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Published on April 23rd, 2010 | by Dr. Joel McDurmon


“Bring Your Pieces to Church” Sunday

Imagine the following scenario: At church this Sunday, while reviewing the list of announcements and upcoming events for your church, your pastor added, “Oh, and don’t forget: on Sundays we have our regular target practice. Make sure to bring your rifles. Make sure to bring your pieces to church.”

Absurd, right? Not so. It used to be the American way. For example, a 1631 law in Virginia required citizens to own firearms, to engage in practice with them, and to do so publicly on holy days. It demanded that the people “bring their pieces to the church.” Somewhere along the line we have lost this mindset. Today the ideas of church and arms are assumed to be at odds, as if loving your neighbor has nothing to do with the preservation and defense of life and property.

But the idea of Christian society and an armed, skilled populace actually have deep historical roots. Alfred the Great codified the laws of England in the 9th Century, often resorting to biblical law in order to do so (where he departed from biblical law, the integrity of his famous law code is quite poor). Alfred applied the Deuteronomic laws of kings that forbad a standing army (Deut. 17), and as a result developed a national defense based on militia:

By the Saxon laws, every freeman of an age capable of bearing arms, and not incapacitated by any bodily infirmity, was in case of a foreign invasion, internal insurrection, or other emergency, obliged to join the army.…(1)

This required and encouraged an armed citizenry:

Every landholder was obliged to keep armor and weapons according to his rank and possessions; these he might neither sell, lend, nor pledge, nor even alienate from his heirs. In order to instruct them in the use of arms, they had their stated times for performing their military exercise; and once in a year, usually in the spring, there was a general review of arms, throughout each county.(2)

Imagine! Imagine the government poking its nose in every year not to register and license weapons for possible future confiscation, but to ensure that each house indeed possessed weapons. Imagine that instead of imposing fees for licensing schemes, the government levied fines for not owning a firearm. This was the case in Massachusetts in 1644. The state required that “every freeman or other inhabitant of this colony provide for himself and each under him able bear arms a sufficient musket and other serviceable piece” as well as “two pounds of powder and ten pounds of bullets.”(3) Those who neglected this duty could receive fines up to ten shillings (for laborers, roughly a day’s wages).

In 1623, Virginia statute forbade anyone to travel unless they were “well armed,” and required that all men working in fields likewise be armed.(4) 1631 laws repeated the same requirements and added to them: all able men should bear arms and engage in practice with their arms. The law specifically required “All men that are fitting to bear arms,” and to “bring their pieces to the church upon pain of every offence.”(5) (Equally shocking to most modern evangelicals is the fine for not obeying these laws: landowners who did not so arm their laborers and workers were required “to pay 2 lbs. of tobacco,” and this fine in tobacco was “to be disposed by the church-wardens, who shall levy it by distress.…”(6)

Imagine that: the government desiring, commanding that every able citizen own weapons and be skilled in using them! And to do so on “holy days” and at Church.(7) (It’s even more unbelievable that the government assumed all men were going to church every Sunday. Perhaps we could increase their numbers if we could reinstate target practice fellowship.)

The legacy of arms and freedom as Christian virtues continued into American Revolution. The Lutheran pastor John Peter Muhlenberg is perhaps the most famous of the “fighting parsons.” He answered George Washington’s personal call to raise troops using his own pulpit and Ecclesiastes 3 to do so. Other ministers of the gospel were well known to preach with loaded guns in the pulpit with them. Pennsylvania preacher John Elder provides a great example: “Commissioned a captain by the Pennsylvania government, he led a company of rangers and was accustomed to preach with his loaded musket across the pulpit.”(8) Likewise, Rev. Thomas Allen, a later collaborator in writing the Massachusetts State Constitution, himself fired the first shot at the Battle of Bennington. In the context of the War for Independence, ministers saw guns as tools of liberty and defense against tyranny.

In a later context, some ministers saw the continued usefulness of firearms. A former cowboy and confederate soldier turned Methodist circuit rider, Rev. Andrew Jackson Potter, preached among tough neighborhoods in the old West. He would regularly walk up, lay his two colt revolvers across the pulpit, and begin to preach. He retained order and security, and encouraged an atmosphere of respect. In this scenario, arms served less as tools of national liberty and more as tools of preservation of life and individual liberty and property.

This same scenario goes on today, by the way. As recently as last fall, pastors in the Detroit area have begun to arms themselves in the pulpit and while on church property. Rises in Detroit crime in general as well as attacks in church buildings in particular have awakened the attention of many Christians. While it is illegal in most states to carry guns on church property, Michigan allows it for the pastor and those he approves.

Christians should be aware that the use of force in preservation of life is a biblical doctrine (Ex. 22:2–3; Prov. 24:10–12; Est. 8–9; Neh. 4; cp. John 15:13–14). Likewise, those who possessed weapons in Scripture are often said to be well skilled in the use of them (Judg. 20:15–16; 1 Chron. 12:1–2, 21–22). We can only surmise that 1) God gave them talent in this regard, and that 2) they engaged in target practice regularly. Further, under biblical law, to be disarmed was to be enslaved and led to a disruption of the economic order due to government regulations and monopolies (1 Sam 13:19–22). But the mere presence of a couple weapons had psychological effects that put criminals to flight (1 Sam 13). There is a reason why Scripture tells these stories: they illustrate the defense of life, liberty, and property in the midst of a fallen world (and fallen governments).

The American Second Amendment did not spring into existence from nowhere. It had a long pedigree. The Christian society emerging from the old laws of Alfred continued to include the ideal of an armed populace as a means of securing human liberties. The Founders, many of them lawyers, had studied that legal tradition and would have read William Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765–1769). The first part of the first volume elaborates on the subject of our “principal absolute rights… of personal security, personal liberty, and private property [i.e. life, liberty, and property].” It then covers five means of securing and protecting these rights “inviolate”:

The fifth and last auxiliary right of the subject, that I shall at present mention, is that of having arms for their defence, suitable to their condition and degree, and such as are allowed by law. Which is also declared by the same statute I W. & M. st.2. c.2. and is indeed a public allowance, under due restrictions, of the natural right of resistance and self-preservation, when the sanctions of society and laws are found insufficient to restrain the violence of oppression.(9)

Within that same legal tradition, and more than a generation earlier, the English philosopher John Locke voiced the sanctity of life, liberty, and property as well as our duty even to use force to preserve it:

Every one, as he is bound to preserve himself… so by the like reason, when his own preservation comes not in competition, ought he, as much as he can, to preserve the rest of mankind, and may not, unless it be to do justice on an offender, take away, or impair the life, or what tends to the preservation of the life, the liberty, health, limb, or goods of another.

Locke elaborated these views within the context of belief in God’s ultimate sovereignty, ownership, and law-order over all of creation:

being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions: for men being all the workmanship of one omnipotent, and infinitely wise maker; all the servants of one sovereign master, sent into the world by his order, and about his business; they are his property, whose workmanship they are, made to last during his, not one another’s pleasure…(10)

Thomas Jefferson clearly took his phrase “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” from Locke, likely via Blackstone. It is no irony that Jefferson kept a portrait of Locke on his parlor wall. Both hated tyranny, and saw freedom as requiring the defense of person and property via use of force if necessary. Both derived this from the Christian legal tradition they inherited.

Today Christians are so brainwashed and affected by progressive propaganda that we have an uneasy feeling even broaching the subject of guns. Constant liberalism in the media and years of government-school indoctrination have eroded the foundations of liberty in this nation. Today Christians think themselves conservative when they back everything the military does. Conservatives think that to oppose the military is to be a leftist. They have no idea that 1) the tradition of imperialistic war grows out of liberal, not conservative, ideology, and 2) the Bible forbids nations to have standing armies or stockpile offensive weapons. The Bible calls for national defense through an armed populace and militia upon necessity. A standing army is an affront to God. But for some reason, alleged conservative politicians easily persuade Christian voters that the next military maneuver is of necessity an expression of conservative values, and the Christians cheer.

We are further brainwashed into thinking (and feeling) that guns are somehow dirty and evil, and that Christians should have nothing to do with them. In this view, we have departed from the Scriptures, Christian legal history, as well as America’s Christian history.

As a remedy for the situation, we should both learn and exercise our gun rights. This article provides merely a beginning of the necessary education. We need much more. Every Christian should read and understand the laws of their particular state. Good places to start are and (the former site includes coverage of concealed carry laws; the latter deals mainly with open carry). Not only should you know about laws pertaining directly to carrying, but also to those pertaining to the use of deadly force. These vary per state, and Christians should be aware.

But we should also begin to exercise our inviolable rights. Every able Christian should own a firearm, and each should seek instruction and training in how to use them. This includes handguns, shotguns, and rifles, each of which has a particular strength in self- and home-defense. Elders and pastors should teach on the topic and its history, and should help aid church members in obtaining fitting pieces and proper training in legal settings.

One great expression of both education and practice, I have recently learned, appears in the Appleseed Project. These yearly training camps are steeped in American history and wish to advance the forgotten legacy of the American rifleman. Using focused and professional training events across the country, this project teaches and hones shooting skills toward the goal of making you accurate at 500 yards.

In addition to that great project, I recommend taking classes in handgun defense. These are offered by small gun shops and firing ranges around the country. Make use of them.

In states that oppress the inviolable right to bear arms, the best we can do is to organize politically and locally to change the laws. This is not easy, of course, but Christian society demands it as a measure to stop the tyranny of governments and the advance of individual crime. To allow unjust gun laws to continue unchallenged is to fail in loving your neighbor and to vote in favor of Egyptian and Philistine-style servitude. This, of course, demands its own article, but deserves at least mentioning here.

Christians need to understand and act upon these biblical ideals. While this article hardly provides the last word on the subject, we ignore the lessons of the Bible and history to the peril of our freedoms. Evil ever advances upon our families, churches, and states. Evil seeks positions of power, such as government, and from there seeks to eliminate the avenues of power that threaten it (an armed people). Thus tyrannical government seek to pass gun control laws. Wise Christians see past the propaganda and stand for freedom.

With relentless expression of our rights through education, publication, exercising the right, and challenging unjust laws, Christians can at least create a society hungrier for freedom. At best we may roll back the various infringements upon those freedoms. If we change the laws well enough, we may indeed once again hear pastor say, “Oh, and don’t forget: on Sundays we have our regular target practice. Make sure to bring your pieces to church.”Endnotes:

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About the Author

Dr. Joel McDurmon

Joel McDurmon, Ph.D. in Theology from Pretoria University, is the Director of Research for American Vision. He has authored seven books and also serves as a lecturer and regular contributor to the American Vision website. He joined American Vision's staff in the June of 2008. Joel and his wife and four sons live in Dallas, Georgia.

87 Responses to “Bring Your Pieces to Church” Sunday

  1. Magazine says:

    Thank you, I’ve recently been looking for info about this topic for a long time and yours is the greatest I’ve came upon till now. But, what about the bottom line? Are you positive about the supply?|What i don’t understood is in fact how you are no longer actually a lot more smartly-preferred than you may be now. You are so intelligent.

  2. J.M. says:

    I like a quote I heard one time and I don't remember who said it, except that I think it might have been one of our founding fathers.
    "A well armed society is a polite society."

    As for the government, Vote them all out, put in new people that know that the American people are pissed off and install term limits of two terms maximum.

  3. JennieWalsh says:

    Every state, every county, every city, every town, every hamlet needs well armed militias to stand against the Federal murderers, war-mongers, liars and thieves, the organized criminals who are running, plundering and destroying America. The IRS is an illegal, criminal, fraudulent, thieving organization that is robbing the American citizens blind. This criminal organization must be brought to justice along with the Federal Reserve which is its partner organization.
    In government by the people, who else can bring them to justice but the people? We, at least, need to be armed in self-defense against them.

  4. Geoff Pace says:

    Praise the Lord and PASS THE AMMUNITION!

  5. Skip B.. says:

    We've recently started a new security ministry at our church, involving only LEO's in the congregation
    (3500 +)….We're all proud to be a part of this ministry. Our big concern is the potential litigations that would follow an act of defending the church body, and who would take care of our families should one of us happend to give the ultimate sacrifice. It's being discussed but the wheels of progress turn very slowly.
    Comments welcome

    • Roy says:

      Do you live in a state where people are allowed to carry? If so do what our church in Texas does. We have a security force that is armed and they know that they cannot be everywhere so they told the ushers and others that if we had a permit to carry that we were free to do it just let them know that we were carrying. I personallly am going to get my concealed carry permit and carry asap. Talk to the pastors and be sure that the ones who do are responsible and it woiuld not hurt to get together and practice.

  6. Kim says:

    I carry my Glock every day, everywhere I go. I have been ASKED by my Pastors to carry. Every church needs a contingent of trusted folks who know how to handle firearms safely and who know how to use them appropriately.

  7. Jim Hadlock says:

    We would not be a nation today if our forefathers had not had the courage, the ability, and the will, to stand up to tyranny from abroad, and traitors from within. It was not firearms that devestated the original Americans (the Indians), it was disease, and their inability to understand and accept Christianity and live peaceably with the white race.

    Today, our nation faces not only the task of assimilating peoples from all over the globe, but withstanding attack on our Christian principles and heritage from our very government that is meant to protect and defend us. Unless we band together and vote them out of office in 2012 and 2014 it will get worse. I’m an Independent and don’t trust any of them, but I sure as hell do not trust Democrats!

  8. Amy says:

    Our govenment just gave all our up so they can't . David killed the giant with a stone. So don't say we can't ,With God we can do anything.

  9. Token says:

    There is a terrific book called "Shooting Back" that my daughter gave me for Christmas. It was written by a guy who saved many lives due to the fact he carried in his Church in Africa. Worth a read as he explains how he struggled with the questions afterward as a good Christian. PEACE.

  10. 4gsltw says:

    Carry guns? yes. Demilitarize the government? no way. Gun-carrying citizens would have no effect on a nuclear bomb.

  11. Robert Waldron says:

    I wish that the Ohio legislature would get it and allow us our constitutional right to carry also.

  12. jj4freedom says:

    Amen to all the positive remarks, we haveto be strong for those who make up the meek.

  13. JustMe says:

    While I always carry -Church and other times-I always do discreetly. I do not wish to draw attention and be the first target. If others carry I can only speculate.

    A strong man fully armed guards his house and home.

  14. David says:

    I attend a small church in Lubbock, Tx. We are very fortunate to have a pastor that is well aware of the 2nd. Ammendment. I have talked with him,at length, on this very subject. Due to several instances across the country of maniacs shooting people at or during church sevices, we have come up with a plan that works very well. Myself and several other men are armed during church at all times. We are seated at different locations throughout the auditorium. I myself carry a large frame automatic handgun in a bible cover. This serves two purposes: 1. It provides complete concealment as EVERYONE has a bible. 2. It enables the weapon to be brought to bear almost immediately should the need arise. We are not looking for a fight, and it is our prayer that we NEVER have to be in that situation, but if it ever does happen we are ready and will absolutely answer the threat!

  15. Walter J. says:

    As a christian we do not have to fear death, but we have the responsibility to protect our families and others. We are not suppose to murder. If what ASido is saying is a literal translation, then we have no need for the police or armies. We are commanded by the bible and Gods on words to provide for and protect our families.

    • JustMe says:

      Thank you Walter J-that put it well and gently. I always TRY, sometimes not well, to be gentle with the fearful–sometimes outside events drive them our way and I want to be able to help them when that happens.

  16. ASido says:

    Man, if only Jesus had a .357! If Paul were packing heat, none of those people would have messed with him!

    If you are a Christian, what do you have to fear from death that would inspire you to kill someone else who likely isn't a Christian? Interesting that the article conveniently skips over Romans 12: 18-21 or Matthew 5 or Matthew 26:52.

    • JaredsBro says:

      Jesus didn't need a .357! When they blindfolded him, abused him and spit on him, slapped him, put a crown of thorns on him he could have turned them into frogs, pillars of salt, pigs, or anything else. But we don't have that power. The commandment to Moses unto whom he gave great power was said, "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy god in vain, " which has a multiple meanings meanings: 1. When speaking his name do it with meaning and reverence; 2.Pray to him but don't call on him to do what you have capacity to do yourself. In this case call on him to help you but do what you can do yourself. An example of that is when Jesus went to the tomb to restore Lazarus to life. He told the men to do all the work and prepare His way. Then he did what none of them could do; He called out "Lazarus! Come forth!"
      Now for the case in point. The descendants of Jacob and his twelve sons waxed into a numerous people, and when a new Pharaoh arose he made those descendants slaves. Their numbers were not a hazard to the new Pharaoh, because he had "Sword Control" and "Bow Control." They had to build the pyramids and do whatever the Pharaoh wanted or die, because he also prevented them from leaving.
      Hitler figured out how to enslave the German nation. Step 1 Institute Hitler Medicine and put his Nazi supporters as the committees that decided who received Hitler-Care. They were called the Gestapo, and they gave care only to Nazi Party members and to slaves who were producing. The sick, the Jehovah's Witnesses, about four million Catholics and six million Jews, homosexuals and anybody who did anything they did like were either allowed to die or were gassed with cyanide. Step 2 was to require everyone to register their firearms. Step 3 was to confiscate their firearms and they became slaves to the Nazi's just like the Children of Israel in Egypt under Pharaoh's rule. Take note of Sarah Palin's statement that there could be another Holocaust. It took God to release the Children of Israel from Pharaoh's power, and it took 5-years and 350,000 dead soldiers for the USA, England, Canada, Australia, and New Z eland plus others to break Hitler's regime. Awake to the sense of our awful situation.

  17. Michael Laborde says:


  18. Gary says:

    Read "Shooting Back:" by Charl Van Wyk

  19. ed says:

    God Bless all you carriers who take it to church, here in Tennessee a while back a freak brought a weapon to church(with an intent to kill) and began to open fire and killed some people before he was jumped and subdued, if a carrier were there, the carrier could have dispatched this creep before he did all the damage that he did! It’s time to return this Country back to GOD and Constitution!!

  20. Stephen Russell says:

    Be nice in CA butr were anti Gun here, darn.
    Nice for AZ & TX though.
    IE for rural venues only or suburbs.

  21. David says:

    I have always heard that Massachusetts still has it on the books that the men are to carry when they go to church.

  22. As a pastor of a new church in Saint Cloud Florida, born out of a desire to see conservative Christianity and conservative God given values as Americans merge and be taught, it is almost an essential to carry if one is to be a leader at our congregation. The name of our church is God and Country Christian Church, I felt it was time to worry less about losing tax exempt status than about losing the God given rights we have in this nation. I want my children to inherit the same freedoms I did and saw them slipping away quickly. If you are in St. Cloud, feel free to visit and make sure you are packing. We are in an area where we can actually have target practice in the rear of our property.

    • Joyfully says:

      Wonderful name of your church. Where in St. Cloud? Will tell other friends.
      As an OH instructor, I will plan to visit on my yearly trip south or return trip north.

  23. Walter J. says:

    Not too long ago I was talking with our preacher and he ask me if I carried a gun to church. I told him I carry one everywhere I go. He said that was good because if I did not he wanted me to. I have talked with other members and have talked a lot of them into bringing there guns to church. We are lucky to live in Florida because it is a "Shall Issue" state. Love it.

  24. DonPam says:

    We would LOVE to attend a church that didn't freak out at the sight of a sidearm. For about a year we were able to do just that…until the pastor discussed with us that he would truly prefer to become a martyr, rather than any one try to stop someone from taking his life! Total passive Christianity! Not Biblical from our reading, or this article!
    Thomas…what town do you preach in? We listen to Chuck Baldwin's sermon's (Crossroads Baptist) online because he truly "tells it like it is"! If we lived in Pensacola, we're sure he'd welcome us as practicing open-carriers!
    Thankfully, we live in Arizona where open-carry is legal, and the law was just signed by our Governor to make it legal to carry-concealed without the need of a 'permit'. It will become effective at the end of July, first of August!

    Thank you, Mr. McDurmon, for this eye-opening article….it's getting further circulation from us, even as I write this!

    • wnettles says:

      Just got an idea for the pastor that you described as desiring to become a martyr: Let him be the only one in the congregation that is not armed! He will, of course, never get the chance to achieve his martyrdom status, with a congregation fully capable of defending themselves, and, he will get to see what responsible, law abiding, respectable folks his parishioners are. What an awakening he will have! To be surrounded by the common folk with common sense! He may just experience an epiphany.

    • Nina J. Stone says:


      I am a 67 yr. old Mother and Grandmother, the pastor of our church is a Monsignor and my cousin! He knows I carry and says nothing about it. When he gives me a hug he surly can feel my S&W side arm. When I attend church in other states as I trave for work, it is concealed and no one is the wiser! I take it to bed with me every night, its like a Timex; "I never leave home with out it."

  25. myth buster says:

    Where in the Bible is having a standing army condemned? Sure, Samuel warned the Israelites of the foolishness of appointing a king, but Jesus and John the Baptist confronted numerous Roman soldiers and never once did they tell any of them to quit their jobs, even though it was peacetime. Neither did any of the prophets prophesy against nations for the sin of having standing armies, though they were condemned for misusing them. Besides that is the practical aspect in the modern world- the government would not be doing its duty to secure the nation against foreign threats if we did not have a standing military at least sufficient to wield the nuclear arsenal. If war can break out at any hour and thoroughly devastate the nation in minutes, it does little good to wait until war breaks out to muster a regular army. No, the heads of state have been charged with wielding the sword for the purposes of justice, and they will be accountable for neglecting or misusing this responsibility.

  26. patriot1 says:

    Refuse to compy folks, refuse to comply.
    This is what I tell everyone who asks me about the intrusive federal government legislating their way into our lives.
    Be it healthcare crammed down our throats or anti-gun legislation…….simply refuse to comply.
    If enough of us do this, surely they would not have enough resources to throw us in jail, nor would they have enough jails.
    I say again fellow citizens "This is OUR country, they work for us, not the other way around REFUSE TO COMPLY!"…..Period!

    • Otter says:

      Patroit, we can refuse to comply and if arrested, the jury has the right of jury nullification to right the wrongs of our legislatures. It only takes one juror. God Bless our Founding Fathers for giving us this Right.

    • Guy says:

      I agree with you 110% but for the past 20 years, they have been building secret interment camps in this country. You need to look up Camp Fema. And While you are at it look up the Northwoods document (read the entire document). It will give some insight to what our Gov. is willing to do and how far they will go.

  27. Jim G. says:

    I served in the US Army Rangers over 55 yrs.ago and never believed this my beloved country would be heading in the direction we are going. Open your mouth and say you oppose something and immediately you are labeled a racist or a bigot. If we dont get rid of a bunch of these people in Nov 2010 and 2012 our country will be in such big trouble Im not sure if even God Almighty will help. ONLY term limits and getting rid of the proffesional lifetime politicans may change our course and Im not sure if enough American Citizens will VOTE to make this happen.If we dont. I fear the Republic may be lost. God Bless and God Help the USA. Very old ranger

    • tripticker says:

      Thank you, "very old Ranger" for your service to our country and for the fire of loyalty to our country and its flag that you still display. I to have been tagged with many labels for speaking my mind, especially about many of our past and present politicians, and their failed policy's who have driven our country down a path of destruction.
      We must continue to rally the masses to go to the polls to vote in 2010 and 2012 to begin the necessary purge in our country of any politician who does not accept Christianity and refuses to acknowledge the U.S. Constitution as the supreme law of our land.

    • Albert Nygren says:

      I agree completely. When I was in the USAF from 1961 – 1967, I could not have even imagined that this country could get this bad. We must vote the Liberals out of office or we are lost. Even now it may be too late but we must still do everything we can to turn things around. Jesus said that "with God, all things are possible". God bless you Sir.

    • Leslie says:

      Thank you Ranger! Yep, we need to get rid of the corrupt that are "governing" us because we don't know what's good for us. We do need term limits. We also need leaders. Unfortunately, the republicans have turned more progressive than we would have liked. They've left us out to dry just to keep getting reelected. How do we get rid of these unscrupulous politicians? VOTE! So many people I know think it won't help, that we are stuck with these people. We need new blood in the capital and ones that aren't afraid to hold to the constitution and our rights.
      God Bless us all (we gonna need it)!

  28. Jim says:

    Bring your gun, but don't forget to practice.
    Be prepared to stop the wicked from harming the innocent.

    • Woody says:

      Luk_22:36 He said to them, “But now let the one who has a moneybag take it, and likewise a knapsack. And let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one.

  29. STANLEY LEHIGH says:

    All I can say is my name is stanley lehigh from maine, and GOD BLESS AMERICA !! I have been carring a fear in my heart sence Obama got elected . I love my country and I intend to love it to my last breath. It is absolutely wonderful to hear and know that I am not alone. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absoutely. un quot. We don"t need a dictator in the white house we need a leader, with a honest forthright thought not hidden agendas , to protect our freedoms that has made this country one of the greatest in history . God bless our FLAG AND ABOVE ALL gOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    • justfolk says:

      We surround one another. God bless us all and our beloved country!

    • Suzannah says:

      Stanley: You've got the right attitude. Your fears of a dictator for president are not unfounded. Stay strong, pray and know that half of this country did not vote for the man. We love America, we know it was totally founded on Christianity, and we love God and his only son, Jesus Christ. America is (was) the greatest experiment in sovereignty based on real liberty and real freedom, endowed by her Creator that ever happened. Always stick up for America and seek God.

  30. Carol says:

    I think so many people do not understand 'the balance of power'. When citizens are not helpless, they keep their government in check. Sometimes I think the progressives still think like we did in kindergarden, everything is fair, ans we all get the same milk & two crackers. But as you grow up, and hopefully mature, you realize that equality is the ability to utilize your own potentional. Outcomes are not equal. You learn this in 4th grade, when you work hard on a project and desrve an A, and someone did nothing and deserved an F. The progressives want to give everyone a C. Great for the F student, not so good for the A student. Sadly, most of the progressives are F students, and couldn't stand on their own, many of them need a union or government job, they'd never make it in the real world. Even our current president, has never had a real job. And yet this is the type of person who is elected. We really can do better. We need to have regular people, and stop electing "politicians". So what if the average guy doesn't know everything……he probably has common sense, and that is something left out of politicians.

  31. Don in Boise says:

    Every Sunday is "Bring your gun to Church day". To Gary and others worrying about people feeling a Glock if he hugs them, use an ankle holster.

  32. tina says:

    A gun or a rifle are not any more dangerous that people's hands. We can poke our finger's in someone's eye and blind him. We can shove our fist down someone's throat and choke him. Our limbs are the most dangerous weapons given to us by God. So are the democrats that want to disarm us going to crippol us all to keep us for hurting each other?
    How far will this fulishness go? Let's all wake up and realize that all political issues are created to divide the people. Divide and conquer. By diving weakness is created and weakness is easier to conquer. UNITED WE STAND. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  33. thomas auclair says:

    when i was in maine i carried my 357 and my rifel i do what iwant obama shut up go back to your real muslim country we americans will bear arms

  34. I know some pastors who are still armed on Sunday mornings in their pulpits.

  35. Mack says:

    As I tell my Troops ( those who read my column, "Muster RIGHT Here, with Sgt Mack" at Be sure you are right & can justify your actions (in your own mind, objectively) then do what is needed to protect, whomever. Then be prepared to deal with the results.
    I still like the old saw that it is better to be tried by 12 (even in our screwed-up society [my comment]) than to be carried by 6.
    Great to find folks who have more than 2 wits to rub together. Carry on!!!
    God bless y'all & God bless America!!!

  36. Danangel says:

    You state that many states have laws against carrying firearms to church. Where can we find a list of states and where they stand on this? Very good article.

    • James DeMar says:

      I'm not sure where there is a list of laws about carrying firearms in churches by state, but you can look at all the gun laws by state from the NRA's website (

      Georgia does not allow you to carry a firearm, even with a permit, into a church, mall, sports stadium, or other places of gathering. I'm not sure on the specifics though.

    • Otter says:

      I don't know about a list, but Ohio, you must have written permission from the church or it's pastor in order to carry a firearm.

  37. Dan Russell says:

    Well, we must keep on keeping on until the time comes we win the day or we lose or way. As long as we have the U S Constitution, which is daily under attack by our elected leaders who swear to protect the U S Constitution, and constantly try to destroy it, it is, " The People ", who must hold their ground. And the apathy, the complacency, we have habitually adapted into our daily lives, must " NOW" make a stand or lose our freedom, for their are no more countries to relocate to and start over. We must protect this blessed freedom, the right to survive, or we lose it forever. And we must teach our children diligently, or in a near future, it will most definately forever be lost. Pack those guns to church, starbucks, and protect these rights, this U S Constitution now, not later, for there will be no later. History "always" repeats itself, which is happening " NOW".

  38. Bud says:

    What about people who made a mistake in their lives and are now forbidden by law to use a firearm to defend themselves and their families?

    • bob46 says:

      That's a good question. Here's the answer. The whole point of returning to God and restoring our gov't to a reduced form of gov't instead of the nanny state obamao is dragging us to is that under that type of gov't that is representing the people would by definition operate under the laws of the bible. There wouldn't be any murderers or pediphiles among us. You see we would trim the herd. I know 100's of people right now that need a bullet really badly.

    • wnettles says:

      This falls under the category of "cruel and unusual punishment" that is prohibited by our laws. Unless there is a good medical or psychological reason for denying a person the ability to defend their life with a firearm, then, why should a former criminal (non-violent, of course) be denied their "inalienable right" to self defense?

      After all, once their sentence has been served, then, why not make that citizen a functioning member of society, like the rest of us? And, if all, or even, most of us are armed, then, the propensity for criminal behavior is greatly suppressed by the respect that even the prospective criminal has for the ability of the public to defend themselves and their property.

    • wnettles says:

      Gun ownership and proper training should be mandatory for one to be a citizen of this nation. It is in Switzerland. You haven't seen too many nations try to take on the Swiss army, now have you? That is because the citizenry IS THE ARMY. ALL OF THEM. The whole country.

      Firearms are the most effective tool currently available for self defense. Until something much better comes along, then, you better have the best tools available and know how to use them.

    • Skip says:

      Better get behind the one who is shooting back at the bad guy, or crawl under the seat

  39. Mack says:

    We walked into a new church, one Sunday, and the gentleman on the door (I believe I recognized him from a local gunshop) asked if I had my pistol. I guess I looked at him a bit strangely, because he said he had his right here, patting his pants pocket. We felt a lot safer & a definite sense of kinship, with Christians who understand that in order to do God's work, you have to be prepared to defend yourself, your immediate family & your community family, all of the time. Evil doesn't take Sunday off. If it did, there would NEVER be any incidents of evil-doers violating the sanctity of the church and harming innocents.
    It is one thing to be prepared to sacrafice your life for innocents, and that is admirable. It is another thing, entirely, to make the conscious decision to be prepared to take affirmative action to safeguard them. If you (simply) lay down your life, you may take 1 (or more) bullet(s) but what happens after you are dead? You may have only delayed the inevitable that occurs when evil people do evil things. (More)

  40. Todd Smith says:

    A recent article in our local paper had city officials saying that the census questions were not intrusive. I took the article to Bible Study that Wed. night and asked people what was wrong with the statement (my civics lesson for the night). The question is not whether or not census question are intrusive but are they Constitutional? We've stopped asking the right questions here in America. And this article reminds me again that not only are we not even asking the right questions, but we don't even live in the same world today as our Founders. How many Christians today would be willing to give up their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for America? Not many.

  41. Ken Jackson says:

    This article needs to be seen by as many U.S. citizens as possible. There is widespread ignorance of not only the basics of arms possession, but also of constutional rights. We need to be more vocal and dogmatic in favor of the right to bear arms than the opposition. We need to wear them down and discourage the spread and application of their philosophy of cowardice and false Christianity.

  42. DanP says:

    In the congregation of the LDS Church that I attend, periodically the leaders of the Young Men's organization will take the young men to have a Saturday outing under the auspices of their official responsibility and shoot shotguns at clay pigeons. Other times they will shoot rifles and pistols at targets. The neat thing is that the ammo is bought with funds from the Church budget for such activities.

    • David says:

      Church funds to buy ammo? Bet ya gets a visit from the feds…….like an Amish farmer did for selling raw milk…at 5a.m. no less.

      Obama needs to be impeached before he ruins the entire country.


    • Guest says:

      The LDS Church remains as always one of the great defenders of this nation. At least they have the tenacity to stand up the babbling idiots in Washington D.C. who are working so hard to destroy our freedom. May God bless every one of you.

    • CarlC451 says:

      This is the best reason I've ever heard to join LDS. I am going to find one in my community, and check them out.

  43. Gary says:

    I just started carrying my J-frame snub-nose Smith, in a ultra-concealable T-shirt holster. It just disappears under a dress shirt and tie, and blazer over it. And a couple of speed-loaders in the blazer pockets. After reading online the number of churches here in the U.S. have been attacked by lefty/commie nutjobs, and since I usher from time to time, I figured it might not be a bad idea to have at least something on me, just in case something horrible happened. I mean, think about it! Most folks are like what the article said, they don't believe in having guns anywhere near a church. What if radical muslims decide to get even bolder, or the hate-filled marxists decide to do something to try to intimidate the pro-life, anti-tyranny Christian church? Especially if they lose big-time in November, which will bring their agenda to a screeching halt! They will be mad as hell! And I for one would not put it past any of them to try something. I would love to pack my glock 23, but am afraid that if someone wanted to give me a hug,(which sometimes happens in church), I wouldn't want them to freak out if they happened to accidently felt it during the hug. Could be kinda embarrassing!

    • Nic says:

      Here in Iowa, the governor has a "shall issue" bill on his desk awaiting his signature to become law. It's been a long, hard-fought battle to get it this far and no one is positive which way he'll lean. He did promise to sign such a bill if it made it to his desk but now is getting a lot of pressure from the anti-gun, brain-dead crowd. A staff member said he will wait until the last day (4/30) to decide.

      I've been considering approaching our church session about security, urged on by he people at Many of the concerns to which you have given voice are concerns of mine as well. There have been more than 26 shooting incidents at churches nationwide in the past year, ranging from domestic disputes and attacks on clergy to robberies and just plain crazies. It's definitely a place where defenseless sheep usually gather, and sickos love to exploit such situations. Our female minister is very liberal, thus my hesitancy. But the purpose for carrying a concealed weapon is to extend that protection to those around you, because the psychology is on the side of the carrying public: attackers don't know WHO IS carrying when everyone MAY carry.

      That was one of the main findings of Professor John Lott, University of Chicago School of Law along with the assistance of Professor Dave Mustard. After studying the FBI's own crime statistics from ALL 3,056 U.S. counties covering 20 years, the former anti-gun professor was astounded. Crime was consistently — provable statistically — significantly lower in those states where people were allowed to carry weapons open or concealed. "An armed society is a polite society". One of the classes of people who benefited most was women. Even their unarmed sisters were safer, suffering fewer assaults, rapes and attacks because potential attackers didn't know who was carrying and who wasn't. It's probably the same reason anti-gun people don't hang doorknob hangers on their front door advertising "Gun Free Home".

      Maybe the best approach is just to exercise our legal right to carry everywhere except in "Gun Free Zones" like schools (liberal stupidity on parade). No one can object to that of which they aren't aware, and their irrational fears / good intentions can't compromise the safety of others in the congregation.

    • justfolk says:

      Your church is very fortunate to have you thinking ahead and preparing. I often wonder what would happen if something terrible happened at my church. We can not get concealed carry permits in my county.
      In this and age churches make easy targets.
      God Bless you for your committment.

    • Jeremiah Thompson says:

      do you have your pastor's permission? you should always go through the proper channels. if he says no, then perhaps it is best you find a Church that follows ALL the Bible, instead of the parts the pastor chooses. gratefully, when i first started carrying, we were (and still are) going to a Church in which several of the elders, deacons, and other members carry, open and concealed, and with the pastors blessing.

  44. Thomas says:

    I carry to church every Sunday… even as I am in the pulpit. Jesus told the disciples the time was here to "buy a sword". It's a pastor's job to make sure his flock is not harmed.

  45. Big Ugly says:

    I don't care if you carry open or carry concealed …. but CARRY.
    All day, everyday ….. CARRY.

    The reason a lot of people are 'afraid' of guns is that they have no idea what they are.
    Guns are just tools … the result depends solely upon their use.

    • Rob D says:

      Working for a private enterprise defense contractor we are not allowed to carry to work. We are not even allowed to have a weapon in our vehicle, but outside of that, I carry.

    • Robyn says:

      Chainsaws are just tools too, but do you bring one to church? Bringing guns to church is a display that has nothing to do with spirituality. Do you really think the Prince of Peace wants to see guns in His church?

      • Jeremiah Thompson says:

        @ Robyn: do you think the Prince of Peace wants to see the bodies of innocent people littering the pews and floors of His Church?

  46. FRED SELTMAN says:


  47. Lone Puma says:

    I've said it once and I'll say it again.
    If we, the voters, continue to vote for running candidates who won't support the Amendments of the Constitution then we must not allow these candidates to become a part of the political arena as our representatives. If they're not Christian, familiar with the laws of God found in the Bible, then we must be diligent to eliminate them from any prospective office. This is not discrimination but common sense. We must defend our nation, as a Christian Nation of believers in the God of the Bible and not the koan where murder is acceptable by extremism. Christianity is about following the laws of the Lord Jesus Christ; not the laws of a supposed religious figure and especially when prone to condone murder, if you don't agree or subscribe to their ideologies!

    • ann says:

      I am a woman—but my parents had a ranch and I was taught to shoot…and respect firearms. I learned to shoot when I was about 9 years and hunted with my dad.
      I don't own a gun today, but have every intention to buy one and GOD help anyone who wants to remove it when I obtain it!

    • Don says:

      Agreed. Thank You!

    • Wardaug says:

      "The Bible calls for national defense through an armed populace and militia upon necessity. A standing army is an affront to God. But for some reason, alleged conservative politicians easily persuade Christian voters that the next military maneuver is of necessity an expression of conservative values, and the Christians cheer." Right on.

      This is why theology is so important to the Christian, the political predicament we are in right now is partly a result of improper hermeneutics I believe. We should be political for the cause of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness; most of all to preserve that liberty to preach Christ and him crucified. But the is just my humble opinion.

      Govt is big because we Americans have taken for granted what this article portrays as a duty to be the fetter of Government. Great article, I will be talking to Elders about starting a "target shooting fellowship" to teach our children the proper perspective of an armed citizenry.

      Ron Paul 2012!!! Defender of the Constitution.

    • Tom says:


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