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Gay “marriage” and baby body parts….What can we do?

These past months have been discouraging for Bible-believing Christians. Whether it’s the Supreme Court’s homosexual “marriage” opinion, fines and penalties for Christian businesses, unbiblical ObamaCare mandates, abortionists selling baby body parts and the media covering for it, or these secularists’ plan for worse to come — we have suffered a barrage of attacks on the […]

Kim Davis mugshot

Kim Davis and the call to all Christian officials

As you read two days ago, I am among the strongest supporters of Kim Davis’s stand. But let’s be very clear about things. As you also read, this is not about “religious liberty”; it is about interposition of the lesser magistrates. This is why I said every Christian magistrate should be following her example, and […]

vintage book

How dumb do these liberals expect readers to be anyway?

Sara Posner is one of a small cadre of liberal religion writers who have made a career effort to expose the frightening and secretive influence of us Christian Reconstructionists on behalf of fellow liberal intelligentsia (yes, I am aware of the oxymoron). It always amuses me how these modern-day witch-hunters never fail to find Christian […]

Daniel the Prophet

Questions to Ask at the ‘Ice v Kurschner’ Prophecy Debate: The Gap

Dispensationalist Thomas Ice and semi-dispensationalist Alan Kurschner will be debating the “rapture” question on September 25th in Plano, Texas. The debate thesis is: “The Church Will Face the Antichrist Before the Rapture.” Kurschner is taking the affirmative (prewrath, semi-dispensational position) and Ice is taking the denial (pretribulational, full dispensational position). Put simply, Thomas Ice will […]

Clockwork Orange

Christian, we’ve been taken over by hooey

I’ll never forget the humanistic psychology courses in seminary. I will never forget the literal laugh-out-loud moment we shared when my best friend in the seminary, Bart Martin, read a section from one of our textbooks out loud in the refectory. Recently, I got another laugh that reminded me of that first one, only louder. […]

Cecile Richards 2

The sad truth about the Planned Parenthood videos

What follows will sound cynical and depressing, but it is merely a reality check. I do not believe any legal action or legislation will come of the recent Planned Parenthood videos, and I think we have already witnessed the decline or near-disappearance of what impact they will have. We need to start considering why and […]