, and the Sec'y of Health and Human Services is another Trustee. All trustees have misused the funds of this trust. This is unlawful. In addition, 1/2 trillion in benefits have been taken from Seniors to create a new Health Bill for others not beneficiaries to the Trust. This is unlawful, also.
    Yours for a better government and to bring our America back,
    Delores Smith

  88. cfauth says:

    You are just as mentally impaired as the rest of the left.

  89. Ellen says:

    Wow! I've discovered a gold mine of information on this link, and appreciate the educated, thoughtfull and thought-provoking comments of its readers. Please keep up the good work.

    And Joel, consider yourself thoroughly chastised and flogged by those who disagree, with whom I mostly agree. After all, we shouldn't turn on each other when we're all treking toward the same destination, should we?
    I hope you will in the future turn your considerable knowledge and aptitude toward furthering our cause, instead of harshly criticizing those of us who are more recent converts.

    Now, "go and sin no more".

  90. James DeMar says:

    Is it just me or is everyone who is bashing Joel's article missing the point. Where was the TEA Party movement before Barack Obama? There wasn't one and that's just it. Why be outraged at what Barack Obama and the current Congress is doing if you weren't outraged before?

  91. Kimbal says:

    I did not think that you would take an ignorant, uninformed and aggressive cheap shot at the Tea Party movement. Now I have to ask myself why? Did you simply not do any research at all or do you have an agenda? You can see my email so I will wait a good 24 hours or so for you to explain yourself before I begin thrashing your article in public on various blogs associated with me. I think a thoughtful and sincere retraction and apology is called for here, it is the Christian thing to do. You have harmed people wrongly. Will you seek forgiveness and seek to make amends?

  92. Kimbal says:


    I enjoyed listening to you at the Morton Worldview conference, but frankly your ignorance is astounding! Your diatribe against the Tea Party movement is as ludicrous as an attack on the Republican Party for the War of 1812. There were no Republicans in 1812!!! There were no Tea Parties during the Bush Administration!!! Duh.

    There is no national Tea Party, this is a loose assortment of local groups who were energized by the election of Barack Obama and their horror (our horror) at the fast-march towards a socialist state. No one doubts that the Federal Government is much too big. Tea Party activists are looking to undo what Obama has done and a great deal of what many other Presidents have done. You either have not been paying attention or you simply don't care to do a modicum of research before publication.

  93. I think that what we are seeing with the Tea Party movement is the straw that broke the camel's back. Sure, the slide has been going on for a while. However, I was making phone calls to my representative protesting the Tarp vote under Bush, and I have been voting on principles my whole life. I think it is unfair to paint Tea Partiers with the broad brush of hypocrisy. If people are finally starting to wake up and get involved you should be supporting and applauding that– not criticizing them for not acting sooner. Some of us have been acting– there just weren't enough of us to make a difference! The Tea Party movement has been described as "America's last line of defense against those who would try to redefine what it means to be an American." (John Dennis) As a homeschool mom and Tea Party President and Organizer, my question to you is, "What are YOU doing?" (Other than criticizing those of us who are TRYING to stand against tyranny.) The battle right now feels pretty overwhelming, but at least we're out there trying. Some support from fellow believers would be nice.

  94. SixPak says:

    Some points are well made, but I agree with what someone said in an earlier comment, the tenor (attitude) of your article sounds off, to me like that of the left. If you really think that people have not been home schooling their own children or sending them to private schools like my family did, I don't know what cave you are living in. I have been active in holding my Congressman and Senators accountable for so long that I can't remember when I started. I have complained about Social Security and Medicare for over 3 decades. Just because there has not been the kind of revolution that you are starting to see now does not mean people have been silent. It's just gotten to the point that even the moderate liberals can't stand it anymore and people are more boldly pursuing a remedy via public activism like the Tea Party. If you are so concerned it won't succeed why don't you get involved and help it along. We are so far down the road to socialism today that I don't know if we can get back to the purest form of a republic, but I'm not about to stop trying to help it happen. If you want to take issue with socialism and progressivism why don't you go back to Woodrow Wilson and FDR, probably the two worst presidents ever before Obama came on the scene. I'm a baby boomer and all of that happened before my generation. Again, you make some good points, but you were not listening if you didn't hear the concerns with Bush 1 and Bush 2 in particular. And Hannity I know rang the bell consistently on Bush 2. Were you not listening? It's really a matter of degree. I think most people went along with it or spoke out, but did not start a TEA Party earlier, because they thought it could be corrected by electing more conservative people to office. Unfortunately, there is a majority of people in this country who don't pay attention and have grown up with ENTITLEMENT stamped on their foreheads and just don't get it. You should help educate people with your articles, but don't lump everyone into one pile like you did in this article because I can tell you there are plenty of us in this country that have been speaking out for decades about the out of control debt and socialist leanings. Join the movement and encourage people to speak up and get active doing what needs to be done to turn things around by actually talking to their neighbors and educating them as to what is happening and running for office. Don't just be a critic and put the people down that are now trying to draw a line in the sand by saying, THIS IS ENOUGH, NO MORE! Maybe we did not yell loud enough or make big enough waves before, but the momentum is mounting. Quit being a naysayer. Be a part of the solution.

  95. Brodie Caudle says:

    I have personally heard Rush, Hannity, and Beck condemn the Republicans' fiscal irresponsibility, including Bush's Medicare disaster. I now have to wonder how much more of your article is misinformation???

  96. Winston on Truth says:

    The Bible tells us, "in the last days even the elect will be deceived". Do not put your eyes and hope in man but keep fixed upon the Lord Jesus.

  97. John OBrien says:

    I know of no Tea Party members who fit your description. Much of whats wrong in this country is the result of churches of all denominations failing to speak out on the direction that society and our government has taken over the years out of fear of losing their 501 C3 tax free status. Lyndon Baines Johnson created the 501 C3 tax category specifically to gag churches and history has born out his conclusion that they would be silent in the face of the penalty they face for acting as the moral and ethical conscience of this nation.

    Tea Party members are largely conservative independents who are disillusioned with both parties and are focused on defeating sitting progressive representatives. They are neither selfish nor socialists and are not seeking handouts from any quarter. "Don't Tread On Me'

  98. Yahshuah says:

    You forgot , why are most churches non-profit ? so they don't have to pay taxes, BUT at the price of not being able to tell the truth about politics or certain politicians because if they do, they will loose their tax exempt status.

    Oh and maybe I missed it, but I didnt see you mention the irs (forgive me if I missed it) the most anti american of all, because there are no separation of powers, and they are little more than extortionist for the privately bank owned federal reserve.

    One last thing, don't paint all tea party members as the same, this member would like to see all handout programs eliminated, and as small as government as possible, and with frugal spending on only things that are necessary

  99. Donald Vastlik says:

    Your main premise is wrong. The Tea people are mostly religious, want the government out of their lives with lower taxes and lower government spending, support the Constitution. They are consertive and support candidates in various elections thart support their views. Their effect must be working when you see the verbal attacts along with some physical one by SEI. In a Tea Party demonstration in Quincy Illinois the state sent out a SWAT to control and intimidate. Obama and the liberals are afraid of those peaceful demostrations.

  100. Winston on Truth says:

    To Joel McDurmon: Wow, you really nailed the TPM down and exposed them for being what they are and are NOT. Thanks, because, I've been sharing this for months with all my "conservative and Christian contacts". I was even able to get a regional Tea Party leader to admit that it is more of a "grass roots effort to build up the Republican Party" than be clearly for those of us who have been disenfranchised from the GOP because we vote our conscience and not straight party ticket. The Republican Party has been the party of NO and also the party of "compromise"…compromise on policy, procedure, and values…. in other words weak minded wimps. I've been trying to get my wife to leave this God-forsaken (literally) nation and move to another nation to keep our freedom and liberty because America has proven to be moving very quickly to all out socialism/statism/Marxism and for globalism in a one world government/economy/religion. I refuse to be a party to that insanity. How about you, and how is your conscience leading you???

  101. TPF says:

    Bashing the Tea partiers sure isn't going to help anything. Would you rather that we have full-blown, unabated communism? Why criticize the efforts of those who are trying to pull us off of the brink of totalitarianism.

    You're right that many of the Tea partiers aren't aware of the already existing socialistic programs that we have in this country, but should we just sit on our hands and do nothing? As one poster has already said, we didn't get here overnight, and we won't fix everything overnight, but why criticize the efforts of those who are at least patriotic, law-abiding citizens?

    Anything that keeps us from becoming a communist dictatorship can't be all bad, can it?

  102. Jim says:

    I can appreciate your point, but nevertheless find it a rather broad stroke to a hasty generalization. I cannot speak for all TEA partiers, and neither can you. I agree with the TEA party movement for several reasons: They have acted because the acts of the Obama were the straw the broke the camel's back, way too late, but better late then never; I, like them, hate paying into Social Security, Medicare, and all the other failed government programs. Taking care of the human being is the job of families and the church. (But the question of "where is the church?" is another discussion). Repealing Obamacare and runaway spending that make the Reagan/Bush years pale in comparison are merely the tip of the iceberg. I also home-school my child.

  103. Ken says:

    Joel, You are WRONG! If you had been a part of political activism prior to 2008, you would have known that the Tea Party movement WAS started under Bush by the 9-11 truth movement and Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty. The original groups ALL opposed fascism in all its forms under Bush. They, like we, oppose illegal wars like Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. They opposed everything you stated above. However, now we have the flood of newcomers who are Republicans and Democrats waking up to the nature of the American Faux 2 party system. I SEE NO CHRISTIANS! I am a Christian Minister and only one other minister shows up in our Tea Party meetings irregularly. Quite a few of the members claim Jesus, some are Catholics. I DON'T SEE a great Christian presence in many cities and I am angry that those who claim Jesus with their lips sit on their butts and refuse to protest the cause of sin, corruption, tolerance of evil and theft in America. I am fighting for YOUR FREEDOMS of religion, assembly and speech. WHERE ARE YOU? This article seems like a justification for you and other folks claiming God to NOT get involved in the Tea Party activism sweeping the nation. It sounds like an excuse to NOT get involved and evangellize and take leadership in the movement.

    Shame on you all! Get involved before they cart you off to FEMA camps (unless of course you are already members of FEMA's Brown Shirt Clergy Response Teams). If YOU don't know about the military exercises at Fort Knox last week, training to take on the Tea Party and claiming it is a bunch of drunk racists, and you don't know about the Hutari Militia (cult) being called Christian to turn the military against Christians, then, YOU are not in any position to evangelize. You are not in a position to warn people about where we are in America eschatologically.

    You are part of the fascism grasping America by your inactivity. If the Tea Party is wrong, FIX IT! We are infiltrating the Republican Party as Constitutional Candidates to try and bring it back a little. Get involved in the Tea Party ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING that that very movement of freedom in America was started in the 1700's by CHRISTIANS DEMANDING SOVEREIGNTY AND RIGHTEOUSNESS UNDER GOD and NOT secularists or atheists. If you do not protest now, you are all going to fall under the shadow of the coming false messiah and you will feel the cold clutches prior to any "whisking away" or rapture. IT IS UPON US NOW! The war is all about us and Christians hear the clarion call. Those who cannot feel the leading of the Holy Spirit in this time should not profess to be the children of God or true born-again Christians. I don't know about all of you, but, give me freedom or give me death.

  104. conservadiva says:

    Good points, Joel: I do hope the Tea Party can make a difference. Its really hard to turn a "titanic" problem around, but we've got to start somewhere. The fact that we've started is blowing my mind every day. When I hear more of what Tea Party folks are doing and that incumbents are being challenged effectively, I cheer! I have been waiting for this kind of activism ALL MY LIFE! I have wondered all thru my childhood and adult life, WHERE IS AMERICA? It is so gratifying to see and hear AMERICA waking up. Even better that she is not being lulled back to sleep by critics on the left. I'd like to give a "SHOUT OUT" to other homeschoolers out there who have recognized the futility of government education. I salute you! I look forward to a day when the rest of our Socialist chains may be thrown off. Thank you Tea Party for rallying citizens of like mind. MAY YOU GROW!

  105. Pam says:

    Mr. McDurmon, you are very wrong! I was a Democrat when Carter was in office. Then in my early 30's, my family had come from a long line of Dem's. I saw the damage of Carter's administration. With no hesitation, I tore up my Dem Card and moved to the Republican side. Over time the Dems have continued (at a greater pace) to take from those who work hard and give to those who didn't. With that went our free choice. Now, fast forward to Bush 2. When he implemented the Medicare Part D, I had a fit. Bad idea? You bet! Medicare and Medicaid going broke faster than the blink of an eye. Look at the polls, Mr McDumon. Americans are polling less favor among our Repubs than Dems, but total, they poll less than 18%. These clowns are pathetic. We Tea-Party members, and I am proud to be one, are not hypocrites. We want our Republic back and are fed up with a rising tide of incompetence and utter distain for our Constitution and the American voice! We are growing in number and we are coming after congress in November. Count on it!

  106. TeaDrinker says:

    BTW, when I say "Why don't you join", I am referring to Joel…

  107. Joe Adams says:

    We didn’t get where we are over night. It will take time to get where we need to be. To criticize a movement that is opposed to socialism makes me wonder where Joel has been all these years. We have to start somewhere and backbiting will only hurt the movement.

  108. TeaDrinker says:

    I'm a Tea-Party member, if there is such a thing. I was at the first 2 rallies in Chicago and met several people there. Its a bunch of people fed up with poor tax policy from an increasingly disconnected government. Its not a well-organized group like the RNC, DNC, etc., but it is growing.
    Is the Tea Party perfect ? No, but I believe it may be our last chance to avoid ever-growing government and major socialism or worse.
    Why don't you join and try to provide valuable input and help, instead of sitting back while waiting for people to impress you ? Commenting from the sidelines accomplishes little.

  109. While I find common-ground with what Joel has written in this piece, and with the tea partiers, and other patriot-minded people, until all of them ("pronomian" Christians included) cease promoting the source of America's problems as any part of the solution, America's problems will never be solved. It amounts to what Henry David Thoreau said, T"here are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."

    What is the root, the cause, the Pandora's box that was long ago opened and that has provided for all of the problems we currently find in America? The humanistic, antichristian, polytheistic promoting contract – the United States Constitution.

    Difficult to believe? Please, prove me wrong! Take the challenge: Invest the time to read the online book "Bible Law vs. The United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective" at (21 chapters currently posted). For those who are not inclined toward reading all 21 chapters at this time, let me suggest that you at least read Chapter 3: “The Preamble: WE THE PEOPLE vs. YHWH,” Chapter 9: “Article 6: The Supreme Law of the Land?,” and Chapter 11: “Amendment 1: Government-Sanctioned Polytheism.” If time does not permit but for one chapter, I hope you will at least read Chapter 11.

    I hope these thoughts prove helpful in assisting us return to a truly Christian nation, like what was found in the early colonies, whose governments were based upon Yahweh’s perfect laws (Psalm 19:7-9).

    Serving the KING of kings,
    Ted R. Weiland

  110. Arnold says:

    John, you make some very good points that really got me thinking. I do not want to be a hypocrite, however, the TEA party movement is the best protest against big government that I have seen. I agree with many of your points, but we need to start working together and find a way to stop the powers that be from undermining our Constitution.

  111. Richard Driskill says:


    The question is: Are you lying or are you on narcotics? TEA party activists are Socalists? (Don't forget we are all white, racist, old, redneck dullards). You obviously have not done your homework, or are naturally nefarious. Would you also claim that Barack H. Obama is a Christian? Perhaps in your attempt to pull back the curtain for us fools you forgot your GPS unit, because I see nothing but a clear and pathetic attempt to paint the TEA party movement as hollow …but the curtain you've pulled back is your bathroom shower curtain, directly across from the mirror. Peek-a-boo, we see you. Please, you'd have to think your entire audience is mentally retarded to swallow that. Get a real job, because you certainly can not write a sound article worth a damn.

    First and foremost, we are conservatives (in the political arena that means 'following in the way of our fathers' [the founding fathers]), which goes hand-in-hand with being Constitutionalists, which is in reference to our country being a Constitutional Republic. Just read the US Constitution, and if you can, try to absorb its clear meaning.

  112. Chaplain Steve says:

    I agree with Dutchman, PHILesq, Richard Bacon and others, in that it seems to me that Mr. McDurmon's essay is correct in many ways, but uncharitable to his allies. I don't want to "prove him wrong", but neither would I wish to leave his disparagements unchallenged. Martin Luther sometimes was cantankerous in that way, a flaw that did not help the cause. We voters have recently awakened, simply because the Obama regime foisted upon us has become transparently treacherous and destructive. We might thank the teaching gifts of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other "blunt instruments" used by God to get our attention. Now we need also statesmen and genuine servants of the public interest to consolidate this emerging Reformation of both church and civil government.

  113. Mike Crone says:

    Dear Joel,

    I believe you have it wrong. Because people (that is, busy working people pursuing the "happiness" proclaimed in our Declaration) have not responded to the incremental destruction of our nation until now does not mean they are hypocrites. This is an illogical conclusion. Now, it appears you are either trying to incite TEA Partiers to action, or worse, to call into question their motives, thus diffusing their effectiveness. I might add that your cry of "hypocrisy" sounds just like what leftists have consistently used as ammo against the right. Whenever there are lofty standards (moral or otherwise), it will be the goal of the true conservatives to strive to reach these standards. But being men, they will often fall short. The left would argue that the standards therefore don't matter and that those who fell short are hypocrites. Hypocirites are people who pretend to be what they are not. All the TEA Partiers I know are not pretending–I respectfully suggest that you re-think your accusation.

    I am sure this is not what you meant to do. But, it has that effect.

  114. Helen says:

    I see the Tea Party as Nehemiah building the wall, tool in one hand, weapon in the other. In our local group, about 90% are Christians, and although ignorant about many high-minded things, love their progeny enough to protest the absurdity of the red in OUR WhiteHouse. Rather than bash their (our) ignorance, why not help? We WILL build this wall for our Christian families, and will NOT be dissuaded by you. Like my mother-in-law says-it's not a shame to get lice, but it iS a shame to keep them. Don't be a blood-sucking louse. Think right things, and use this movement as an oppurtunity for evangelizing, restoring and pray for a HUGE revival. Jesus is our only Hope, and All we need…so HELP Him build this wall.

  115. (Continued from above reply since website said my reply was too long)
    The deficit spending on new and unfunded social programs is EXCEEDING BY FAR any previous president. Most of the deficit spending during Reagan, Bush 1 and Bush 2 were for military growth and fighting wars (cold war and actual wars), not for new socialism… although Bush 2 was STUPID enough to push for the new and unfunded RX program for Medicare recipients… for folks who never contributed a single dime towards that RX program and now the rest of us are having to pay for it. The TEA party types complained loudly about Bush 2 unfunded expansion of that social program and the grandfathering in of hundreds of thousands of people who never contributed to the program. We further complained LOUDLY about the first bailout bill but then Obama has far exceeded the excesses of Bush 2 with his additional bailouts and even more unfunded social programs.

    There you go… I've proven you wrong!!!!

  116. The "Chart" referenced in the third paragraph is NOT an accurate chart. It shows estimates of government spending for 2008-2012 and only shows the national debt climbing to less than $12 TRILLION by 2012, when in FACT, the national debt is WAY OVER $12 TRILLION already… not even midway through 2010 and is now estimated to be $18.5 TRILLION by 2014.
    (Continued on next reply)

  117. TruthwillsetUfree says:

    Your article was very interesting.

    All in all, the thought that comes to mind upon reading through your hand waving diatribe was Jesus writing in the dirt when the woman stood before him, the men shouting about her sin to them, when he did not reply, just writing in the dirt.

    We are not told anything about the men who brought her there- were some of them the ones that slept with her?

    We are not told anything about what Jesus wrote in the dirt- was it the sins of everyone there?

    We are told what Jesus replied, however. "Whoever is without sin, cast the first stone".

    I find it remarkable that you claim to come from a "Christian" background, yet your entire diatribe is based upon comparing politics with politics- I see nothing here about Jesus and the power of awakenings.

    I also find it interesting that you have not mentioned a word about the many times in the history of this country that we have been at similar impasses politically, and it was a great awakening of a MOVE OF GOD and REPENTANCE BEFORE JESUS that led to change in the society.

    All was not cut and dry even at the beginning of the country. What our Founding Fathers said was just writing on paper- there was no Fox News, CNN or Wall Street Journal to report about it, whether accurate or skewed. Very few people saw these things until years later when communication was easier to spread around things more widely to be seen.

    What happened at the time was constant conflict of ideas of people. But the awakenings drew people together.

    I am disturbed by your pessimism and life snuffing negativity Mr. McDurmon. You should be rejoicing that the masses are mobilizing into groups right where they can listen to others who DO talk about freedom in Jesus. You think it is not happening? Have you listened to these people? Many of them are in meetings despite having differing religious perspectives, they are very respectful of others praying to begin the meetings. THAT is the open door that God needs to bring another awakening.

    You can talk politics all day. It is like talking one sin over another, and we are right back to Jesus writing on the ground…

    The kind of thinking exhibited in this article is reminiscent of the Pharisees with their undergarments all up in a wad because Jesus healed on the Sabbath and it didn't fit their prototype of what THEY wanted to see the way THEY thought they wanted to see it.

    The TEA parties will not accomplish what needs to be done, but an awakening to God will, and the TEA parties have rallied the people into places where that will more easily happen. It has already started.

  118. pearl says:

    At the risk of contradicting you, I must say this article is unnecessarily hard on tea-partiers. Here's why:

    You make a fatally incorrect, unsubstantiated assumption. Many who now participate in Tea Parties(I, for one) WERE opposed to the tax and spend policies of previous Republican administrations. Our voices were drowned out by the cheerleading of the neo cons and RINOs who have been infiltrating the party for decades. Those Republicans in Congress who have been supporting bad policy have not been representing the people (surprise!).

    IMO, it is an exercise in destructive self-congratulation for Paulites, Constitutionalists, and Libertarians to try to discredit the Tea Parties. Our interests now converge. It does nothing to assist the battle against tyranny, to brand patriots who are trying to do their part as "hypocrites". For my part, I am an avid Ron Paul supporter and find myself convinced by almost all of his arguments when he speaks. As human beings, we are subject to error and must continually make the effort to learn better.

    I am disappointed that so many in the freedom movement waste time in acrimony against those who are natural allies. The vast majority in the Tea Party groups agree on the issues that count and many are in the process of coming to understand. Trying to marginalize and divide is, therefore, counter-productive.This attitude may make you feel superior, but it disrupts, rather than aids, the attempt to reclaim our natural rights.

  119. mike says:

    where were the protests under bush? i don't know either but i can tell you this: i was unhappy w/his spending and big gov;t as well. so under your argument 2 wrongs make a right? as for social security and medicare, i am opposed to it, but i'm almost 50 and have been paying into it my whole life. how about you give me back all my money, w/reasonable interest, and i will do for myself. oh and by the way, i sent my children to catholic school, because we didn't like the public school system!!!

  120. Don Purser says:

    This is nothing more than a thinly veiled attack on Bush and Republicans in general phrased in such a way to obtusely support Obama and the Democrats. To be fair, Republicans have done much which is deserving of criticism, even attack but it pales n comparison to the last 1.5 years. The author refers to such infallible sources as Wikipedia and to make his points yet he completely fails to understand this:
    How does a president manage to engage in deficit spending? Yes, a president proposes a budget. But as required by the Constitution, EVERY spending resolution originates in the House of Representatives and is not only approved by them, but also then by the Senate, before it ever gets to the president – or whoever is in the White House – for his signature. Who controlled the Congress for most of the Reagan, Bush I and Bush II terms? Hint: it wasn't conservatives. Then he further goes on to miss a few very important facts about those deficits:
    1. Reagan deficits began as a result of the (lack of) leadership which preceded him and continued as he rebuilt our military to fix the decimation that occurred during the Vietnam years and then the Carter years. Further, it was that buildup which "tore down that wall".
    2. Bush I had the first Gulf War.
    3. Bush II had 9/11. Gasp – how can you discuss deficits and forget 9/11.
    It seems many of the "progressive thinkers" of today choose to disregard 9/11 as they place blame on Bush for everything they can imagine.
    4. The author misses the obvious fact that the "deficits of Reagan, Bush I and Bush II", debts of 20 years, have been eclipsed in just over one year of Obama. How you can make the conclusions and the comparisons you make, while ignoring these minor details, only serve to prove you started this article with a veiled purpose in mind – to provide cover for Obama. Your attacks on Reagan, the Bushes, and now, the "vast right-wing conspiracy" known as the tea party, show your loyalties and also, I'm afraid, reveal your heart.

  121. Dan Rowley says:

    Good point. It takes time for the process back to our American roots. Tighter budgets and less waste is what the goal for now. I find this article quite bias and tunnel vision was involved. He needs to think out side the box.

  122. USPatriot says:

    Well, you are partially right, and most mainstream Americans (aka the Tea Partiers) have been asleep. I still hear people saying "politics are boring." We need to end diversity, celebrate unity as Americans, keep free speech and firearms freedom. What we realized is that Congress has shut us out – completely. It is the Marxist Fascist line and that Obama hates Americans. We can feel it. We can smell it. Why is Obama sending a SWAT team to deal with the gulf oil spill? Oh, did you all miss that piece of news? Does BP know of his plans to nationalize them? Surprised? Where is Bobby Jindal when you need him? It isn't Paul Revere, but the brown shirts and the Gestapo you here marching.

  123. USPatriot says:

    Well, you are partially right, and most mainstream Americans (aka the Tea Partiers) have been asleep. I still hear people saying "politics are boring." We need to end diversity, celebrate unity as Americans, keep free speech and firearms freedom. What we realized is that Congress has shut us out – completely. It is the Marxist Fascist line and that Obama hates Americans. We can feel it. We can smell it. Why is Obama sending a SWAT team to deal with the gulf oil spill? Oh, did you all miss that piece of news? Does BP know of his plans to nationalize them? Surprised? Where is Bobby Jindal when you need him? It isn't Paul Revere, but the brown shirts and the Gestapo you here marching.

  124. John says:

    I have no idea where you were during W's reign, but we were VERY MUCH AGAINST those spending programs of Bush & the GOP controlled Congress. I know I let them know I was not happy – both my Senators & my Congressman. But there is a point in which it just goes over the line. The immigration debate was W's Waterloo, but we won that one then. W's stimulus got us mad, then Obama took pushed us over the cliff. We have to make it publically vocal, not just calling our representatives. That's what's happening now.

  125. Determined says:

    You have made me think and I thank you.I believe GOD has plans that are going to go the way he wants and we need to understand he is in control and we have to ask him to guide us and use us for his will not ours.GOD has shown us signs and some see them and some don't I study his word everyday chapter and verse and we who believe know what is coming and he tells us how to prepare and keep him as the center of our lives.If more people read his LETTER he sent us they would realize it's like reading tomorrows newpaper.I will keep all of you in my daily prayers and we all need to keep the GOSPEL ARMOR on we are in the end times when it will happen no one knows but the signs are all there if we use our spritual eyes.

  126. Prince of Barrington says:

    I have to check out my facts but I believe an education for all children has been the backbone of the American life since Colonial days. This is as it should be.
    I believe that the Republicans in Congress were voted out in 2006 because they lost their way. I for one was appalled by their spendthrift behavior.
    Americans have now been awaken to the theft that has been taking place for many years. I hope we keep their feet to the fire, and return to our heritage.

  127. (continued)

    I supported Bush in using a portion of Social Security deductions and creating individual retirement plans. The Social Security program was never intended to be a government run retirement plan and it should not be one now. I believe that we have an obligation to those that are over 55 years old now to fulfill the promise that was made to them, however I believe that there should be reduced expectations of benefits for those from 50-55 and that those under 50 should expect no benefits from Social Security, even if that means that I must continue paying for something that I will never benefit from. I am 48 by the way and this would mean that I need to either plan on working for much longer or devise a way to be self sufficient before retirement.


    • Mobile Mack says:

      Thanks for your common sence approach to Joels comments. Like you I am not a free rider, I worked for 50 years paying Social Security, FICA, Medicare and State Taxes. Now at the age of 68 we see the benefits we paid for deminishing, costs expanding due to mis-management by the Federal Government. Were it not for 401k savings, pension benefits I would be in dire straights if I were depending on Social Security and Medicare alone. Anyone planning for retirement knows SS and Medicare by themselves are not the answer.
      As the song says: My Hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and rightousness. As I watch our country being further socialized, He is the answer and the key to joy in my life.
      We must return to the God we abandoned over the last 50 years or be in bondage as were the children of Israel.

  128. lucille atwater says:

    The Tea Paarty movement is not hypocritical, it is just late in the game. I have been waiting for the American people to wake up to the fact that freedom is what is in crisis. I have been trying to convince people since medicare and federal aid to education were passed many years ago. I have been frustrated to see people fall for the deception that it is about kindness and taking care of people. Last year I was excited when I heard a man say, “I am 61 and I finally get it. This isn’t about health care this is about freedom.” The American people have been slow but they are fimally awakening to their danger. Don’t call them hyporrites. Celebrate the fact that they are finally awake.

  129. Guy Smith says:

    Joel raises a multitude of mostly unrelated question and insinuations. Reagan, for example, cut taxes rather than raising them. His greatest failure was his inability to prevent Congress from spending two additional dollars for every dollar of increased revenue his policies generated. In colonial days, education was provided to virtually all children by town and county governments. It was generally considered as important a government function as law enforcement. In the 19th century, States began taking over control of school systems, usually for the better, but since the second half of the 20th century, without any Constitutional authority, the federal government has taken control. The quality of education has plummeted as federal control increased. I, for one, opposed the tax increase G. H. W. Bush agreed to (the Democrats in Congress promised to cut Spending but didn't) as well as G. W. Bush's prescription drug program, but they were all done in an open and reasonably transparent manner. The largest problem today is that everything is being done with back room deals ignoring objections from the voters. I fail to see any hypocrisy on the part of the Tea Party movement.

  130. Richard Bacon says:

    I agree with Mr. McDurmon's fundamental assessment. We have had a mixed economy for many years and it has gotten worse under both democratic and republican presidents and congresses. I disagree with his assessment that because the TEA party rallies have only been going on for the past year that they are somehow tied to "any kind of republican is ok." The fact is that there are many Republican operatives within the TEA party. That much is true. What this overlooks is the fact that for nearly 50 years Americans have been concerned about and protesting the takeover by government of various aspects of health care. <split>

  131. EJK says:

    There were a lot of us who were warning about wiretapping, Goals 2000, deficits etc, but mostly when a "conservative" is in office conservatives go to sleep. Yeah they saw things, but it's only like a pesky fly buzzing around you, now we have a HORNET stinging us in the butt, yeah folks woke up now and are taking action. Also there is a distinct difference in the agendas between Bush and Progressives.

    • 777dove says:

      I have been researching the NWO, Goals 2000, Agenda 21 and many other topics for over 15 years. Biometrics were in the news even back then as well as the potential of its misuse.

      I also homeschooled my kids. I am so happy the TEA party has been organized somewhat as it shows the people—the sleeping Giant—has woke up and isn't happy. Go People GO!!!!!! Lets get er done!!!!

  132. David says:

    "George W. Bush’s term in office. But they were silent. "
    It takes time for water to come to a boil….."

    • Debbie McKee says:

      It's okay if they just didn't know better before now (each of us had some point in history where our eyes were opened), but when so many of them refuse to see even now what the problem really is, that's the trouble.

      Hoping and praying for a REAL awakening, spiritual and political, but then that will naturally result from a true spiritual awakening.

    • GACE says:

      Thank you for providing my witty defense the next time someone asks where I was during the Bush years. Of course the real question is "Where are YOU now?" not "Where was I THEN?"

  133. Interested On says:

    Interesting; it's not possible to prove a personal opinion rant wrong when it lacks any source backup. It's just a rant by a person obviously a sandwich short of a lunch. There is no perfect "position", political posturing always lacks facts. Was Reagan perfect? OK he was close. Was Bush perfect, NOT! Was W perfect, No, but he gave it a good try and the country felt safer for a while. Is Obama Perfect, YES, a perfect loser in every way, at everything he pushes on the people. Heck he isn't even qualified to be in the position, by his own admissions he lacks the qualifications for the office. But there is a silver lining in every cloud, Obama moves Carter out of the "worst president ever" catagory!

  134. Pat says:

    The anti-socialism is there in the teapartiers. In fact, it is probably the driving factor. But if this issue is spoken out loud, it is cause for the liberals and Obama to attack. So, the anti-socialism and fear for our country is masked behind "taxes" and "less government."

  135. mark says:

    Way to go Joel. Best article on here in a long time. Now if you add that the reason socialism exists so easily is because of the fiat currency system we have here that allows the PTB to steal from us without us noticing and give our wealth to others who don’t work for it. Everyone loves it too. They love it when their homes go up in price, or when they get COLAs in their gov’t benefit checks, or when their favorite gov’t program gets created and funded ad infinitum, or when their parents get placed in gov’t subsidized nursing homes so the kids can spend their parents wealth guilt free! As long as politicians have the power to print at will and buy off their favorite group of the week, socialism will never go away! Just another version of it will appear like in Russia and China. So even if the Tea Partiers get Ron Paul in (which they won’t because he’s not pro-spending and pro-military excursions), the currency system has to be destroyed first before any meaningful change can take place. Until then, it will all be just an exercise in futility. So keep up the good work Joel!! Great article!!

  136. (continued)

    One final thing, concerning politics. I was born in Memphis, TN, raised in Memphis and lived in Memphis all my life. We gave up on politics over 20 years ago. The only difference between Memphis corruption and Chicago corruption is that it is still a crime in Chicago.

  137. (continued)

    We married extremely young and in our 30 years of marriage there have been two extended terms of unemployment that have occurred. One of these was for over 6 months and the other was for over 10 months. During these periods of unemployment, not one single nickel was charged to either state or federal governments in the form of unemployment checks. I found work where it was. I mowed grass, repaired cars, and did maintenance work and whatever else was necessary to support my family. I have never requested a hand out, but I have accepted a helping hand, just not from the government.

    If I could envision a world with out law being feasible, I would probably be a libertarian. However, there are moral absolutes and all law is based upon moral principles that come from somewhere. It is with this in mind that I lean more toward The Constitution Party, although I have never had any party affiliations and probably never will. My vote is reserved for the best candidates and that can be bipartisan at any moment in history.


  138. (continued)

    As for Medicare and Medicaid, these two government institutions have had the greatest impact in the damage that has been done to the health care cost in America. Costs began rising steeply with the implementation of Medicare simply because the insurance companies where forced to pay more for services because the government would not pay the fair market value. Instead the government set the amount that they paid and left it up to the health care providers to figure out how to fill the gap. Let's go beyond Medicare and Medicaid though. The insurance coverage should have never been allowed to evolve into the monster that it has become. Insurance should have never been allowed to cover every doctor visit, every prescription, or every runny nose. It should have remained to cover catastrophic events just like automobile and home owners insurance.


  139. Dear Joel,

    Yes, we slept, but are awake now. The question is not where were you when…but rather where are you now.

    I lived through gas lines and rationing under Carter and like everyone else was happy to see the day that Regan took office. Regan inherited a self induced mess from Carter and his administration that makes the recession of today seem virtually non-existent. For many of us Regan was the first Presidential election that we were involved in.

    My wife and I have home-schooled our two kids for 17 years now. They have never spent a moment at a public school facility. We haven't been reimbursed a dime from the government for the effort, although we pay taxes to support an institution that I personally would deem completely worthless. The public school system became less about teaching and more about indoctrination a long time ago.

    The day that my first son was born was the last day that my wife was employed out side of home. We do have a small home business that she does very well at.


  140. Randy Phillps says:

    Joel, I think you have your facts a little misleading. The TEA Party has been organized by people finally fed up with what they see in Washington. Yes, we were silent during the second Bush administration, but look at what we had. We had 911 and two alternative candidates of " Mr. Global Warming", AL Gore, and "Mr. I really am a war hero, it's over a hundred people that served with me that are lying about my record, even though I only have three or four supporters that agree with me", John Kerry. The real question is what kind of socialist mess would we be in if would have had them as President? I didn't agree with a lot of domestic spending that George II had, but he did keep our country safe after 911. You have to remember that in his time as President, Democraps held him hostage to pass more domestic spending to get his war spending passed. I would have my doubts about the other two candidates. They would probably have tried to set up talks with the terrorists and do a "Jimmy Carter" and pay them off to leave us alone.

  141. Richard J. Colucci says:

    Check your history books again Joel. The biggest tax increases came during the Johnson, Carter, and Clinton administrations. As for Soial Security, which was started by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, it was put into a trust fund never to be touched by any government branch. Yeah right!! Here comes Johnson, who took all the money out of Social Security, and into the general fund, then started the Ponzi scheme with our retirement money. Here comes Carter who tapped into that same fund once again, and then Clinton who also did the same thing. I'm for neither party to tell the truth. As far as I'm concerned they're all egotistical, greedy, self serving, arrogant morons. As for you Joel, I saw you in person last July in Atlanta, GA. As a Theologian, you should have studied the Bible more closely. It does say "No Tattoos." Your arms are loaded with them. That didn't sit well with me when I saw them, and they still don't. Time to start practicing what you're preaching sir.
    Rich from Arizona.

  142. aikensd says:

    as for joel Mcdurmon,s topic. i think to slander the tea party is wrong. these are people who finally opened there eyes, i am a tea party member. big goverment was never supposed to have happened. it did ,now everybody who loves freedom, better stand up, because they are fixing to loose it one pease at a time. what you people don't seem to relize is that the 16th amendment was against we the people and the country. this was the first pease of the pie we lost. the right to reap the rewards of our labor. for the goverment to take from us and reward laziness and fund programs with our hard earned pay was wrong from the start., mr mcdurmon was right about wickedness. and how these creeps have ran over the christian believe which was the foundation of this country.

  143. aikensd says:

    i read this, i think it is nuts, to put it like that. if you want to figure out when this socialism started getting this bad, go back to when the 16th amendment was put into play. then work forward. this is the true beginning of all our problems. this is when a hard working person lost the right, to reap the rewards of his labor. this was the match that started the fire of socialism. unfortunately, most people go about there daily ruteens not giving much thought to goverment and that is another part of this is all the citizens duty to watch goverment. so we can stop this type of travisity before it got as far as it is now. now that some are relizing what they are looseing they are startilng to pay attention.

  144. David says:

    That was the intent, however, there are people on it who never contributed to it, railroad retirees who did not have access to railroad retirement is one, another are people who legally immigrate bring along their elderly relatives (who they are supposed to provide for, medical, clothing, food, shelter, etc. in immigration law. unles the liberals have quietly change it) and promptly get them on social security and have never paid into it…..AND, then there are the politicians who have been raiding the fund for years and only leaving behind as payment I.O.U.'s….I personally know of a Laoitian who came to America and got on SSI, as soon as it ran out he went back to Laos.
    SS should have everyone re-apply to prove they are entitled to it…..If they do/did I bet Jose runs south to the border instead of north to it.

  145. David says:

    That was the intent, however, there are people on it who never contributed to it, railroad retirees who did not have access to railroad retirement is one, another are people who legally immigrate bring along their elderly relatives (who they are supposed to provide for, medical, clothing, food, shelter, etc. in immigration law. unles the liberals have quietly change it) and promptly get them on social security and have never paid into it…..AND, then there are the politicians who have been raiding the fund for years and only leaving behind as payment I.O.U.'s….I personally know of a Laoitian who came to America and got on SSI, as soon as it ran out he went back to Laos.
    SS should have everyone re-apply to prove they are entitled to it…..If they do/did I bet Jose runs south to the border instead of north to it.

    • damaz says:

      No, it was NEVER the intent that those paying into SS would be those receiving the funds. It was always set up as a Ponzi scheme, those entering the system pay for those taking the money out. Works fine as long as you have more people entering than drawing the funds out. Bernie Madoff was an amateur compared with SS.

  146. EJK says:


    that's right phil, plus people in the teaparties are usually too busy working and spending time with their kids until the grim-reaper knocks on the door then we have to act.

    • Wyn says:

      If all goes as pnlenad, Zimbabwe ben will cause massive hyper inflation and you’ll be able to pay off your debts with a few loaves of bread. Invest it in gold or something that keeps up with inflation.

  147. David says:

    The "socialists" just may be in the White House, but in my opinion, there more like communists!
    Maybe the TEA Party people have just had enough of "fundamentaly changing America" & the bunch of liars behind it. I am.

    Obama and his gang will say & do anything to bring on their idea of what America should be like by trying to impose a system that continualy fails. Why would someone living in America and enjoying what She has to offer want to change it when they can go to any of the several countries that offer what they want.

    It also amazes me that Muslims want to leave the Islamic countries and come here, there has to be a reason they want to leave the country of their birth, and then want to transform America into what they left!

  148. Richard Bacon says:

    <split>Yes, we have medicare today and have had since the mid-60s. But some of us were actually around back in those days Mr. McDurmon and we put up with being called the SAME NAMES that the TEA partiers are being called today (radical, fringe, extremist, racist, etc). Go back, sir, and study the Republican candidate of 1964 and the campaign that came from the Dems and you will see precisely what I am talking about.

    Further, it is a misstatement or misapprehension to claim that we were silent during the Bush years. Disorganized, yes, but not silent. The main thing I would like for your readers to consider, Mr. McDurmon, is the fact that we have not been silent; we have simply not been listened to — apparently not by you either.

    • Ellen says:

      Amen, Brother Bacon, I've been "harping" against SS, the Fed, public education, Lamestream Media, welfare, bureauracies,and gummit in general for three decades, and now that I've finally found an "organization" of like-minded people, Joel comes along and insults us! I may be a little ignorant, but not a hypocrite!
      God bless all those beautiful, wonderful, patriotic, freedom-loving, fledgeling Constitutionalists, and whatever other complimentary name Tea Partiers deserve. And thank you, Barack Hussein Obama, for finally waking up this Sleeping Giant who until now were too busy raising kids, making a living, and trying to get a little enjoyment out of life to pay attention to what was gradually happening to their country, which is the way Progressives planned it. And now our work is cut out for us, and we will, over time, change our country back to the Shining Light on the Hill it was created to be.

      • Pamela says:

        Thank you Richard and Ellen.Joel where did you get your information? I want to let you know I am a VERY PROUD PATRIOT of the Tea Party. The only person sleeping is you to not know what is happening with the Tea Party’s all across our nation.You don’t hear much about what is happening because the MEDIA does not want anyone to know anything.
        How dare you bring “socialism” into a conversation with the Tea Party.There is not one socialist comment with the Tea Party anywhere.We are fighting the socialist regime in office now, sick of paying taxes only for the government to send our money to socialist countries and the fact that our government has done NOTHING in the past 3 years to manufacture jobs.We have been outsourced enough and want our rights back as a nation for “The People.”
        Your liberal attitude is the reason I left my Episcopal Church many years ago.Instead of negative thoughts as a man of God you should be preaching “hope” and “integrity” and “Passion” for our country that has been one of the greatest countries on earth and “Praise” the people who care so much that they are doing something to get our country back.

  149. PHILesq says:

    The Tea Party would have happened under Bush if the people would have been put through the added amount of stress, lies and corruption that Barry has brought into OUR nation. It just got to the breaking point under Barry. The creation of the Tea Party was done because of all the accumulative affects of all the recent presidencies combined ! You are stating the past when there was no Tea Party and comparing and combining that past to put everything in to a box….compartmentalizing all that the Tea Party stands for ! For the most part the Tea Party wants to get back to basics….back to the intentions of our founders, back to limited government, less taxes for everyone….less involvement of the fed in our lives…..that doesn't sound like socialism to me ! Perhaps your view(s) of the Tea Party have been skewed by the views of your particular chapter of the Tea Party, or your daily consumption of the pre-digested M.S.M. views of the Tea Party ! The Tea Party that you speak of in this article is not "my" Tea Party !

  150. Roberto says:

    I am a Tea Party member and I would be willing to do away with Social Security, Medicare, and many other social programs that were for the most part enacted under Democratic Presidents. I will be glad to give up my Social Security if the goverment is willing to refund all of the money witheld from my pay check for the past 65 years and pro rate it and pay me a fair amount of interest on those contributions.
    As for George W. Bush ??? I voted for him twice because I could not vote for the alternative, and in my opinion he was Democratic/Socialist aka RINO and not much different than his successor.

  151. June says:

    It was my understanding that Social Security is paid for by the recipients who have worked for a lifetime. If the money that is forced to be paid was put in a private fund the pot would be much larger. Unfortunately, we have non residents who have never worked a day in this country nor contributed in anyway to SS are receiving funds. Plus, money is doled out to persons unable to work and are totally incompacitated to ever work. SS should not be used for such purposes. So, I would disagree that SS is a socialist handout, at least for those who have worked for and contributed to it.

    • William says:

      Yes June, For us SS is not a socialist handout. If my wife and I could have contribited $200,000 in a savings account instead of SS we would have (with a minimum return of 3%) well over $500,000. That size of a fund would provide us with a greater income than what we get from SS. If I remember corectly G. W. Bush tried to change the SS to be Individually funded and controlled and let the power of compounding interest build the savings acount. I also agree with others that we were asleep untill this present administration took office so I am also a TEA PARTY member.

      • patricia says:

        So am I a Tea Party member and proud of it. I also agree that a SS check is not taken lightly. We worked for it, it was taken out of our paychecks and, God willing our grandchildren will also. Although at the rate the person in the WH is spending, who knows ????!!!

      • Jeff Song says:

        It would be a socialist program in the respect that the government is demanding the payment and they control the rules and how much each person gets and when. Watch what happens if you try to opt out.

        Those that have paid in deserve to get something back, but it is rediculous for the federal government to be involved the way they are.

        Is it any surprise that they would rob the SS trust fund? Or that they would include it in the general budget to manipulate the balance sheet?

    • levoid says:

      I was about 6 years old when the so called Social Security program began under FDR. It was not called Social Security by the public and they called it the Old Age Pension. It was for Citizens when they got old and no more than one per cent was to be taken out of workers pay. Over the years it has increased to include everything from new arrivals in this country legal or otherwise, disabled and just about anyone who knows a Congressman. The Fund has been stolen by Congress to make the Budget look good. No wonder it is broke.

  152. dutchman says:

    I like the Socialist vs. Libertarian challenge offered by Joel, and he's right about one thing…it took the quantum threat of the "fundamental transformation of America" from the Obama candidacy to wake up most everyone on the right, including many Tea Party activists like me. And like me, many folks had trusted in the "checks and balances" of American government and the naive expectation that our Congress always had the best interests of the American people at heart; e.g., country over party. I, and many others like me, had been lulled into complacency. We had been blinded by faith and trust in a representative government which had really been an illusion over recent decades. I celebrate the awakening, hold no malice to others who are late to this new perspective, and echo the sentiments of Mark Shockey who, in essence, challenges Joel and other conservative bloggers to help educate and enlighten the right-of-center masses to the dangers of the Progressive agenda rather than castigating them for new insight and enthusiasm to do what's right (no pun intended).. It's a new beginning…let's work together to defeat the forces of the Left no matter where we currently reside on the conservative spectrum.

    • Chaplain Steve says:

      Thanks for your mellow perspective; I believe it's a productive approach. Joel sparked a good discussion, the roots of which run deep into the previous century and before. Dr. R.J. Rushdoony's expositions on the Ten Commandments almost ignited the Christian community in the 1970s, but were submerged by a "social justice" push from washed-out evangelicalism. Let's waste no energy on simply blaming one another, but rather coordinate the efforts of newly awakened citizens who want to recover our Founders' intent. Praise God for this American Vision forum for our discussion, and for action.

      • I think Joel McDurmon’s criticism of the Tea Party is for the most part accurate, but all of these socialistic maladies are unfortunately the direct result of our Founder’s intent. Our founders made no reference to the authority of God’s law in the Constitution and specifically exalted the law of man to the position of supreme authority. Article VI audaciously declares, “This Constitution and the laws of the United States made in pursuance thereof and all treaties made…shall be the supreme law of the land….” The Bible does not even get honorable mention.

        Joel rightly concludes: “God’s Word tells us that big government results from wickedness in society (Prov. 28:2), centralized government is de facto a national rejection of God which results in high taxes, confiscation of property, and compulsory national services (1 Sam 8).”

        Unfortunately the organization for which Joel works (American Vision) stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the official act of national rebellion that was formalized in the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Constitution is to the United States what Jeroboam’s Golden Calves were to the nation of Israel. It is a substitute god erected on a false interpretation of history that has led inexorably to the judgment of God on this nation.

    • gram 51 says:

      Dutchman, I agree whole-heartedly with you, I think you have aptly described so many of us. The only thing I would like to add is RE: those who want Soc. Sec. & Medicaid….That doesn't make us Socialists..we have spent our whole life, not by choice, being forced to surrender a portion of OUR earnings to the government. In return, they would pay it back to us (albeit small increments) in our retirement age. Ross Weaver is correct, it started with LBJ when there was already such a surplus the Fed government began "borrowing" from it. That was even BEFORE all of us babyboomers (who are now "breaking" it) began flooding it with our "contributions".
      We are patriotic & trusting..but they have "Awakened a Sleeping Giant"….I have a thought for you to ponder..Where do you think they will turn now that they have depleted Social Security? They are about to rob us "Baby Boomers" again….If you haven't heard about it, check out their plans for "Guaranteed Retirement Accounts".

  153. One Citizen says:

    Joel conveniently puts the Tea Party people in his own pre-defined box. I haven't seen the Tea Party "platform" he speaks about. I see Tea Party people from across America that are fed up with the direction of our Government. I see the silent majority being not-so-slilent anymore. I see people that would rather have their money in their pockets, and buy their own prescriptions. I see people who supported Reagan's spending to put American as the Number One Superpower in the World. I see people who don't want to support unlimited welfare, "free" (ha.ha) healthcare, illegal aliens, income re-distribution, and government intrusion in our lives, and a liberal Supreme Court that makes law according to their beliefs and not according to the Constitution. I only pray that all these Americans that are awaking and standing up for our Country will continue to do so, and grow into a greater vocal majority. Only this will get our Country back to the Founding Principles. With great respect to Martin Luther King Jr; I have a dream that one day, we will NOT be governed by the party in power, but by the content of the Constitution, REGARDLESS of who is in power!

  154. Jon says:

    I certainly agree. The education issue has been obvious for decades (my wife and I were homeschooled and our children were homeschooled (two graduated, one 15)). It seems that many of us were caught up in a type of "comparitivism" – the current action/legislation/?? is not quite as bad as the last action or only slightly worse so it was easy to poke our heads in the sand. I thank Mr. Obama for helping me to pull my head out of the sand and realize that we are no longer the country that our Founders founded and we MUST get back to their basic principles. This requires educating ourselves on what those principles were. Please people, put the novels down and quite watching TV – start education yourselves on these issues. The war for our country is now fully underway. Get your kids out of the enemies hands and educate them.

  155. stanB says:

    If the tea party people like my self are socialist, then Obama the meat head is a fine wonderful American, you make the call, Mr. author….

  156. Ross Weaver says:

    From : Fed up with truthless demo character assination party : If you want bust your gums you better get your facts straight !!!! LBJ and the demos began the theft of Social Security when he was president and it is still going on . Now you have the main reason it is just about broke !!!! Also , get out your World Almanac !!!! The numbers are 48 and 42 .
    Over 48years House power and Over 42 years senate power since 1945 . Even when there was a Republican President the demos had the power most of the time !! Then there is Medicare and Medicade . Both would probably be fine if there had been any accountability at all to sniff at !! Our fed has never been very accountable at all with anything unless it ment bucks in the pockets of a congressman or senator and I'm speaking mostly about cheeting lying Democrats like we have in Washington now and none of this was set up by Republicans . All the credit goes 100% to Obama and the Democrats . SET IT STRAIGHT 48 and 42 out of over 64yrs

  157. BillP says:

    In a word, this guy is "WRONG"! Personally, I don't vote ANY party line. I vote for a candidate only after my personal investigation proves that he or she has passed my litmus test. That litmus test, or combination of tests, are as follow: Must NOT be an attorney. Must NOT be a career politician. If the candidate has held prior elective office, MUST have established a clear and blemish-free conservative (no socialistic support from left wing organizations, no votes FOR any law that even smacks of socialistic goals voting record). Must NOT have been arrested EVER for ANYTHING. Must have clearly delineated support for strict adherence to the Constitution of the United States. Ad infinitum. I don't often find a politician that meets these criteria, but they ARE out there. You just must look for them and,once located, support them with all you've got. That means that no currently serving person in local, state or federal office will get my vote in 2010! Those in government today do not govern for the good of the people, but rather for the good of themselves. If we finally wake up and elect individuals from the common people, we won't have to worry about who is a socialist and who isn't.

  158. TechnoCon says:

    I agree with you. As a Christian Home School parent I will not send my child to 8 hours a day of godless socialist indoctrination. Where is my tax refund for not using that "service"?

    I am a TEA party participant and am saying the same things to people that I know. Medicare, Medicaid, Socialist Insecurity are all legalized plunder. The federal government should be shrunk to just encompass the enumerated powers, if that happened it would be one tenth the size it is today.

    For anyone wanting a quick economics and liberty lesson read these three texts: The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich Hayek, Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt and The Law by Frederic Bastiat.

    • Pathfinder says:

      Thank you for doing the most important job in America: training up our young. You may already know that as more and more homeschooled children become college students, they are performing far better than their peers, both public schooled AND those from private schools.

  159. psutopgun1 says:

    It will take time but we will remove every progressive at all levels of government and in our education systems. That holds true for Republicans as well as Democrats. We no longer look at the R or D associated with the name. We are venting our own candidates and if they meet muster then we go with them. They must have the political back bone to actually do the necessary steps to eventually get Social Security and the Medicare programs first out of the government sector then completely phased out. We should look to a flat tax period….one piece of paper with one percent applied to all. A percentage of the gross income regardless of the source. Cut government spending and government agencies. Start with the IRS, DEPT. OF EDUCATION AND THE EPA. The role of the federal government is basically to protect us and our borders. THEY FAIL ON THEIR FUNDAMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY AS ILLUSTRATED BY AZ HAVING TAKE ON THE FEDS RESPONSIBILITY BECAUSE THE FED WILL NOT UPHOLD OUR LAWS. This will take time but the American people have had enough of the progressive movement and a tyrannical government. We are coming…..starting in November and as long as it takes to rid progressives from our schools, courts and government at all levels.

    • Michael says:

      While I applaud your suggestion that we have an out of control tax structure might I suggest that your direction for the " Flat Tax " is misplaced. Making a flat tax on the total earnings would be VERY damaging to the economy since it would take away the incentive for saving and investing to those who would build the business that drive the economy. A flat tax on spending at the port of entry and manufacture ( thereby eliminating black markets and allowing importers and manufactures to " eat " the tax and offer specials for even MORE business competition ) would be the most fair. Everybody that spends a dollar on an item pays the tax and everyone else can save or use their money for non-tax purchases ( such as necessary food items ).

      • psutopgun1 says:

        Hi Michael: I appreciate your input on the flat tax. I will take some time to digest what you have said but it is important that we discuss these issues than act. One thing is certain the progressive tax must go. I am an engineer and I go where the facts lead me regardless. I'm always open to new ideas and thinking out of the box. I will keep your e-mail and get back to you. Constructive discussion is great but we must vote in people that have our beliefs and have the back bone to take action.
        Thanks again

  160. Gary says:

    And so we see yet another of the "Ron Paul" numpties. Please spare me your opinion. I happen to live in Brazoria county, and if I could I would vote Ron's little sorry lieing arse out of office. the man's a schemeing liar. Lets take for instance the fact he sits on the commitee that votes on the little dark room addons to bills…IE PORK. By doing so, he already knows what is goig to pass or not, so by slipping in his own style of PORK, which I believe happens to be inurfacepork, he can go out and vote NO, on a bill that he already knows is going to pass…..without hisa yes vote on it. And guess what bills those would happen to be?? Tired of trying, let me tell you, it is the very same bill he ADDED pork to. Now our little snout noed friend can come out and declare himself a leader, a vote of NO on pork spending. Please, do us and yourself a favor, do a little research befoer you go spouting off calling hard working trusting americans commies.

    • Debbie McKee says:

      You just don't understand the fundamental underlying issue. The way he can make sure that his district gets some of THEIR OWN MONEY BACK is by earmarks. He is against the idea, but it's their money and it's his job to get some of it back out of the FEDS hands.

      The earmarks are a teeeensy drip in the bucket of Federal spending.

      He returns some of his office budget every year, he's frugal and doesn't spend it all.

      Is he perfect? Who is? I've never known anyone to have more integrity or consistency in his message and work.

      I wish I could call him MY Congressman. (Another fellow Texan)

      • Pathfinder says:

        I only wish I had a representative like Ron Paul here in my district. Being in Pennsylvania, both the democrat and republican candidates are liberal. Yuck ! VOTE YES FOR DR NO!!

  161. Tim says:

    You are just about as clueless as the Progessive Left. I'm not going to waste my time elaborating on the specific areas in which you clearly are uninforned concerning the TP movement. Having been a TP organizer myself, I know what its participants support and what they oppose. For "experts" like the author, I'll try to make this as simple as I can. Read the U.S. Constitution. The ONLY legitimate functions of the federal government are those specifically emumerated in that document. Control, or even significant input, by the federal government in the areas of Social Security, Medicare, welfare, food stamps, education, private banking actrivities, socialized healthcare, anything to do with EPA, student loans, and about a thousand more issues that the fed has "taken over" are explicity unconstitutional. Yes, most TPers probably are closer alligned to Libertarians than to the Rs or the Ds. But, the bottom line is that the typical TEA Partier is better educated and FAR more knowledgeable on the Constitution and these issues than the majority of Americans…and certainly more principled than the corrupt politicians leading (used very loosely) this Nation.

    • Dan Rowley says:

      I do agree on one matter. The matter of public schools. These are corrupted by left wing socialist ideologists who have free reign for indocrinating our young people. Tea Partiers really should endorse home schooling.

    • Ken says:

      Tim, personally I think you have completely missed the authors point. He is saying that TPers (or any other conservative anti-socialist) are "hypocritical" becuase we advocate against that philosophy yet accept government handouts ourselves. Like it or not, if you stand at at TP (or any other group) rally and preach against "socialized health care" on Saturday and Sunday and then shuffle your kids off to a public school on Monday, you are a hypocrite. And guess what … they liberal progressives know it. That is the authors point.

  162. Fred Mitchell says:

    Good points, John. But, mostly too fringy and picky. The central issue is freedom.
    And democracy is anti-freedom.
    Elections only make sense when they are held by informed citizens with Christian discernment and a sense of responsibility. The Founders of our country structured our government to limit the tyranny of democracy. Then the voters changed the Constitutiion! Made the Electoral College into a joke.
    We have a lot of mistakes to clean up after. Starting with the power we have given to the Executive oligarchy. Why do we keep electing people we don't trust, and then re-electing them?
    Clearly, you are preaching that there are acceptible degrees and applications of 'socialism' – but I say corporatism is not one of them. Legislation 'on the books' doesn't count, unless it is enforced. Where were you when GHW Bush allowed Public-Private Partnerships?
    I am now 81 years old, but I have been a 'recovering socialist' for only fifteen years.

    • Dan Rowley says:

      Yes Fred, you know after you pay 30% taxes all your life you should get some of that back. Won't be long folks wil be losing 60% of their incomes due to the extreme socialism that Obama endeavors to put on America.

  163. Kit Thomson says:

    What a dickhead! Get over your Bush bashing and look at the facts. There is absolutely no comparison between the deficit of the Bush era and what Obama has unloaded on us. You thought Bush was bad, my God what is your criteria of bad?

    • Debbie McKee says:

      We went from BAD to WORSE, look at the facts. BUSH WAS BAD. He really got the ball rolling and Obama took it further.

      People need to realize that they are just puppets for those who are really in power. Puppets to amuse, idolize or drive us into a frenzy of madness.

      As long as the Powers That Be can keep us distracted with the politicians' antics, they win and WE LOSE.

    • Pathfinder says:

      Telling the truth about Bush's socialism (aka "compassionate conservatism") is not Bush bashing. However, I think that a proper comparison for Bush and Obama would be, "Going from the frying pan into the fire." It is true that the spending increases and deficits under Bush 43 were the worst up to that time. Yet, Obama has managed to be even worse: increasing spending and debt EVEN More than Bush. So I agree, Bush was bad. Obama is worse. And I hope that the tea party patriots will not tolerate socialism from the RINOs.

  164. SharonJ says:

    So, Mr. McDurmon, your rant turns out to be little more than a political rally cry to unite behind Ron Paul. Could you possibly be confusing the so-called "silence" of the Tea Partiers with a heretofore lack of organization? Most of the people I have met in the Tea Party movement have never gone to a rally — it's just not something that conservatives are comfortable doing … but we've had enough. Sorry if it offends you that "we" didn't act soon enough. Would you have these socialist hypocrites storm Capitol Hill? How do you propose to care for the elderly that are dependent NOW on government assistance? You know, I could take your criticism more seriously if you actually quoted a source or two instead of wasting space with your personal perspective. Not that you aren't allowed an opinion, but be honest enough to state it as such; a chart and a license plate do not an argument make.

    • 4liberty says:

      I agree 100% with SharonJ. Your article sounds like a political advertisement for Ron Paul. I knew when I first began reading the original article that you sounded much like a libertarian. Funny thing is that everyone of those "political quizzes" that I have taken, labels me a libertarian. However, while I am for limited federal government, I am not against it, in total. Our Founding Fathers had a purpose for the federal government. Most of the control was to be in the hands of each state. I agree that the Feds have way overstepped their bounds, but If we are to remain the UNITED States of America, there must be a federal gov't., but with limited powers. We must step back in time to the era when America prospered due to free enterprise and the will and possibility of becoming more than you were. The federal government fulfilled it's duties. However, the democrats, and republicans in part, began growing the government, making us more reliant on them. For that reason, we need newly elected officials, who share our views, but won't go crazy by cutting some of the programs that are necessary to keep this country on an even keel. I demand less of D.C. and more for the states. But what McDurmor suggests by rescinding all federal programs would throw our country into chaos. We have enough of that as it is, and the TEA Party Movement is doing their best to stop this runaway tax and spend government. I agree with much of Paul's stance as well. We, as voters, however, must decide if we want to throw the baby out with the bath water. We must look at what we like and don't like, and figure out how it should be changed. With start with ousting the rotten apples, regardless of party, and putting in more that share our views. Espousing Paul's views, as Mr. McDurmor states, is over the top. I know Paul won the straw poll at the TEA Party's discussion convention, but you fail, sir, in reporting that the majority of attendees didn't even know there WAS a straw poll being taken, and many that did know of it, couldn't find it. If Mr. Paul thinks he has a mandate from the TEA Party and that most will support him in a bid for presidency, he should open his eyes. I am from Texas, the Lone Star State, the same as Paul, but he shouldn't count the votes before they are cast.

    • Debbie McKee says:

      The point is, and I'm a "tea party" organizer, that most everyone one of the "newbies" think that ALL the fault lies with Obama and would be thrilled to have Bush back!! They really have no clue about the big picture, true history or who is really controlling BOTH parties.

      Don't be so quick to dismiss what he says. It's truth. I didn't take offense, I know he's not talking about me, but about the large percentage of the "tea party" newly "awakened". Most all think they are awake, but like I said, they really have no clue AND they rely on the media pundits and "news" entertainers to teach and lead them.

      THAT IS SCARY!!!!

      I hope and pray they will soon see what is really going on and join the rest of us.

  165. Dixie Jones says:

    You are wrong! My husband and I have been against the Social Security program for years. We discovered when our son was working in the office of the County Clerk’s office of Plumas County, CA that his job consisted of distributing Social Security checks to drug addicts who never paid into the system. There is no “Social Security Fund”. It is all a big ponzi scheme.
    We joined the Tea Party protests when we discovered that there were many like us who were unhappy with the government scheme. All it needed was one person to set the spark and those of us who agree joined in.

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