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Spurgeon base

Spurgeon: Follow the Golden Rule in foreign policy

Yesterday I was asked if I believe serving in the U.S. military is “sinful.” There is no absolute answer to this, since I fully believe that under certain conditions, war is justified. In such situations, military service is not only not sinful, it is generally expected of most able-bodied males ages 20 and up. This […]


Two False Teachings that Have Gotten us into This Mess

I know I’m going to get into trouble for writing this article. That’s OK. It needs to be said. While there are numerous contributing factors as to why we are at this point in time with the Supreme Court about to redefine the very nature of the family and what it might mean long-term for […]

GLGA - Cover Promo Pic

God’s Law in the American Founding: another brand-new book from American Vision

Introducing: a book of openly theonomic sermons from the American founding era. Let me be frank up-front: every Christian needs to read these sermons. Every Christian should read this book—especially every pastor, preacher, elder, statesman, teacher, every Christian working in the legal professions, and every law student. Whether as a stand-alone volume, or as a companion […]

Dove regen

Theonomy and regeneration

Predictably, it has become now fashionable in certain quarters to repeat the “Judaizing” “legalism” charge against Theonomy, mainly through the use of mere contradiction or at best truncated quotations of us. While I write this with absolutely no expectation of stopping the mouths of the incorrigibly obstreperous, and this is old to many of our […]

Andy Stanley verse by verse

The outrage over Andy Stanley on verse-by-verse preaching: a lesson in pseudo-discernment

Let the following stand as a warning against pseudo-discernment, and thus again trusting too much the self-appointed “discernment” ministries out there. This weekend a meme circulated an apparently disparaging quotation from popular (and controversial) mega-church pastor Andy Stanley: The meme is drawing from this interview, where Stanley was asked “What do you think about preaching […]